Locked in the Library

by Lady Domitille 4 months ago in erotic

Books were easy. It made it easier to function if she wasn’t thinking about how much she wanted to kiss the librarian.

Locked in the Library

Nicole started going to the library during her lunch breaks for a couple different reasons. One, it got her out of the grimy dive-bar cafe she worked at for a half hour. Two, she got to pick up new books to read. And finally, she couldn’t stop thinking about the cute girl that worked there.

Every Tuesday, Nicole made her way over to the library. She would drop off a few books she had finished over the weekend, then spend a few minutes plucking new ones off the shelf, and then strategically place herself in line to be checked out by Samantha.

Nicole would typically turn into a gibberish mess around her. Samantha would ask her a thoughtful question on a book she had just returned, and Nicole would spew a barely-articulate response. She would get distracted by the cute nose piercing that changed color every week. Or, she would get distracted by the colorful blazers that she wore over white button-down shirts. Those pesky buttons always seemed to come undone. Or sometimes, Samantha would walk out from behind the counter to show Nicole a new selection of books to recommend. Nicole would get distracted by the pencil skirt and heels. It was a deadly combination on those days that would send her into a spiral for the rest of the day.

The temptation to ask the other woman out nagged at her every week. Nicole would mentally prepare herself for how she would ask, but each week, her nerves got the better of her. She would berate herself for her work-mandated boring no-slip work shoes. In her excitement, she always forgot to take off her dirty apron. Typically, she was sweaty and felt like a dirty kitchen. She would try and dress up, but still managed to get dirty before her lunch break.

This week, her lunch break never came. Some sports championship was happening, and the bar was completely understaffed. For several hours, she was the only waitress on the clock. Loud, angry sports fans were demanding beers, burgers, fries, and any number of refills. She barely managed to shove a sandwich in her face for five minutes before her boss was calling her back to the floor.

She kept watching the clock, knowing that the library closed at three pm. It wasn’t open on Wednesdays which meant that she would have to wait until Thursday to see Samantha again. Every minute it got closer to three added onto Nicole’s disappointment. Her boss had promised he would try and let her go when the other waitress showed up.

At 3:30, the other waitress came running in, shouting apologies- but it was too late. Nicole knew that the library would be long closed. She tried to not look too bummed as she finished the last part of her shift, updating the late waitress on what would be needed for the evening shift.

“Nicole, someone is here for you!”

Nicole recognized it as the bartender’s voice. She excused herself from the backroom, and she made her way out to the counter. For a brief moment, she was convinced she was hallucinating because Samantha was standing there in all her library beauty. She stood out in a room full of sports jerseys. Her glasses were resting on the edge of her nose as she read a menu.

After a minute of convincing herself this wasn’t a dream, Nicole made her way over to the blonde librarian. She caught her attention with a quick, “Hey… what are you doing here?”

Nicole hoped she didn’t sound too accusatory. She never thought she would see Samantha here. It threw off her entire groove of being a barely-function human in her presence.

Samantha’s eyes lit up when she saw her behind the counter. “You didn’t come in today. I had to make sure you were still alive.”

Hope hit Nicole like a ton of bricks. “How did you know where I worked?”

“You don’t take your name tag off,” Samantha laughed, pointing to where it was pinned to her shirt. “It says Bar & Grill Cafe right under your name.”

Nicole blushed, laughing with her. “Well, here I am—alive. We got really busy today, so I didn’t even get a lunch break.”

“When do you get off work?” Samantha asked, leaning on the counter. Nicole suddenly found the spot where her elbows were leaning the most exciting thing to look at. She was scared of what she would see if she looked at the dark-haired woman. Or rather, scared that Samantha would see just how excited that question made her.

“Right now, I was just finishing up a few things,” Nicole answered.

“Why don’t we head over to the library?” Samantha asked. “I feel bad that you didn’t get to check out any more books. We have this new collection that I think you would love.”

“Isn’t it closed now?” Nicole asked, puzzled.

Samantha grinned. “I have a key. I’m sort of the boss.”

Nicole gulped, but nodded, “Yeah, okay.”

After she quickly finished up the last of her duties, Nicole led Samantha out of the bar. She still couldn’t believe she had come to find her. Her apron was hung up, and she had changed back into her regular clothes. She wore black jeans, sneakers, a tank top, and a light jacket.

