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Love Despite Reality

by Veronica Pollard 10 days ago in fiction

Chapter 1


An average September evening in Orlando Larissa arrives at the Utopia Grand Resort and Spa by West, just as the sun begins to set. After checking into her suite and taking a shower she heads out in search of a quick bite to eat. Elated to finally have an evening to herself to relax and unwind. Larissa first stops by the front desk to request extra towels and a blanket be sent to her suite.

Just as she turns to walk toward the door, she sees a young, tall, handsome man that strikes a strong resemblance to her high school sweetheart, James West. As they continue to approach each other suddenly he stops and says


In disbelief she walks toward him and says


"Hey" she adds

After an all too brief embrace West says

"You know nobody calls me James!"

"I'm sorry West! How are you?"

Trying not to sound too enthused he replies

"I'm good! How are you?" with a smile that lights up the entire lobby

"I'm well" she states

"Are you checking in?" he asks gesturing towards the front desk

"No, I checked in a little while ago. I'm here for the weekend. Are you checking in?" she replies

"No, I'm not. But it's so nice running into you. Do you have plans this evening?" he asks

"No, I was just heading to grab something to eat."

"Alone?" he asks hopeful

"Yes, alone!" she chuckles smiling up at him

"I would love to treat you to dinner and catch up." he replies

"Ok. That would be great!" Larissa says secretly jumping for joy inside.

Choosing to grab something to eat at one of the grills there at the resort, they walk out the front door. West gets into one of the electric carts parked out front then says

"Hop on."

"I don't think these are for guests!" Larissa states

"Trust me it's fine" he replies

"I'm not a guest Larissa!"

Hesitantly she climbs in next to him.

As West drives them around the corner towards the bar and grill she asks

"Do you work here?"

West smirks and glancing over he replies

"You could say that!"

"That is not an answer!" she states staring at the side of his face

"Yes!" he replies finally, as they pull right up to the front door

As soon as they walk in, they are greeted by a hostess.

"Right this way Mr. West, Ma'am" she says leading them back to a cozy corner booth

The server comes to take their drink order before they've even settled into the booth.

"I can't believe it's been almost ten years!" West states

"Yeah, I know." Larissa replies

"So, what have you been up to all this time Larissa?" he asks

"Well, when I finished school, instead of going into business I decided to become a flight attendant. That's what I've been doing for the last four years."

"So, you spent all that time in school to get a degree in business just to be a flight attendant!" he replies

"I guess that about sums it up!" she laughs

"What about you? You went to Duke, right?

"Yes, I did. When I finished school, I took an internship at an investment firm to make some contacts. Thanks to my dad I had a lot of help building the resources to start my own business." West states as the server walks up to take their orders

"I'll have my usual please!" West states

Larissa glances at him with a raised eyebrow

"You seem to be a regular, what do you suggest?"

West chuckles and says

"I always get the sampler. It comes with wings, potato skins and mozzarella sticks!"

"That sounds good, make it two!" she replies

"What flavor wings would you like ma'am?" the server asks

"Spicy barbecue" she responds as the server smiles and glances at West

Once she leaves Larissa states

"So, you own your own business? But I thought you said you worked here."

West smiles then says

"I said you can say that!"

"So, you own this resort?" she states a little stunned

"Yes." he replies

"That's incredible West, Congratulations!" she states

"Thank you" he replies softly

As the food arrives Larissa asks

"What flavor wings did you get?"

With a slight smirk he replies

"Same as you!"

Larissa smiles and as they dig in West asks

"You live here in Orlando?"

"No, I live in Jacksonville." she answers

"So, what brought you to town?" he asks

"I've been working non-stop for the last two months and decided to take a weekend to get away. And a few of my coworkers told me about this new resort that everyone has been raving about. So, I figured I'd check it out."

"Well I hope you're enjoying your stay!" West laughs

Larissa smirks and says

"I've only been here a few hours but, It's been better than I could've imagined!"

"If you're up for it, I'd love to take you on a tour." West smiles

"So, you want to be my personal tour guide!" she says, making him dip his wing into his sour cream instead of the ranch. Watching him Larissa laughs and says


"How are your parents? I haven't seen them in forever." she asks changing the subject

"They are well!" he replies

Then pauses and says

"You haven't seen me in forever either!"

Larissa just sits and stares at West

"And I'm guessing your insinuating that's my fault?" she asks

"Are you saying it's mine?" he replies

"You started planning for college, once you got accepted into Duke, that's where your mind was!" Larissa says in a small soft voice

"Seems we remember similar stories, but you left for Ohio and forgot about me." he replies

Larissa smiles a little as West continues.

