Lolita Syndrome Part 2

by T.C. Bosarge 3 years ago in fiction

Pt. 2

Lolita Syndrome Part 2

After our dinner table encounter, Phil begins spending a lot of time at my house. He hasn’t touched me or come near me at all, but I can always feel his eyes on me, burning under my skin. His frequent visits don’t alarm my parents because they have all been friends for so long. Plus, Phil says that he’s just taking a break from work.

Phil works in investments and has made quite the living for himself. My family is also financially secure so vacations are something we take often.

So often that my mother decides that it would be a great weekend to take a trip to the lake house. Inside I am both excited and nervous at the same time. The thought of Phil being just down the hall from me for a whole weekend is arousing yet nerve wrecking. I can only imagine what this weekend will hold.

We arrive at the lake house late Friday evening, it’s already dark, and my parents are tired from the 2 hour drive. As soon as our bags are placed in our rooms, they retreat to bed. I, however, am wide awake in my room. Placing my things in their temporary places, I take my time doing so. I believe in my mind I am waiting for Phil to knock on my door. However, after an hour, nothing.

Disappointed in my foolish fantasy, I pull out my sleep shirt and head to the bathroom for a shower. As the steam fills the room, I take off my clothes and when my foot is just barely in the shower, the creak of the door alarms me.

I quickly grab a towel as I notice a figure approaching. My breath quickens and I hug the towel around my body as Phil appears in the door way. Seconds pass as he stands there with his eyes glued to mine as if daring me to drop the towel. I nervously can’t bring myself to do so though. My fingers clench around the fabric.

Phil slowly steps to me and one hand comes up to cup my jaw. The gesture sends a chill down my spine and my whole body shivers with anticipation.

“My little Jessica. No longer a young girl, but a woman.”

A smirk grows on my lips and I try to look away in embarrassment, but he holds my face still.

“Why do you blush?” he asks.

Shrugging my shoulders, I smile.

“I’m barely a woman. I just got my braces off last month.”

“Ah, but your body says different. Under the innocent clothes you wear is a sexual body. I bet guys fall all over you.”

“Sometimes,” I shrug, thinking about the amount of looks I receive every other day at the university.

I wouldn’t flat out call myself sexy, but apparently they see something in me they like. I honestly wouldn’t know.

“Hmm, I doubt any young boy would know what to do with such a body. Have you had any boyfriends?”

I shake my head, scrunching up my nose. Phil looks at me with a pleased expression. I can see in his eyes that he wants me to himself. His hand leaves my face and with one finger, he trails it down my neck and collar bone. When he reaches the edge of the towel, he looks at me.

“Do you trust me?”

With no hesitation, I nod.

“Then drop the towel. Let me see your body, sweet girl.”

Slowly, my grip loosens and with steam floating around us, I let the towel fall to the floor. My chest rises and falls dramatically while Phil marvels over my breasts and stomach.

“So beautiful, baby girl. Thank you for trusting me. I’m glad you haven’t shown yourself to any other men. I’d be terribly jealous.”

A giggle slips from my lips and when I glance down, I see a large bulge in his pants. My eyes shoot back up to his with redness flushing over my cheeks. It’s not that I haven’t seen the male anatomy before. I’ve stumbled upon porn and things, but never in person. I’ve always taken pride in being more innocent than most girls my age. The farthest I’ve gone was a kiss and light petting. I’m a virgin, but seeing Phil excited like this makes me question just how long my innocence will last.

T.C. Bosarge
T.C. Bosarge
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