As they walked down the sidewalk towards the library, Samantha leaned in and uttered, “You clean up really nice when you aren’t in uniform.”

Nicole blushed, shoving her hands in her pockets, extremely nervous. “Thank you.”

Samantha smiled at her, and that smile made Nicole’s stomach do flip-flops. They reached the library, and Samatha leaned in against the door, “You know, you can compliment me too.”

Nicole suddenly felt terrible, stammering, “You look great—I mean, you always look great. You probably know that because I stare at you all the time. Uh, what I mean to say is—I don’t mean to stare at you..."

Laughter cut Nicole off. Nicole realized the beautiful sound was coming from Samantha.

“You are so cute,” Samantha said, unlocking the door to the library. Beat red, Nicole followed in behind her. She was so nervous. Being alone with Samantha was making her more scattered than usual.

“So, I can—uh, return the books I borrowed last week—" Nicole mumbled nervously, “I wasn’t quite done with one of them…”

“Don’t worry about that,” Samantha called as she walked down one of the stacks of books. “Come here, I want to show you these new books.”

Nicole sighed, glad to be talking about books. Books were easy. It made it easier to function if she wasn’t thinking about how much she wanted to kiss the librarian. She began walking down the stack until they got to the middle.

Samantha was just standing there. “I have a confession.”


“We don’t have a new collection,” Samantha said, moving closer. Nicole instinctively took a step back only to find herself backed up against the bookshelf.

“You—you don’t?”

“No,” Samantha breathed. “I have been trying to flirt with you for weeks. Today, I panicked because you always come in, and I thought maybe you had decided to stop coming.”

Nicole couldn’t breathe. Samantha was so close. Her two arms were on either side of Nicole’s body holding onto the shelves near her head. Nicole looked carefully at her. She saw the fear in her eyes. She was actually scared she had missed her shot, just like Nicole had been scared every week that she acted like a complete fool.

“I would never,” Nicole finally stammered out. “I never thought you would want… me. I always got too nervous to ask you out.”

Samantha’s lips turned into a giant grin. “Well, I do want you. So, what are we going to do about it?”

Instead of responding, Nicole did the only thing she could think of. She wrapped her arms around the librarian’s waist, and she kissed her. The moan she heard from Samantha was delicious.

“You could fuck me in the library,” Nicole’s voice dropped, running her fingers up and grasping onto Samantha’s collar.

“I always knew you were smart,” Samantha agreed happily, running her fingers through the other woman’s hair as she pulled her in for another kiss. She backed her up against the bookshelf, knocking a couple books off the shelves in the process. She gently nipped at her bottom lip until Nicole gasped and allowed Samantha to slide her tongue inside.

Nicole let Samantha dominate her mouth. It was possessive and controlling. She shivered as goosebumps cascaded over her skin.

Then, Samantha was pulling her coat off. It hit the floor in a pile as Samantha never stopped kissing her. Nicole breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the librarian running her fingernails down her arms. She had always imagined what her touch would feel like. It compelled her to reach out and tug at the blazer on the other woman. Samantha shrugged it off, and then immediately began unbuttoning her blouse.

When Nicole realized what she was doing, she stopped. She broke the kiss and stared down at Samantha’s chest.

“What? Is everything okay?” Samantha asked, her hands pausing.

“Yes,” Nicole nodded enthusiastically. “I’ve just dreamt of you doing this, and I don’t want to miss it.”

Samantha gave her a seductive smile as the confession registered, “Well, then…”

Nicole watched as Samantha’s movements became slower and more deliberate. Samantha emphasized every small change in movement, and Nicole was enraptured as every button popped open. Nicole’s breathing became more uneven as Samantha’s skin was beginning to show underneath the white blouse.

“You’ve dreamt of this?” Samantha whispered, leaning her forehead against Nicole’s. “Is it what you imagined?”

“Yes,” Nicole didn’t even bother hiding the desperation in her voice, “and so much more.”

Samantha pulled the rest of the blouse off her shoulders, revealing a bright red lace bra. She took Nicole’s hands and placed them right on her breasts. Both women let out moans as Nicole began stroking her. She played with the lace of the bra, letting her fingers dip underneath and brush the tip of her nipple.