"Well, let me be the first to apologize" he pauses then reaching for Larissa's hand he continues.

"I'm really sorry. I know we were young but high school was literally the best four years of my life! After graduation, it just seemed easier not to say goodbye."

Larissa's face softens as she listens to his heartfelt confession.

"We had made all these plans, but everyone kept saying we were just kids." his voice almost a whisper

"We had a plan, but reality took us in two different directions." he adds

"After you got accepted to Duke I didn't have a reason to stick around, so I finally agreed to go to Ohio and my dad was so excited! We went up to visit the campus and he showed me the apartment he'd already rented for me. We couldn't have been gone longer than a week, but when we got back I wanted to talk to you about everything, but you and your dad had gone to North Carolina." she states watching West as he looks down at the table

"After that I just wasn't sure what to say. It felt like we were over" she adds

"I didn't want us to get so wrapped up in being together that we missed out on the chance to chase our dreams. I didn't want to hold you back! I'm sorry and I've always regretted just leaving without us talking! We both just assumed we knew what the other wanted." West states

The server comes over to refill their drinks. Thankful for the distraction West asks

"So, that being said, are you seeing anyone?" attempting to lighten the mood again

"Straight to the point ha?" Larissa smiles

"That's not an answer Miss Mathews!" West asks knowing there is no way she could possibly be single

"No, I'm not seeing anyone. Is there a lucky lady in your life?" Larissa asks sweetly

"Gorgeous, intelligent and single! Now that's hard to believe" West states slightly amused

Larissa looks at him with a raised eyebrow

"No, not yet! Well just the resort!" he answers after a beat

"Not yet?" she replies

"I am interested in someone!" he smirks

"Are you now!" she laughs

"How is Brian?" Larissa asks changing the subject once again

"He's living his dream, in Detroit playing football. As far as I can tell, he's doing well."

"Really, that's great! He always did love playing football, just about as much as he loved getting on your nerves." Larissa giggles

"He still loves getting on my nerves! Would you like dessert?" he asks

"No thanks, I'm stuffed. I need to go walk this off." Larissa replies

"I did offer to take you on a tour of the grounds." West smirks

"Not that much walking!" she says

"It's a pretty big resort, we don't have to walk" he replies

"A one-on-one tour with Mr. CEO. How could I say no to that!" she says as they stand

"You can't!" he smiles as they walk towards the exit

"They never brought the check!" Larissa states

"They'll put it on my tab. You ready?" he asks as he holds out his arm

Larissa takes it and just as they head out the hostess says

"Have a great night!"

The tour takes a little over an hour. West shows Larissa all the great amenities that the resort has to offer all the restaurants, the lake with paddle boats, three pools with hot tubs, a game room, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts and the spa.

As they stand on the bridge looking out over the lake West takes off his jacket and places it around Larissa

"Thank you!" she says

"So, that's Utopia Grand Resort and Spa by West!"

"That's it! So what do you think?" he asks

"Very impressive, West. This is amazing, I'm so happy for you!" she replies

They conclude the tour in the front lobby after West parks the cart and takes the keys to the front desk.

"How are your parents?" he asks

Larissa stops and pauses, then says

"My parents passed a few years ago"

Reaching for her hand he looks at her and says

"I'm so sorry to hear that."

As she looks out into the distance, he embraces her then gently presses his lips to her forehead. They stand that way for a moment then West says

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No." she replies softly

"If you ever want to, I'm here."

"Thanks!" she replies

"Let me walk you to your room. I just need to run up to my office for a minute, do you mind?"

"No, not at all, I would love to see your office!" she adds

"Ok, right this way." he says

They walk behind the front desk and then up a few hidden stairs, walking down a deserted hallway and to an office around the corner, West unlocks the office door and flips on the light. Walking around the desk he starts typing and doing something on the computer.

Larissa looks around at all the photos, plaques, degrees all with 'James West' on them. Then, looking at the picture of the groundbreaking ceremony she's amazed to see all he's accomplished. He has achieved so much in such a short time.

"You are very accomplished West! Your parents must be so proud of you!" Larissa says as she walks up behind him just as he logs off of the computer.

"Thank you! That really means a lot coming from you!" West says as he stands up

Reaching for her he wraps his arm around her waist and the temperature in the office instantly elevates and leaning down he gently kisses her. Their lips lock and for a moment they are both lost. Sparks fly and the bond they'd spent five years cultivating ignites instantly and consumes them both. Larissa wraps her arms around his neck and realizing they'd awoken all their desires West pulls away breathless. Before he can say anything, she opens her eyes then looking up at him she pulls him back into a long passionate kiss. After about a minute he pulls away again and whispers

"Not in here!"

