Loner's Retreat: Cassian & Lucia, Part 3

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Loner's Retreat: Cassian & Lucia, Part 3


Waking up to the smell of an ocean breeze instead of his assistant Francesco's badgering voice substituting an alarm was something Cassian could definitely get used to. The heat hadn't reached its peak yet, since it was still early in the morning according to Cassian's expensive wrist watch. Going for his usual morning jog would be a good idea if staying in this bed with a perfect view of the beach weren't so appealing. But he had to get up and face today's challenges. Which included getting more background on his gracious host. The one who caused him to toss and turn all night with inappropriate thoughts about her.

Cassian thought he had a grip on his lust after the energy boost his morning jog gave him. The confidence straightened his posture as he re-entered Loner's Retreat. Scents of the customary Mexican breakfast surrounded him and he was hungry enough to devour it all. His appetite always grew whenever he left his home country. Cassian was used to the latte and fette biscottate his chef back home brought to his table in Venice. But if he'd learn anything last night from bonding with his housemates was the Dylan could easily replicate it but he didn't miss it.

Cassian didn't expect to be catered to at this retreat, but he appreciated the clean room he came back to once he finished his running. He hopped into the shower, to get rid of the sweat and the aches of trying to ignore the images of Lucia in his mind. He hadn't seen her at all this morning during his run and he wondered at what time she usually started her day. Couldn't be too late since she did gave guests to tend to.

As soon as the phone on his side table rang, Cassian quickly held it to his ear when he saw it was Vivian calling him.

"Ciao amore mio. I miss you terribly," Cassian crooned romantically into the phone, but he could sense by the tone in her voice as she answered him that something was off.

"When will you be back?" Vivian asked coldly.

"In a few days. You sound... off? Is everything okay?" Cassian worried and waited for her to answer as he heard a knock on his door. He hurried to wrap a clean towel around his waist and held it tight while he held the phone in between his ear and shoulder and walked over to answer the door.

"No, Cassian. I have something to tell you..." Vivian started but the reception went into static and the phone cut off just as he opened the door to see Lucia and her infamous coy smile.

"Breakfast is ready." Lucia announced and her eyes definitely took notice of his half naked body while he leaned against the doorway.

"I could smell it from here. And I'm sure it's delicious," Cassian complimented while he stepped closer to Lucia, as if a magnet had pulled him to her. She wasn't afraid of him, not that she should be. But there was something in her eyes that let Cassian know Lucia Johnson wasn't afraid of much.

"Did you sleep well? I know you're probably used to fancy hotels but—" Lucia started, but his dismissive wave made him stop.

"Your retreat is impressive. But it wasn't the bed that made me toss and turn all night," Cassian answered her as honest as possible. He wouldn't tell her the whole truth, especially not about how he came in his hand at the very thought of him having her beneath him.

"What's her name then?" Lucia teased and it made him chuckle at her correct assumption.

"What kind of gentleman would I be if I exposed her?"

"No shame in exploring other options, Cass. Just as long as you don't have any ties back on land that can reign you in when you least expect it," she replied mystically and he could feel her words making his body react to her invitation. So she did want him just as much as he wanted her. Not that it mattered. He was still engaged and he still planned on taking this place from her soon enough.

It didn't erase how badly he wanted to see what she had to offer in the bedroom. It only made him think about it more.

"Would you like to come in? I'd like to speak to you about something." Cassian offered and Lucia obliged, nodding as he stepped aside to let her in. The scent of rose water was heavy on her skin today and it made his mouth water in response as she brushed passed him and he closed the door.

Before he started to speak, he heard the phone in his hand ping every few seconds. Texts and emails were coming to him at a fast rate and he opened one to see what the fuss was all about. Once he clicked on one of the links that were sent to him, Cassian's heart dropped to his stomach and he felt the anger rise inside of him, making him light-headed with quiet fury.

"Are you okay? You don't look so good." Lucia asked as she approached him. He nodded back the lie, and threw his phone on his bed, as the image of his fiancee and his assistant Francesco having sex in a mall parking lot in the back seat of his Bently burned a hole through his pride.

"Cass?" Lucia called for him, and although anger cursed through him like a wildfire, he wasn't rough when he placed his hands over Lucia's shoulders and pulled her to him.

"Please tell me you want me to kiss you, because I'm not sure if I'd stop myself otherwise," Cassian said, as he held her gaze as well as her shoulders.

"I don't get involved with my guests. It's my absolute rule," Lucia informed him, not moving an inch.

"What if I told you I wasn't your guest? That I was here for other reasons?" Cassian baited her, whispering the words in her ears. He smiled when the tension on her shoulders relaxed beneath his touch and she pulled at the towel covering what was left of his bare skin.