“So you’ve been flirting with me?” Nicole asked casually before moving aside the bra so she could attach her mouth. She ran her teeth along the breast and sucked.

Samantha moaned. “Yes. I tried to be obvious, but you are adorably oblivious.”

Nicole reached behind and unhooked her bra. Samantha let it fall to the floor. Nicole could only stare in awe. She was so beautiful. Even in the dark, barely lit library, Nicole couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Samantha reached down and lifted Nicole’s tank top over her head before moving in and kissing her neck. She returned the favor by running her nails underneath the white bra Nicole was wearing. She didn’t waste any time unhooking the clasp. All while continuing to lick, suck, and bite at her neck. She pressed their bodies together. She needed to feel her soft skin. She had a longing after this woman for weeks.

Reaching down, Samantha grabbed Nicole’s wrists and held them above her head. She laced their fingers together. Nicole’s knuckles brushed over the old books, reminding her exactly where they were. It sent a shiver down her spine. The likelihood that anyone could just walk in was slim, but it sent a thrill through her.

“Every week when you come in here, I think about taking you behind these bookshelves and making you scream,” Samantha divulged, whispering straight into her ear. She watched as Nicole flushed pink. She was beginning to breathe heavier. Her sighs were becoming louder. She could feel her hips pushing forward, trying to create friction with something. Samantha smirked. “And then I think about how this is a no-talking section, and then maybe I would need to gag you.”

Nicole whimpered. She loved the way Samantha held her wrists in place. The dirty talk surprised her but was not unwelcome. She knew she was getting wetter by the second. This didn’t even match her wildest fantasies of this moment.

Samantha leaned back, and she looked directly into Nicole’s eyes. She wanted to check in with her. Things were moving quickly, and she wanted to verify that Nicole wanted this. When she looked, she saw the desire swirling in them.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” Nicole confessed. “I would probably let you do anything to me.”

Those were the golden words Samantha had hoped to hear. She reached down and unbuttoned the other woman’s jeans before helping her slide them off. Nicole kicked off her shoes in the process. Samantha wrapped her fingers around her thong. Leaning in, she rested her face against Nicole’s front. Nicole could feel how wet she was. She knew her underwear would be soaked, the evidence spilling down her legs. Samantha took a deep breath, savoring the scent, before sliding them slowly down her legs. Nicole helped kick them off, leaving her completely naked in the middle of the library. Typically, she would have felt exposed and vulnerable, but there was something warm in Samantha’s eyes that made her feel safe.

Looking down at the librarian, she was kneeling between Nicole’s legs. Her pencil skirt bunching around her waist. Samantha was looking up at her with such hunger in her eyes. Nicole lifted one foot, stabilizing herself, by resting it against the shelf in front of her.

“Please,” Nicole begged, running her fingers underneath Samantha’s chin, “I need you.”

Samantha moved forward, sliding her tongue along her slit. She wrapped her hands around each thigh. She pulled herself closer. She knew she could spend hours on her knees before this woman. She moved up and down, sending Nicole into a shivering mess.

“Samantha, that feels so good,” Nicole said, her legs on the verge of shaking.

She looked down, and she saw Samantha staring back at her. It sent another burst through her. Her eyelids were fluttering, and Nicole felt the vibrations from her moaning around her lips.

“You taste more incredible than I imagined,” Samantha breathed, letting her breath brush across every sensitive bit of her.

“You… you imagined this?” Nicole asked, grasping onto the bookshelf behind her, trying desperately to keep herself steady.

“I have spent so many nights dreaming about exactly what you would taste like,” she responded, running her fingers along the insides of her thighs. She strategically placed kisses on her, teasing her with small licks, flattening her tongue over her clit, savoring every moment. “I’ve dreamed of hundreds of things to do to you.”

“Like what?” Nicole asked, her curiosity peaked. She would probably spend hours listening to Samantha list every single fantasy.

Samantha replaced her tongue with her fingers, standing back up to tower over Nicole. She placed one hand by her head, trapping Nicole between her body and the bookshelf. Her fingers continued to play, her fingers exploring every part of her.

“I think your head would explode.” Samantha’s voice became like steel, her mouth resting directly next to her ear, whispering, “I don’t know if your innocent little head would be ready.”