Taking her hand, West opens the door and leads her out of the office, down the hall and around another corner then onto an elevator she hadn't seen. On the elevator, he enters a code on the keypad, once the doors close Larissa whispers

"Where are we going?" before he can answer the doors open. He leads her down a short hall and West takes out his keys and opens the door. As they walk in West says

"This is my room. Please make yourself at home."

Larissa is astonished by how gorgeous the 'room' is. A large living area, dining room and gourmet kitchen all with a large glass wall leading to a balcony that overlooks the entire resort. And that's only what she can see from the entrance.

Larissa says

"This is really nice West! This is not a room, it's a penthouse!"

West asks

"Can I get you something to drink?" ignoring her comments about the room

"Sure any...." Larissa begins

"Anything but diet" West says smiling at her as he finishes her sentence. Larissa quickly glances at him and they laugh.

"Glad to see not much has changed" he says as he hands her a glass of wine.

When he joins her on the couch, she asks

"Is this where you live?

"Yes ma'am" he replies

"I sold my condo a year and a half ago. I was never there, so I converted this space."

Larissa's phone buzzes just as West's phone rings. He glances at his phone and says

"I'm sorry excuse me just a second" as West walks behind the couch Larissa listens to his one-sided conversation for a second then stands and starts toward the door.

"This is West!" he answers

"Brian, what's up?" he states as he walks over to Larissa

"Ok, I'll look at it. I gotta go, I'll call you tomorrow!"

Hanging up the phone he asks

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's late, I'm gonna go." she says

"Why, that was just Brian, he didn't want anything. I'm sorry."

West takes her hand and pulling her into his arms he continues

"Please don't go!"

They both smile then she kisses him once again igniting the electricity from the office. West slowly leads the way to the bedroom and like magnets their lips never break contact, flames of passion are unleashed, engulfing them both. He lays her on the bed and lifting her top he gently kisses her belly then, continuing up and ends with a soft kiss on her lips.

Laying down beside Larissa West rolls over to face her

"It's late, you should stay!" he says softly

"I can sleep in the guest room if you want" he adds

"In the guest room! What if I want to do that again?" she smirks

"Shower with me?" Larissa asks softly as she kisses his cheek

"Sure!" West says turning on his stomach watching as Larissa stands up and heads for the bathroom. She looks back smiles and says

"I take it your enjoying the view!"

"I am!" West replies with a silly grin

"Are you going to just lay there or are you joining me?"

West finally gets up to join her in the shower. After their shower Larissa puts on one of West's t-shirts then glancing at the clock, she says

"I can't believe it's almost two am"

"You have somewhere to be?" West asks

"No just an observation James" she replies

"Whoa! So, I'm James now?" West says a little amused

The two sit up and talk for several more hours until they finally fall asleep on the couch.

West wakes up the next morning to his phone ringing and gently slides Larissa's head onto the sofa. Walking into his office he takes the call

"This is West!" he states

An hour later Larissa wakes up to the smell of West cooking breakfast

"Good morning beautiful!" West says sweetly

"Morning" Larissa replies walking over to him as she asks

"What are you cooking?"

"Ham and cheese omelet, toast and fruit. You look gorgeous in my shirt!" he adds as he leans down and kisses her cheek

"You hungry?" he whispers

"Yes, and that smells so good, let me freshen up and I'll be right back!" she replies

While they sit quietly enjoying breakfast West finally breaks the silence and says

"I really hope this isn't going to be a one-night stand."

"I do live in Jacksonville West!" she replies

West starts to reply then his phone rings. Glancing at it then ignoring the call he says

"I know but that's only two hours away" they sit not saying a word for a minute then West's phone rings again.

"I'm sorry, I need to take this, it's the office. I'm usually in by now, I will only be a minute." Answering he walks toward his office

"This is West!" he states

Larissa cleans the table then goes into the bedroom to get dressed, as she's putting on her shoes West walks in

"You're leaving?" he asks

"Yes. I'm going to go, you must have a lot to do."

Reluctantly West says


Larissa gives him a gentle soft kiss and then leaves.

Back in her suite she starts to replay last night, every intimate detail. As she does all the emotions that she'd forced to lie dormant for so many years come rushing back and before she realizes it she begins to cry. Climbing into the shower she gathers herself realizing that this was and is a dream come true. I so did not come here for this, she thinks over and over to herself.

