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Love Yourself, Literally

by Maria D 6 months ago in sexual wellness · updated 6 months ago
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Talks of Masturbation

Love Yourself, Literally
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

My best friend and I are very close we can talk about anything, which one of those things being masturbation. I know that might sound a little weird but it's a natural thing and being able to talk about tips, tricks, it's a good feeling. I really don't understand why people are so afraid of their own body and the thought of masturbation. I personally love it, and I think it's great. I also think being comfortable with yourself is a key in having a happy successful life.

Why do I masturbate?

I masturbate because for one, it makes me feel good and trust me once you get the hang of it who better than to release all your stress than yourself? I mean come on, imagine getting that climax that we all love at the end of the day and not having to worry about a second person? I mean we all love having our special someone, but for people like me I like to be alone. Not all the time, but majority. I do enjoy the usual casual hook up sex, but I love being able to go home to an empty house. Obviously in the future I will be ready to settle down but for right now, I am pretty damn okay with loving myself on my own. It also boosts my self esteem and confidence every. single. time. It just makes me feel THAT good that as soon as I climax I get out of bed a whole different person, in a much better mood!

Now, the real question. How do I get off?

Everyone has their preferences, and I have mine. I'm a romantic, so of course I'm gonna do it the right way. Grab my phone, my toy, and a good book. Now set the book aside and hope onto your favorite adult website! Yeah you read that right, I do it just like everyone else. Watching adult films is normal, watching love movies is NORMAL! It might be frowned upon from some people and that's okay. You should do what makes you comfortable, and what tickles your pink. Put things you enjoy into play in your own little way. I think you should be yourself in the bedroom it's the only place that is all you, all for you, and only for you. I love to read a good book and make the movie inside my head, now those are some steamy thoughts.

Does it affect relationships?

Yes, it does. It may not affect every relationship the same for some it may be beneficial. For a personal example, my ex boyfriend and I used to try and keep our sex life fun and active due to the fact that there was an issue in our bedroom. Allowing myself to be pleased with toys was definitely something that has kept our relationship alive. Some men and women may experience issues and dysfunctions but that does not mean that the bedroom has to be boring or off limits. A lot of times especially now a days sex is something that most people look for and desire. Of course partners or going to feel bad insecure or sad when they can not provide for their partners as they should but it does not have to be that way. I believe having a healthy sex life can exist when there are problems. Toys! For example most woman love to climax now if you can not do that with just your penis, (sorry if that makes you uncomfortable but it's natural toughen up!) there are various ways you can. Vibrators, natural stimulants, oral action, foreplay. There are many ways, but in order to feel comfortable doing those things, as moral of the story is you have to be comfortable with yourself first.

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Maria D

Just someone who enjoys to write, and explore her mind. I love to read, especially when they turn into movies in my head.

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