Nicole felt her insides burning, desperately needing to know, and wanting to prove her wrong. “Tell me… please.”

Samantha’s fingers paused.

“… Was that begging?”

Embarrassment flushed over Nicole’s face, but she nodded. She couldn’t deny the pleading way those words had escaped her lips.

Samantha’s face broke into an enthusiastic smile. “I like to play games.”

“What kind of games?”

“The kind where you do exactly as I say.”

Samantha watched as the words registered over Nicole.

Nicole had done some research in the past. The evidence hidden in the depths of her internet search history. Phrases like “safe-words” and “bondage” flickering through her mind.

“Is that something you would be interested in?”

Samantha had been watching the other woman for several months. She was quiet and shy, but her eyes lit up every time her eyes landed on the librarian. She had a nervous energy, and she looked eager to please. She continually observed all of Samantha’s movements during their interactions, as if she was trying to anticipate what she was going to ask for.

Whenever Samantha asked the other woman what books she was interested in or looking for, Nicole seemed to get flustered and unsure. Over the course of a couple weeks, the librarian shifted the way she spoke to her. Offering suggestions in the form of a statement. “What are you looking for?” morphed into “You would like Jane Austen” as she began to learn her interests. She would watch as Nicole’s nervous energy calmed down.

Nicole contemplated the answer in her head. Part of wanted to blurt out, “Yes, yes. Dear god, yes please,” but she knew Samantha would appreciate a more in-depth response. Finally, she admitted, “I’ve never done that before, but I would be interested in exploring it.”

Samantha kissed her forehead, and it sent shivers down Nicole’s spine. It was such a loving gesture that radiated praise. “We’ll start slow. The most important thing is trust so we will work on building that, but first, do you have any questions?”

Nicole knew the question would embarrass her, but she needed to hear the answer out loud. She closed her eyes. “Just to be clear, you are talking about dominating me?”

“Yes,” her voice got deeper, running a finger across the other woman’s skin.

Nicole felt rooted to the spot she stood in, but she found the breath to speak again. “Are—are you doing this with anyone else?”

“No.” Samantha shifted forward, leaning her body weight in until there was no air left between their bodies. “And if you wanted to keep seeing me, I would expect an exclusive relationship. We could take things as slow as you need, but I would want to know no one was touching what’s...”

Her voice trailed off as she danced her fingertip across the soft skin of her shoulder, but Nicole was straining to hear every word she said, “... What’s?”

Samantha looked up, looking directly into Nicole’s eyes, “… What’s mine.”

A strange new feeling bubbled up inside Nicole. Everything was happening so fast. She felt it tugging her forward. A voice in the back of her head telling her to trust Samantha.

Nicole realized she already belonged to Samantha. She had for months. She hadn’t even entertained the idea of another for a date in weeks. Samantha had just been patiently waiting for her to figure her shit out.

In the end, she looked Samantha directly in the eyes and nodded. “Make me yours, Sam.”

Nicole watched as a controlled, seductive look replaced a momentarily happy face. The transformation took Nicole’s breath out of her lungs.

Samantha grabbed her wrists, reached them up high, and pinned them against the bookshelves.

“Those stay there,” Samantha whispered across her lips. “Do not move them.”

One single command falling from those lips was all it took for Nicole to know she had made the right decision. Tingles shot through her body. Her skin buzzed with excitement. She had no idea what was going to happen next, but she found herself thrilled by that prospect.

Samantha trailed her fingers down Nicole’s skin. She allowed her nails to drag, enjoying the way that Nicole’s breathing got deeper the harder she pressed. She pressed their chest together briefly, and she relished in the whine when she backed away again. She teased her lips across the expanse of her neck.

Nicole moaned when she felt Samantha’s fingers brush against her nipples. The taller women gently squeezed them and ran her fingers along the sides, underneath, before biting her neck and squeezing each nipple in her fingers. Nicole, lost in pleasure from her attention, didn’t notice her arms sliding down until she felt them pulled up.

“I thought I told you these stay up here,” Samantha growled, tightening her grip for emphasis.

“I’m sorry,” Nicole apologized immediately, reaching up and trying to wrap her fingers on the shelf. Samantha watched as she did so with apt attention, studying every movement of her new toy. Each small movement, sound, even when she opened and closed her eyes giving her insight on how to build this relationship with her.