Slipping into her jeans, then reaching for her shirt, there is a knock at the door. Opening the door Larissa is delighted to see a casually well-dressed James West standing with a smile that would moisten even the driest desert.

"Hi!" West says

"How did you.... Never mind!" Larissa begins then quickly remembers that this is his resort!

"You look amazing!" West says sweetly then reaching her phone to her he says

"You forgot your phone."

"Thank you and come in." she says walking back inside where she slides on her sandals. West follows and sits at the foot of her bed

"So, looks like you have plans today" West observes

"What makes you say that?" Larissa replies

"We were in the middle of a very important conversation and you just left!" West responds

"I didn't want to be in the way" she states

"Trust me you could never be in the way!" West says as he stands and walks over to her. Gently tilting her chin up, he gives her a soft kiss and says

"Now, where were we?"

Larissa smiles and says

"I live in Jacksonville, West!"

"Yes, Jacksonville!" he smirks

"I'm more than willing to work through that if you are!" he continues

"Two hours is nothing, trust me! It's been nine and a half years, nine and a half years that we can't get back!"

"I also have a very demanding job West. I'm never home, that's why I've..." she says

West interrupts her

"We can sit here and come up with a million reasons why this may not work but I'd much rather it did! And nothing you can say is going to change my mind, not a two-hour drive or your demanding job. I can deal with your demanding job if you can deal with mine." he states jokingly

Larissa giggles then asks

"Are you asking me out?"

"I guess you could say that, if you want to be technical." he states

"I came here to clear my head, this just adds to my..." as she stops West says

"I'm sorry, I can leave" he apologizes

"No, no, I'm sorry. That's not what I mean" Larissa says as she grabs his hand

"I don't want you to go! I was just thinking out loud. I missed you and I'm so glad we ran into each other. I just have to figure some things out." she says as she wraps her arms around his neck

"I've missed you too! I'm not trying to add to your stress. We're seriously overthinking this. Can we just go hang out and have some fun?"

"Out where?" Larissa replies

"I don't care, if I only have you for a weekend, I want to enjoy it!"

Larissa starts turning off the lights and grabs her room key, phone and purse then heads to the door.

"Am I dressed ok for what you have in mind?" she asks

West giggles and opens the door

"A little over dressed!" he says with that seductive smile

As they walk towards the front office Larissa states

"There is a lot we can do here at the resort"

"I know, but I want to give you my undivided attention, and this is work for me" he replies

Approaching the front office West says

"I'll pull the car around, wait here"

After a few moments a sleek, pearly white BMW pulls out from what seems to be a private driveway behind the building. West gets out and comes around to open her door

"Nice car!" Larissa states

"Thank you!" West replies as he kisses her cheek

Pulling out of the resort he asks

"Where to?"

"Whatever you want to do works for me." Larissa replies

"There is an air hockey table at the bowling alley. Do you still like to play?" he asks

"Of course, I haven't played for a while though." she replies

"We can start there. Sounds like your making excuses already." West states as he glances and smiles at her

"You've only beat me once and I seriously doubt if you can do it again!" Larissa says as she recalls the night they played for clothes, back in high school their junior year. That night he won all her clothes and her virginity.

"Depends what we're playing for!" he says with a silly grin

Following Larissa's five air hockey victories, West wins both games of bowling. It's almost four o'clock when they decide to leave.

"Are you hungry?" West asks

"Yes, what do you have a taste for?" she replies

West smiles and asks

"Are you on the menu?"

Before they get into the car West kisses Larissa passionately pinning her to the car, after a moment they are heated and breathy

"I'm pretty sure that can be arranged" she breathes softly

"Is take out ok?" West asks opening her door

Back in West's penthouse they finish up dinner and decide to stay in for the evening and catch up and maybe watch a movie.

"You can pick a movie, I'm going to grab a shower" West says

"Yes sir! Can I join you?" she replies sweetly

"Absolutely!" he answers

Walking into the bathroom careful not to make her presence known. She watches West as he washes his hair. Leaning back against the doorway she stands there quietly, trying to figure out how he still knows how to send her hormones into overdrive after so many years. No one could ever satisfy her like he does, nor had she given anyone the chance to. Tall, muscular and ...!

"Larissa!" West says interrupting her thoughts.

Snapping back into the here and now she says


"Are you enjoying the view?" he asks with a sexy grin

"Of course!"

