Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 2

by Natalie Fraser about a year ago in fiction

A Friendship Begins

Love, Lust, and Lies Chapter 2

Cassie checked her reflection one last time, giving herself a cheeky smile before heading out of the house. The butterflies in her stomach were doing summersaults with nerves and excitement, she could barely sit still as she drove along. She was on her way to gym of course, where else would she be heading on a Saturday morning. She needed her next fix, she needed to see him. It had been a long week thinking over and over that first conversation, reading too much into it and then telling herself it probably meant nothing before cycling back to thinking it meant something again! But it was finally Saturday and very soon she would be seeing him, "I wonder what his name is," she mused, "and what he does? He doesn't look like a manual worker, he seems too refined, maybe a business man?" The thoughts whirled around in her head until she pulled into the car park and then they were replaced by nervous thoughts of what she would say to him and whether she would make a fool of herself.

Cassie had been a bit too keen and arrived at the gym early, there was hardly anyone else in and she knew he probably wouldn't be there for a while yet. "Never mind," she thought, she could go on the treadmill and as long as she picked one at the right angle, she could keep an eye on the stairs to see when he arrived. Three quarters of an hour later and there was still no sign of him, Cassie was beginning to lose hope, not to mention getting very bored on the treadmill. Just as she was about to get off and move on to the next piece of equipment, a flash of blue caught her eye and there he was, striding with his usual purpose down the stairs. Her legs almost melted beneath her as a fierce heat spread up her body. He was making his way to the matted area and for a moment she was tempted to follow him but changed her mind at the last second, she needed to calm down a bit first.

As she made her way around the various equipment, she kept him in sight, sneaking glances and being convinced he was looking over at her too. Cassie had just finished on the pull-up bar and was making her way through the weight machines, she was walking towards a group of men who were talking and laughing loudly. She recognised them as being "his" friends, it wasn't until the last minute when one of the guys moved that she realised he was sat with them. He caught her eye and smiled a dazzling and slightly cheeky smile which made him even more handsome. Cassie smiled back as she passed him, the butterflies going crazy once more. She flopped down on to the mats intending to do some crunches but she was almost immediately interrupted by Mr Handsome coming and sitting by her, a little closer than normal but still far enough away as to not attract too much attention.

"Sorry about my friends, they're a bit loud and boisterous," he said, smiling at her.

"Oh that's ok, its nice that you're all having a good time," she replied, smiling back and feeling certain she was going very red.

"That's true, we're only all together at weekends so I think we get a bit excitable," he replied.

They were talking about the most general stuff but Cassie was fully engaged, she could feel herself glowing and leaning towards him as he talked. If there had ever been any doubt on whether she liked him, it was well and truly gone now, she was captivated by him. Eventually their conversation was interrupted by his friends coming over to join him so Cassie said, "see you later" and made her exit. She was almost sure he had replied, "see you tomorrow" but the noise made it difficult to be certain.

"Oh God," she moaned quietly, it was a bit frustrating that she didn't know his name yet, that would have helped her fantasy but nevertheless, she was enjoying the thought of him. She had laid on her bed as soon as she got in from the gym, replaying the morning over and over. She was on cloud nine and very, very turned on. Her hand had slid down her stomach and into her leggings, she was so aroused and felt wet to the touch already. She imagined him kissing her, pulling her close, and running his hands over her body, even the thought of it made her ache! Her fingers moved in slow circles on her clit, sending shivers of pleasure through her entire body. Soon she needed more, she needed to find release and so she slipped a finger into her tight pussy, followed soon after by another finger to stretch her wider. She moved quickly now, needing to relieve her ache but all the while thinking about him, imagining it was him giving her such pleasure. It didn't take long to take herself over the edge, her body convulsing with pleasure as the orgasm coursed through her body.

"Wow," she thought to herself as she relaxed back into her bed, "I can't wait for tomorrow."

Chapter 3 will be available soon.

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