“That’s my girl,” Samantha praised, continuing to kiss the sides of her neck. “That’s one. If they drop again, I’ll punish you.”

Nicole wasn’t sure what punishment would be, but the tone in Samantha’s voice created a violent storm of butterflies in her stomach. The thrill of punishment seduced Nicole for a moment before nervously swallowing. The deviously eager look in Samantha’s eyes told her not to push her luck quite yet.

Samantha reached down, letting her fingers trail and lightly dig into skin, before running her fingers gingerly around each breast. She played with them as Nicole squirmed, letting out little puffs of breath, trying not to move her wrists. A melodic laugh erupted from her lips which created a new flood of wetness Nicole recognized immediately.

The librarian replaced her fingers with her lips, nipping at the sensitive skin. Nicole whimpered, having imagined this whole dominating thing to be a little more… rough. As the other woman began running her teeth across her nipples, she shuddered and started rolling her hips against the thigh keeping her pressed against the bookshelf.

The temporary relief immediately vanished causing another strangled moan to escape from Nicole’s lips. Samantha quietly ‘tsk’-ing at her failed attempts.

“Did I say you could do that?” Samantha’s low voice asked, her hands now pressing her hips to keep them from straying.

“No, but I…” Nicole almost began pleading, but Samantha cut her off.

“No buts.” Samantha returned to eye-level now. “You do as I say. You will feel pleasure when I say you get to. You are here as my play-toy, nothing else.”

The words could have hurt and shocked Nicole had Samantha’s eyes not been filled with the most adoring gaze she had ever been given. Her words were harsh, but Nicole could see the care behind them. Hadn’t they just had a conversation about a relationship? Didn’t she just say she trusted her? She couldn’t ignore the fire in her veins.

“Do you understand?”

A check-in. Samantha was looking straight into her eyes. Nicole already had the answer.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her reward was quick. Samantha reached down and ran her fingers through Nicole’s folds, smearing the wetness around. Nicole gasped out, unprepared for the heightened sensation. She gripped the bookshelves tighter, letting her head fall back.

“You are mine to fuck.”


“You are mine to tease.”


“You will only cum when I tell you to.”


Samantha slid her finger across the other woman’s clit. She could already feel Nicole’s body beginning to tremble. Reminding herself to slow down, she circled it slowly, enjoying how unabashed Nicole looked beneath her. She leaned into her neck, breathing in her scent, and placing small bites underneath her ear.

“How did a someone like you get wrapped up in someone like me?” Samantha whispered in her ear as she moved her finger slowly in and out.

Barely choking out an answer, Nicole said, “… wanted you… for so long.”

Samantha hummed happily at that. She added another finger and gleefully watched Nicole hiss out in pleasure. Nicole desperately wanted to pull her closer, run her fingers through her hair, hold on tight, but she knew she couldn’t let go of the bookshelves above her head. Her arms were starting to ache, her knuckles bordering on painful, but the ache and pain twisted together to spur the arousal deep in her core.

Nicole felt the deep pulse thrumming under her skin. She gasped at every thrust as Samantha slid in and out of her with ease. The heel of her hand barely scraped over her clit giving her a shock after every movement. Her arms began shaking under the ministrations.

“You look like you want to cum,” Samantha pressed her thigh back against her hand, pushing deeper and harder.

“Yes,” Nicole pleaded, her breathing erratic, “Please…”

Pride swelled in Samantha’s chest, a smug smile plastered across her face. Nicole looked so beautiful, sweat dripping down her body, hair plastered to her forehead. She giggled into Nicole’s ear, her teeth biting at the lobe, “You’re so pretty when you beg.”

Nicole felt her body, unable to hold still, start moving with each thrust, “Please, can I…”

“Can you what, dear?” Samantha whispered back, “Can you fuck yourself on my fingers?”

Nicole could only nod, a silent beg.


She could have cried, she whimpered. Instead, she felt out of control. She could barely stand up anymore. Her knees knocked together, her fingers tightening onto the shelf for more support.