"Did you pick a movie?" West asks as he opens the shower door inviting her in. After a beat she doesn't move so West steps out of the shower, walks over and grabs her arm pulling her into the shower fully clothed. Gently embracing her and pulling her into his arms they kiss. His well-endowed flesh pressing firmly against her now soaked jeans with the most carnal intent. He slips his finger into the top of her jeans and helps her out of the soaked clothes.

"You got me all wet!" Larissa says as she lifts her arms above her head allowing him to pull her shirt up.

"That is always the goal!" he whispers as he stoops down and collects the wet clothes then tossing them out of the shower. He kisses the apex of her thigh before standing up.

"I'm so glad you're here!" he confesses softly

"So am I!" Larissa replies as she gazes up at him, desire consuming them both

West gently kisses her lips, then her neck.

West picks her up, then wrapping her legs around him she allows him to fill her slowly. Low moans and soft gasps echo in the shower, joined by the sound of water cascading down around them.

Just as they get out of the shower West's phone rings, bringing them out of the tranquility they'd just caused. Larissa tosses West a towel as he grabs his phone from the bed.

"Thank you" he says heading out of the room

"West!" Larissa calls out as she puts on another one of West's t-shirts

Dressed she goes into the living room

"Yes ma'am" he finally replies

"Are you ok?" she asks

"Yeah, I'm fine, you ready to watch the movie?"

As she sits on the sofa, she asks

"Something wrong? Your demeanor changed!"

West stands in just his towel, not saying anything. Then dropping his towel, he reaches for his teal and black pajama pants. Sliding first one leg in and then the other he watches Larissa as she watches him, not realizing she has begun to bite her lip. Reaching down, he picks up the towel and asks

"Can I get you something to drink?"

"Sure, whatever your having is fine" Larissa states

West walks back over and hands Larissa a drink.

"I'm sorry" he says as he sits next to her

"I've dreamed about us reuniting a million times over the past several years" West confesses

"Nothing close to the past 24 hours and I don't want to make you uncomfortable but it's no secret. The feelings I had for you haven't left and now that your here I don't want to lose you again!" West's confession is followed by silence

Finally, he glances over at Larissa and watches as tears fill her eyes. Breaking the silence as a small tear falls down her cheek

"When I planned this trip, I had no idea I would run into you. I've been so lost and still trying to pick up the pieces since losing my parents. I've missed you all this time and I'm elated to be here with you." Larissa confesses, then continues

"Please don't let the uncertainty of our future hinder us from enjoying the moment."

"Just promise me you'll keep an open mind" he says

"I will, I promise!" she replies

Then leaning in he gives her a kiss and they sit in silence for a moment then are interrupted once again by West's phone. He gets up and walks over to the counter to answer it.

"It's Brian. I'm sorry, he isn't going to stop until I answer. Excuse me." he says answering the phone, then walking back over to the couch he puts it on speaker

"This is West" he says

"Hey bro, what's up? You never called me back." Brian says

"I've been busy, what's up?"

"Have you talked to dad?"

"No, Brian. I haven't, and I have to go. I'll call you Monday" West replies hurrying Brian off the phone

"Why do you keep saying you'll call me back! You can't still be working, it's Saturday night." Brian says

"Brian, I have company! What is it?"

"Company on a Saturday night! You mean you have a date?" Brian says curiously

"Yes, so if it's not important, I'll call you Monday!"

Brian's tone is sarcastic now

"You have a date! With who?"

"None of your business, I'm hanging up now" West glances at Larissa and smiles

"Seriously West!" Brian laughs

"Bye Brian!"

"Is it somebody I know?" he asks

Larissa leans over and whispers in West's ear

"Can I say hi?" West nods and she says

"Hi Brian!"

"O, shit! You do have company!" Brian says

"Wait, who is that?" he asks

"Good night Brian!" West says

"Wait, wait!" Brian says as West hangs up

"I'm sorry" West whispers then kisses her softly

"He hasn't changed a bit, don't be sorry, we needed a distraction" she says

The phone rings again, she stands up and says

"You can get it, I'll be right back" walking into the room she returns with a pillow and blanket and the phone rings again.

"Answer it, you know he isn't going to stop calling." Larissa

"You answer it!" he replies as he reaches her the phone

She smiles then takes it

"Hi, this is West's phone!" she says all too sweetly

"Well hello, what's your name?" Brian asks

"Brian what is it?" West says a little annoyed

"West, is that..." he pauses "Am I on speaker?" Brian asks

"Yes, you are" West replies

"Take me off!" Brian says

"No, why?"

"Cause I want to guess who that is!"

"Go ahead, but you only get one guess and then we're hanging up! We are kinda busy!" Larissa states as her and West giggle then leaning over she gives him a sweet kiss that instantly deepens

Brian says, "I know exactly who that is!"