"Then I'd tell you to show me what you have to offer," Lucia challenged, whispering back into his ear, grabbing a hold of his erection. He groaned as he took her by her thighs and placed her back along his bed. She was wearing another sundress, but this one was longer than the one he'd seen her in yesterday. Pink in color, his favorite on women he was fond of. But he wasn't sad to see it off her body. His desire for her grew when he saw the matching set of black lace panties and bra and immediately reached for them, freeing her of the fabrics just like he had in his dreams last night.

The skin on her breasts felt just as soft and creamy as he pictured they would be, again the scent of rose water enveloping his senses, trapping him into her orbit as he kissed his way down her body, stopping right at the small streak of dark curls covering her wet folds. She opened for him willingly, allowing him to see just how much she wanted him. He swallowed hard, contemplating about what he was about to do. Cassian was about to throw away his future with the woman who'd just broken his heart for a woman he barely knew. Although he'd just seen evidence of Vivian's betrayal, it didn't erase all the years he spent by her side.

Lucia made his choice for him by rubbing the skin of her leg against his rigid cock, making all his thoughts fade away slowly as the hunger he had for her started to win him over. Once he placed his mouth and lips on her, nothing else mattered. Not the retreat, not his cheating fiancee and back-stabbing assistant, not the Italian media covering the story, not even his broken heart. He licked at her, flicked his tongue and swirled the tip right over and around her clit, making Lucia's moan all he could hear inside the room besides the waves crashing a few yards away from his opened window.

The breeze and the scent of her arousal made him hungrier, causing him to eat from her as if he'd been a starving man, who'd finally found nourishment after eons of not having any. He didn't want her to come this way. Not yet. He wanted to feel her around him, so he removed his mouth away from her and flipped her over, raising her backside to him as he positioned himself behind her. He marveled at how proud she was of her body, how she wasn't afraid to let anyone see her scars and imperfections, not that she had any, but most women he knew thought that way. It was far from the self-conscious upbringing he had and it made him angry all over again. So he took her from behind, driving his dick inside of her so deep, it made her gasp loudly. He was bigger than most Italian men, according to the women he'd been with before Vivian. And they all hesitated when they saw how big he was, probably wondering how he'd be able to bring them any pleasure without hurting them.

Lucia wasn't those women. In fact, she seemed to want more of him, judging from how her impatient hips rolled against him. He slipped out of her, only to thrust right back into her wetness. The sound alone made Cassian quicken his pace. The more he heard their skin coming together, the deeper inside he went until there was nowhere else to go. He knew he was partially using this experience to make him feel better about his crumbling engagement. But the much larger part of this was all his desire's doing. He planned on using his attraction to Lucia to take his mind off of the repercussions he'd have to deal with when he went back home.

For now, he was enjoying how good Lucia's inner walls felt sucking him into her. He pushed up against her harder, parting her legs farther to gain more access and he dipped around her thigh to rub her clit in circles, making her cry out as she spilled all over him, her juices running along his thick and long shaft. Just watching himself fuck her made him grow hard enough to burst inside of her. But not just yet.

He pulled himself out of her quickly and turned her around, pulling her to the edge of his bed so he'd be able to get her closer to his mouth. Cassian could taste her nectar surrounding her swollen walls as he licked her, sucking and tugging at her clit with his lips and tongue, making her body react to him just as wild as he predicted it would.

She came for him a second time, and he drank from her sweet opening, while her body rocked through the orgasm his mouth had given her. Cassian hovered over her once he was done licking her dry, and stared down into her sparkling brown-ginger eyes as she chuckled lightly.

"What is it?" he asked her softly, as he removed a strand of her hair from her face.

"I knew you had baggage, but not this much." she said humorously and the comment confused him.


"You fuck like a man who's got something clawing at his soul. And you, Cass, you have so many demons hiding behind those eyes, I'm not sure fucking me alone will get rid of them," Lucia concluded and it made him see her in a different light. She was no longer the same naive hostess he met yesterday afternoon. This side of Lucia intrigued him. He was interested in knowing what else she noticed about him.

"You don't care if I use your body to forget the world?" he asked her, because it was exactly what he intended on doing, with her permission of course. He was brought up in a very traditional household and he'd broken every rule since he figured out the hidden hypocrisies his family had kept behind closed doors. He wasn't about to stop now.

"Not if you allow me to do the same." she answered him, taking his hand and dipping his fingers into the wetness he caused, her hand slowly sliding his fingers in and out of her as he watched. Cassian swallowed hard at her sexual freedom. He wasn't used to women being so sexually bold with what they wanted in bed. That had always been his job. But now he knew how exhilarating it was having a woman match his own appetite and he wasn't about to let her slip away from him just yet.

"You have yourself a deal, Lucia Johnson."

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