“I am the one who gets to fuck you,” Samantha hissed harshly into her ear. She inserted another finger and began thrusting harder. Nicole moaned. She squeezed her eyes shut as each thrust brought her closer. She could feel the wetness sliding down her thighs. Samantha kept a tight grip on her hips as she bit her neck. Samantha worked each bite, bringing blood closer to breaking the surface. The pain and pleasure mixing in a new intoxicating cocktail that skyrocketed Nicole through the roof. Her body began shaking uncontrollably. She didn’t even notice her hands lose grip, catching on Samantha’s shoulders, digging her nails into the skin. Samantha didn’t stop. She would address that later. For now, she began twisting her fingers inside Nicole.

“Sam- oh my god, Sam, please,” Nicole begged, shifting her legs as far apart that she could physically bend.

“That’s my good girl,” Samantha praised into her ear. She basked in the pride of reducing the other woman into a mess. She really was so pretty when she begged.

“Fuck, please, don’t stop.”

Samantha slowed her finger movements down, twisting them every time she thrust inside, reveling in the harsh breaths that filled the room.

“Please, Samantha, can I…?”

“You want to cum, baby?”

“Yes, please. I’ll do anything.”

Sweat was dripping down the sides of her face. The desperation in her voice tickled Samantha’s evil side, “I’ll let you cum on one condition.”

“Yes, please, anything,” Nicole desperately begged, her hips moving of their own accord. Nicole knew she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“Scream my name when you cum.”

“Sam, yes, I will,” Nicole promised, “I’m yours. Only yours. Make me yours.”

Pride swelled inside Samantha as she leaned into her girl’s ear, “Then cum for me.”

A few more thrusts and Nicole felt herself being thrown over the edge. She felt her fingers going numb as bright lights filled her vision. She screamed Samantha’s name into her hair as she came down from her high.

For a few soft moments, they stayed in silence with only their deep breathing in the air.

“Just checking in- how are you doing?” Samantha asked quietly. She didn’t take Nicole’s novice when it came to their situation lightly.

A bubble of laughter sprouted from the other woman, “You just made me cum so hard, and you’re asking how I’m doing?”

Samantha smiled, raking her fingers through the brunette’s hair. Nicole couldn’t stop the pleased humming coming from her mouth as she melted into the touch. Samantha placed sporadic delicate kisses across her face and neck. Samantha held onto her hips so tight, so close to her, Nicole inhaled her scent as she enjoyed her relaxing muscles.

“I broke a rule, didn’t I?” Nicole breathed.

Samantha nodded, “You did, but we will get to that later.”

“Will I be punished?”

“Do you want to be punished?”

Nicole didn’t answer. She wasn’t sure one way or the other. On the one hand, it was called punishment for a reason. Opening that door would be entirely new for her. Everything she had read made it sound like punishment could be an incredibly arousing part of playing.


“I- I don’t know,” she stammered.

Nicole couldn’t ignore the sly smile plastered across Samantha’s face. Her nerves began tingling again. Samantha reached one hand up and started playing with her hair instantly relaxing Nicole once more. She felt consumed by Sam’s mere presence. Her naked skin pressed against her’s, her firm grasp keeping her up, her dancing eyes and enticing smile all made her brain swirl. She would have forgotten they were in the library if it weren’t for the books pressing into her back.

“Talk to me, Nicole,” Samantha coerced.

“Will it hurt?”

Samantha pondered that for a moment before replying, “Sometimes, yes. Sometimes punishments will be about mixing pleasure and pain. Sometimes I will punish you to remind you of your place- if you’re being whiny or bratty or trying to push my buttons- those will be less forgiving. Sometimes I will punish you just because I feel like it.”

“Will you spank me?”

“- when I feel like it. Sometimes punishments will be physical. Sometimes they will be…”


What could only be described as an evil smirk grew across Samantha’s face as she ran fingernails up and down her skin, “There are other ways to get my point across. I might tie you up, make you watch as I touch myself over and over- making myself cum while moaning your name, but never let you touch.”

Nicole let out a strangled breath.

“If I felt like being particularly cruel, I might not even let you touch yourself for several days afterward.”

The look in her eye told Nicole that Samantha would know if she broke that kind of rule.

“What’s my punishment now?”

Samantha leaned in, “You’ll find out on Friday night when you come to my place for dinner.”

Nicole knew that she should be nervous under threat of punishment, but the feeling of elation couldn’t be stopped as it steamrolled through all of her nerves.

“What time should I stop by?”

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