There's no reply!

"West!" he calls out

Again, they don't answer

"Larissa!" Brian says suddenly, making them freeze and look at the phone

"Who is Larissa?" she asks

"West, who is Larissa she says again" trying not to laugh

Brian remains quiet. They sit laughing together and finally West ends the silence saying

"Yes Brian, it's Larissa! Now, good night!"

Brian says

"Whoa, Larissa!"

"Yes Brian. It's me. How are you?" she answers

"Larissa, Larissa West?" he says in disbelief

West says

"Larissa Mathews, Brian! Now good night!" West says

"How did...." Brian starts

Larissa cuts him off

"Larissa West?" she says smirking at West

"Ok, Good night Brian, I'm serious we're hanging up. Call me Monday!"

"Good night Brian" Larissa adds just as West hangs up the phone

West stands up and reaches out for Larissa's hand and leads her to the room. Turning his phone to vibrate he lays it on the night stand. Larissa watches him closely then puts her arms around his neck and gives him a seductive kiss. Just as he reciprocates she gently pushes him onto the bed then mounts him. West lays flat not resisting, as she starts her sweet torture gently kissing his ear lobe then tugging, continuing with soft sweet kisses down his chest. He gently lifts up from the bed to assist her in freeing his growing erection

Looking at Larissa he says

"Now, take your shirt off" and without hesitation she complies

After the fog has cleared they lie side by side for what feels like an hour, Larissa finally breaks the silence

"So, I want to hear the story of how I became Larissa West. Are you going to tell me, or do I have to call Brian back?" she giggles

"Not tonight Riss" West says sleepily

"West, tell me! Please!" she begs

"Babe I'm tired" he replies

"Ok, then I'm going to my room!" she states

West sits up and says

"About that, your things are in the guest room."

"What?!" Larissa shouts as she gets up and walks out of the room

West rolls over and gets under the cover. Moments later she returns

"Why would you do that without saying anything to me first?"

"Larissa!" he states

"James!" she says sharply

"Please, look, I'm sorry, I had no idea you would get upset. We've been..." West begins apologetically

"It's late and I have a flight tomorrow. Good night!" she says walking out of the room

West climbs out of bed and heads down the hall to find her. When he reaches the door it's locked, he knocks but after getting no response he reaches above the door frame grabs the key and unlocks the door.

"Larissa please!" he says as he walks over to the bed. Switching on the side lamp he sees that she's crying, gently wiping away her tears and kissing her cheek he whispers

"I'm sorry, please don't be mad at me"

Larissa closes her eyes and doesn't say anything. West leaves the room and comes back within a minute with a box of tissues. Placing them on the table he walks around the bed and climbs in behind her, not saying anything else he cuddles up behind her and they fall asleep.

The early morning sunshine glares through the curtains invading their serenity. Larissa roles out of bed and leaves the room, a few minutes later West follows. Larissa goes into the bathroom and he walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her he kisses her cheek

"Good morning!" he says softly watching her in the mirror

Larissa looks up in the mirror and says

"Good morning James!"

"I'm still James?" West says as he backs up

Larissa continues brushing her teeth as he leaves the bathroom. West lays across the bed and reaches for his phone.

Larissa comes into the room and says

"Stop sulking, I'm just kidding." West's face lights up

"You should have told me you were bringing my things over, but I did overreact a little and I'm sorry." Larissa utters softly

Getting up from the bed West walks over to her standing in the doorway. Gently wrapping his arms around her he says

"I really am sorry. I just figured; you hadn't been in your room much."

"I know"

"Is that why you were crying last night?" after a moment she answers

"I was just thinking about my parents and how I wish I could tell my mom about running into you."

He just looks at her and says

"I really am sorry."

"It's ok, seriously! You're right I haven't spent much time in there anyway!" they both begin to laugh

Larissa stops suddenly and says

"My flight leaves this evening"

"What time?" West inquires

"I have to be at the airport by seven"

"I don't want you to go!" he says holding her tighter

"I know, but I already committed to this route. I can't back out now."

"Can I go with you?" he asks

"I would love that but, It's a two-day trip. I'm going to Charlotte, Columbus, Memphis, Austin and then home!"

"Ok, so is that a no?" he asks

Larissa just looks at him

"That's a, I'll be working, and you have a business to run!"

"I want to go with you, the resort will be fine for a few days! For over two years I've ate slept and breathed this resort!" he explains as he heads into his office. Larissa follows behind him

"West!" she says

He stops in the doorway of the office, turns around and leans down to whisper in her ear

"Oh! I'm West again!"

