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Love Is Blind

A Soft Touch

By Jean SumrallPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

The bedroom was softly lit with candles and the musky scent of incense drifted on the air. Silk sheets covered the mattress, providing some cooling relief from the hot afternoon heat of the fading day. The blankets were lying on the floor, no longer needed.

Morgan lay on the bed completely naked, his eyes covered with a black sleeping mask. With his sense of sight no longer available, his listened to the soft rustlings of the woman as she moved about the room. He heard her footsteps as she moved from one side of the bed to the other. The opening and closing of a drawer piqued his interest. He wondered what she was doing.

Without any warning, a furry softness gently moved up and down his legs. It felt soothing and arousing at the same time. His sense of touch was heightened as the woman altered the pressure of the fur on his skin. She ran the rabbit fur along the inside of his thighs almost touching his balls. She slid it along his hard shaft and caressed his chest with it, applying more pressure to his nipples. He reached out his hands to capture hers.

“No” she ordered. “just lie back and enjoy what I’m doing.”

“Okay, I can do that,” he replied, giving in completely to the sensation of the soft fur on his body. Not being able to see what she was doing to him was arousing him more than he could have imagined. His hard cock moved involuntarily as she moved the fur over it. It was pure and sweet torture, and he was deeply lost in the sensual feeling.

“Does this feel good?” she asked, her voice husky. She grasped his cock with the fur.

“Oh, yeah. Can’t you tell?” he answered as he moved under the pressure of her hand.

She moved the fur to caress his balls. This was a new experience for him, and it was making him hotter and hotter. He loved the way the soft fur felt against his skin. It was nearly unbearable but he didn’t want her to stop. When he felt her lips on the head of his dick, he almost lost it right then and there.

But she wasn’t done with him yet. She moved to slide her breasts along his throbbing cock, back and forth along its hot length. Moving up his body, she positioned one breast over his mouth and he grabbed it with both hands. He gently bit the hard nipple and sucked it into his mouth. Her moans caused him to suck it harder. He moved to the other breast, not wanting it to feel left out and gave it some much needed attention. He could tell that she was as hot as he was.

Pulling back from his hungry mouth, she positioned her wet pussy above his face. He licked her hot cleft and flicked her hard nub with his tongue. Her body jerked from the intense pleasure. She hung on to the headboard to steady herself as he brought her to a shuddering orgasm. Moving off of his face, she slid her wet crotch down his body.

Guiding his hard dick into her wet cunt, she took the full length of it deep inside her. She tightened her muscles and moved up and down on him. She hugged his dick with her toned pussy and it drove him crazy. She stopped her movements and leaned up to kiss him.

“Do you know what you are doing to me?” he asked.

She removed the mask from his eyes and smiled. “Yes, I do and I am loving every moment of pleasing you.”

He looked into the depth of her eyes and got lost in her arousal. Pulling her off of his way too hot cock, he rolled her on her back and entered her again. He tried to control his movements, but he was too far gone. He plunged into her depths again and again, making her cry out.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder,” she pleaded.

He rammed his dick into her, and felt her orgasm drench his shaft. He exploded in her, filling her with his hot cum. He collapsed on her and kissed her neck. She clung to him as the sensations slowly subsided.

“That was amazing,” he whispered.

“Yes, it was,” she answered as they both drifted off to sleep.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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Jean Sumrall

I have led an amazing life with many varied interests including loving road trips, being a professional belly dancer, hand carving selenite, providing wise woman advice and intuitive readings for current problems. I love my life. Do you?

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