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Long range Recon


By DSPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Long range Recon
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It was the fifth year after the bombs dropped on our lands. Most of the nation was either dead or about to die. The nuclear weapons used took out all the major cities and military posts across our whole nation. Luckily we still had our personal hardware. The local stores have been long since raided and cleaned out. Ammo and especially food was becoming so scarce it was not very funny any more. We did more fighting with local gangs than we ever did with any nation states. Our counter attacks were precise and laid most of the known world to ash. Our small band was simply neighbors who stuck together to try and make a life after all the destruction. We were loosely modeled after our military with rank based on our knowledge from the soldiers of past wars in our group. I managed to make a squad leader. My name is Joe. I had been in the reserve for a number of years.

We had made it to what was used to be Illinois. We heard Chicago and Springfield were hit but the rest of the state was still intact. We were lucky enough to snag a few electric cars and rig them with some make shift solar cells to recharge the batteries. Our leader decided it was time to find somewhere to settle in and start making a life again. The only fighting we ever saw was between people trying to take food and water.

Me and my squad were assigned a long range patrol. We were to explore out about a week and cover as much ground as we could. We were looking for a suitable home for our merry bunch. We grabbed our gear and was allowed to take one transport so we could cover more ground.

My squad had three men and two boys in their teens and one bad ass woman who was our medic. She was a nurse in the days of plenty.

We traveled at night so we could charge the vehicle during the day. It usually took most of day to charge. We would move through little abandoned towns by the wayside. Skeletons and burnt out buildings littered the ground of nearly everyone we passed.

By the third day we thought we had smooth sailing. But just when you relax the world grabs you by the balls and squeezes. We hit a homemade explosive device with the transport and it killed my men and the teen boys that were with me were wounded bad. Our nurse and me took a hit too.

We managed to get out of the kill zone and took shelter and patched our selves up. The teens were in bad shape and had lost a leg each. It was near impossible to stop the bleeding and they did end up passing later that night. The nurse had a broken arm which was easy enough to set. I had the joys of a metal fragment buried deep in my left shoulder. Lucky enough though it was so hot when it went in it singed all the bleeding veins and arteries shut. That also meant I had to leave it in but at least I am alive.

We found a small cart that we threw what supplies in we had and started back out the next night. Lucy had heard noises while we were looking for night to fall off in the distant woods. We both thought we would scope it out and see what was happening there.

We came up to a clearing in the woods and discovered a fort. It reminded you of the old settler days and had a main gate with women on lookout and everything. It looked strange, but they had electric lights and machines of all kinds were heard coming from inside the structure.

We both decided to wait till daytime to approach the structure. We settled in and covered ourselves in one of the ravines on the back side of the fort. We both must of passed out due to the pain medication we were on because it was mid morning. I pulled off our make shift shelter to reveal ten young women all sitting around our area with their guns pointed right at us.

The oldest girl stood up and started barking orders. She was twenty-five at least and had a very fine frame. She was very athletic and was dressed in only a bikini and sandals. They took our guns and marched us into the fort.

Once inside and the gates had closed a hundred girls had exploded out of the cabins and all were on us in mere seconds. Most of them were simply wearing bikini bottoms and no tops. They all seemed to be in their twenties and were all as great looking as the blonde haired leader.

They took us to the nurse station and found a bed for the both of us. An older lady about thirty-five or so came out and checked out my nurses arm and then she came to me. She managed to get the fragment free and cleaned and stitched me up.

The older woman introduced herself as Dr. Carrie Unger. She had explained that we had found Camp Eden. It was a second chance camp for teen girls aged fifteen and over to work off their crimes and earn a second chance to have a clean record. The last class that was here when the bombs dropped simply stayed on. We were a self sustaining camp before the bombs dropped so with some improvements we have made a nice life for us here. Most of the girls are twenty and we do have a few younger as a few were pregnant and ended up delivering here because of the extended stay. She went on and said that other than the few little boys that were born here they have not seen any men in over five years. I have promised the young ladies that the first man we found they could if they choose to become mothers and help out our little village become something more.

I explained to the Dr. that our small group was looking for someplace to settle and start a new colony. It would be a great new beginning for all of us and we could turn Camp Eden to a real Eden if she would welcome the others from our group.

She and the young ladies all went outside to hold a meeting and decided that they would love to have the surviving members of Wind-gate Plaza join with them and make a go of it.

The blonde bikini clad warrior took my hand and led me to the cabin with the radio in it. She powered everything up and let me make my radio call. We had to encode the coordinates so no one else would try to find the place so we used our apartment numbers. I went on and said the grid reference is Sally R. with Jerry Y, and so on till we got the message out. It was a system we had developed that to anyone not living with us day to day would seem very confusing.

Lacey, my bikini clad warrior grabbed my hand and pulled me into the next room where there was a bed waiting. She pulled her top off and then undressed me and laid me on the bed. She grabbed a bowl from the dresser and a cloth from her drawer and started cleaning my entire body. She took so much care. Exploring every inch of my body. She had my soldier standing at attention by the time she was done.

Lacey pulled her bottoms off and crawled onto the bed straddling my manhood with her beautiful mound now dripping juices on my shaft. She grabbed my shaft and lowered herself down. Using my head of my tool she rubbed her nubbin causing her juices to flow freely. She dipped me into her juices and rubbed them all over my tool. Then she placed the tip at the edge of her lips and lowered her body down ever so slowly.

She was extremely tight. I could feel her every move. She kept forcing me in deeper and deeper, her gasps of pain and pleasure rang out loud. She started to relax and move a little faster. I felt like I would explode right there.

I reached up and grabbed a breast with each hand and started matching her stroke for stroke. She was moaning in no time and coated my shaft with a flood of juices. That was all it took for me and I let loose an intense load of my own deep inside of her.

She collapsed on my chest and just laid there. After a few minutes she told me I was her first and that she had dreamed of this very moment night after night. She even saw my face in her dreams. She said we would have a large and important family in this world and the next.

I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her cheek. I pulled her tight and we drifted off asleep together.

When I awakened in an hour or two later I was surrounded by about ten young ladies. Lacey was still by my side and was stroking my member softly. She began talking as I looked into her eyes. She went through and named her elite squad of warriors. Let me see if I can remember them all. It was Rochelle, Bernice, Becky, Stephanie, Jeri, Kathy, Michelle, Missy, Tammy and Tisha.

She went on that if I would not mind that her warriors watched us and if they could loose their cherry with me too. We have been waiting so long that we would not mind sharing you within our little group. We share everything else and would love for you to be a part of our clan.

I agreed and all I heard was giggles from the room.

Lacey started stoking me harder and I was standing tall with all the ladies watching her. It was so hot I could not hold my load back and after only five minutes Lacey had made me explode. It shot out of my shaft splashing all the ladies with my load.

They all giggled as they cleaned up me and wiped off their bodies.

The girls made up a special big bed for me in their cabin and closed it off from the rest of the room. It was super nice. The had electricity and running water still. It all tested clean. They even had a satellite connection with our Moon and Mars colonies.

I think this will be a great start for a new life. Look for new stories and please contribute if you enjoyed this short tale. I plan on expanding this story if everyone likes it and contributes. My link is Here.

The end for now.


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