She smiles as he leans down and kisses her neck

"For now!"

"What are you doing?" she asks when he sits at the computer

"Booking my tickets" West answers as his phone rings

"Are you serious?" she asks

Ignoring his phone, he looks at her and says

"As a heart attack!"

And again, his phone rings.

Larissa says

"That might be important, take it and I'll book your tickets"

"This is West!" he says as he gets up from the desk and walks over to the window

Wrapping up his phone call after about ten minutes West says

"I'll be down before eleven, thank you." walking up behind Larissa he asks

"Did you book the tickets?"

"Yes sir, I did" she replies standing up

"You hungry?" she asks

"What would you like?" West smirks embracing her and then pulling her firmly against his erection.

"I guess I'll have what you're having" she whispers as he leans down to kiss her.

Once their dressed they have a quick breakfast and finishing up his coffee West says

"I need to go down to the office for a little while, they've been blowing up my phone since last night. You are more than welcome to join me or stay here."

"It's a big resort, I'm sure I can find something to get into" Larissa replies

"I have a meeting and then I have to let the staff know that I will be out of town for a few days. I could use another assistant if you're looking for a career change!" West adds

"No thanks! You shouldn't mix business and pleasure!" she smirks

"You are an exception to the rule Miss Mathews!" he says sarcastically

"You can't afford me!" Larissa replies

Changing the subject West asks

"What time do you want to leave, it's almost eleven now?"

"I don't have to be there until seven."

"Five-thirty then, so I can spend some time with you before we board" he says sweetly

"You'll see me throughout the flight West!" she replies a little confused

"I thought you worked in first class!"

"I do, I booked you in first class!" she says as West's phone rings

"This conversation isn't over!" he says answering the phone

"This is West!"

He sounds mad Larissa thinks to herself

"I'll be down in a minute!" he says sharply then hangs up the phone glaring at her

"That was rude!" she says distracting him. Not sure what to say he remains quiet

"Please don't take your frustration at me out on your staff!" Larissa continues

Walking over to him, he closes his eyes and relaxes a little, leaning forward she kisses him gently then whispers

"I'm sorry! What's wrong?"

He opens his eyes and exhales, she hadn't realized he was holding his breath.

"I'm needed at the office. Please make yourself at home." he states

"I want to come with you" Larissa whispers

West looks into her eyes and replies softly

"Get dressed and come down to my office. The elevator code is 0902" he kisses her gently then leaves.

With that attitude I'm probably better off staying here, she thinks to herself. Packing her bag, she neatly hangs her uniform on the door and climbs back into bed, glancing at the clock she sees it's 11:55 and before long she's fast asleep.

"Wake up Riss, it's 4:50!" West says softly waking her up. As she rolls over on her back, he says

"You never came downstairs, are you ok?"

"Yes, I'm fine" Larissa replies as she climbs out of bed.

"My bags are in the car. I'll take yours down after you get dressed" West states

Walking out of the room she asks

"Are you in a better mood?"

"Yes, and I'm sorry! Is that why you didn't come down?" he replies

"Sorta, I forgot the code you said, and I hope you apologized to whoever it was that called you." she states matter of factly

"I did! Please get dressed so we're not late. The elevator code is your birthday 0902" he adds

"You remembered my birthday" Larissa smiles

"Best day of the year!" he replies as she walks into the bathroom

After a few minutes she is dressed and ready to go

"You look gorgeous!" he states

"Thank you!"

They're in the car a little after five, as they pull into traffic, West says

"Noah kept calling me last night and this morning but I had my phone on vibrate. There was a gentleman that stopped by the front desk around ten-thirty last night looking for you."

Shocked, Larissa turns and looks at him

"He made somewhat of a scene when he was told you had checked out, they had to call security. Noah had seen us together and wanted me to warn you. That's why I was so annoyed this morning."

Larissa asks

"Why didn't you tell me. Who was it?"

"I wanted to get some more information before I mentioned it to you. I watched the camera feed from last night to see for myself. His name was Josh Norman! He left his business card for you!" West says as he gives her the card

Larissa looks blankly at the card and stills

"Do you know him?" West asks after a minute dreading her response

Larissa sits staring out the window

"Larissa!" he says

She turns to him and says

"Yes, but It's not what you think!" she states

"What am I thinking Larissa? I'm a pretty level-headed guy. " he asks

"I don't know but it can't be good" she replies

"Do you know who he is?"

She nods and whispers


"Why was he looking for you last night? Were you meeting him at the resort?" West asks

"No and I have no idea why he was there! Or how he even knew I was there." she answers quickly

"That's hard for me to believe! How else could he have known you were here, unless you told him?" he says softly

Pulling into the parking garage a few minutes later. Without hesitation West gets out and opens Larissa's door. Standing up she can see the disappointment in his eyes.

"West, I'm really sorry! Honestly! I don't know how he knew I was here. Yes, we dated for a few months almost four years ago, just after my parents passed. Since we broke up, he just seems to pop up in random cities that I fly to." West stands listening attentively to her. As she places her arms around his neck, she pulls him close then continues

"I can't explain why he was at the resort! Almost the entire time I was there I was with you. I'm not in a relationship with him and I wouldn't lie to you! We've never slept together. He always seems to know where I am, he has control issues or something. He scared me once and after that I broke things off with him. If my mom was alive he'd be her patient, I'm sure!" she kisses him softly grabbing both sides of his face and finally he reciprocates, then stopping abruptly he pulls away and glancing at his watch he says

"You have a flight to catch!"

"You mean we have a flight to catch! Right?" she replies

Just before they board West says

"I believe you. Thank you for explaining." he says

"I don't have anything to hide and I'm glad you're here! Have a great flight!" she says sweetly

"I will, I heard there's a hot flight attendant in first class!" West says with a sexy seductive smirk

"I'm hoping to be the newest member of the mile-high club!" he adds

About an hour into the flight Larissa tells West that Josh, the guy that showed up at the resort, is in coach.

"Why were you in coach?" he asks

"Working!" she replies

"Relax Riss, your fine just do your job and try not to pay him any attention. I'm here with you." West tries and fails to calm her down. As her eyes begin to swell from unshed tears West whispers

"Go to the restroom!" After a moment he follows her. In the restroom he embraces her and wiping her tears he says

"We'll be landing in a few minutes. He's not going to try anything in front of all these people. I'll be waiting for you when we land."

Larissa holds her head up and says

"I'm so glad you came with me! How did he know I was going to be on this flight?" she states and wiping her face she continues

"I'm sorry I know this isn't what you intended to be doing in here."

They both smile, and he gives her a kiss and says

"It's ok! I'll be waiting for you. Don't worry about him!"

Larissa gathers herself and they prepare for landing

After three long flights its finally 7am Monday morning. Larissa walks out of the terminal, looking up she sees West waiting for her.

"We have a fourteen-hour layover, let's check in and grab something to eat" Larissa says

"Yes ma'am!" he replies

Once they've checked in and gotten settled Larissa says

"I'm not hungry, are you?"

Laying down across the bed she closes her eyes

"No, we can get something later before we leave, let's get a shower so you can rest" he states

Hours pass, and Larissa rolls over to see West watching her. As their eyes meet he says

"It's almost five, wake up!"

"I'm up, what are you doing?" she asks glancing at his laptop

"You're not the only one with a job!" he smiles

"Yeah, yeah, yeah" she mocks, then whispers

"Come here!"

Turning back to his laptop he closes it, after putting it away he joins her in bed

"Thank you for letting me tag along!" he says

"Your very welcome!" she replies

"I can't believe you do all this flying on a regular basis" he states

"Yeah tell me about it! I became a flight attendant to travel and meet different people but now I'm so sick of it. I don't know how people do this for so long and have a normal life. At first, I loved it, it was a welcomed distraction when my parents died."

"Utopia always has an opening for you!" he states

"No, I'm not working for you!" she responds

"Well, get up and get dressed you have to be at work soon." West says as he swats her on the butt

"I have a little time. You wanna help me change clothes?" Larissa teases

"Absolutely!" West replies all too willing

Once they're out of the shower West's phone rings, putting it on speaker, he tosses it on the bed and says

"This is West!"

"Hey bro, what's up?" Brian says

"Nothing much Brian." West replies rolling his eyes

"I'm busy Brian." He adds

"You've been busy a lot lately, are you still with Larissa?" he asks

"Why, don't you have practice or something?" West asks

"When you come to my next game make sure you bring her!" he adds

"Brian I'm about to board a flight."

"A flight, to where?" he asks

"Austin!" Larissa says as she tugs West's towel

"There she is!" Brian says amused

"Wh..." he begins

"Bye Brian, talk to you later!" West hangs up


Veronica Pollard

Loving house wife and mother with a passion for writing. With hopes of one day becoming a published author and script writer. This is the place to find a drama filled love story you'll love! Enjoy!

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Veronica Pollard
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