More Than Friends

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More Than Friends

Maura and Scarlett had been skirting around their feelings for a while. They met at a coffee shop six months ago. They ordered the same coffee, which turned into a playful back and forth.

Ordering the same coffee led to accidentally bumping into each other. The sweet-natured banter resulted in the two exchanging phone numbers. A few casual hangouts turned into dinner dates discussing their favorite books and movies. Dinner dates morphed into cautious flirting. Dinners morphed into movie nights of sitting across the couch, because they were both too nervous to take the next step.

Finally, the tension that had been filling their exchanges snapped during one of their movie nights. When Scarlett opened the front door, Maura greeted her with a smile and a small wave. She held a bottle of wine in one hand. This was all part of their standard night. Maura brought a bottle of wine. Scarlett made popcorn. They would catch each other up over one glass before moving to the living room, and arguing over what movie to watch.

However, Maura had done two things that threw a wrench into their routine. One, Scarlett noticed that Maura had curled her ordinarily straight blonde hair. It framed her face beautifully and utterly captivated Scarlett.

She already knew she was mesmerized by the other woman, but the simple act of curling her hair had Scarlett suddenly start questioning the entire routine that generally kept her in check. It was easier to ignore the nagging feeling in her heart when everything went according to their routine. Second, Maura wore a crop top with her usual skinny-jeans. Realistically, Scarlett knew this was probably to keep her cool on the hot summer night. Yet from the moment she saw her, Scarlett could only stare at Maura’s abs.

When she finally tore her eyes away from the toned muscles, she knew she was caught. Maura was looking at her with eagerness, but she seemed unsure of what to do.

Maura bit her lip, trying to figure out whether or not Scarlett was going to turn her away at the door. She hadn’t said a word more than “hello” since the door opened. It felt as if time slowed down. She wasn’t sure if five seconds or five minutes had passed.

Scarlett couldn’t tear her gaze away from Maura’s lips. On several occasions, she felt the avid need to lean in and kiss them. Whenever Maura made a silly joke or opened a door for her, she barely could stop herself from acting on her feelings. Over the months, that need transformed into a consuming force.

She knew that she should invite her guest in, but the words wouldn’t come out of her mouth. It was proper to invite her in, offer to pour them both a glass of the wine Maura had brought, make popcorn, and tease her about not seeing any blockbuster movies since graduating college. Scarlett honestly tried to force the words out, but she could only stare at the beautiful woman before her.

“I brought wine.” Maura finally broke the silence, holding the bottle forward as an offering.

Scarlett snapped out of her trance long enough to take the bottle of wine, and set it inside on the entry table. Maura attempted to follow her inside, but Scarlett didn’t move from the entryway. They stood closer now, just on the cusp of the threshold. Scarlett knew that she should just step aside to let her in.

“Are you,” Maura’s eyes dropped to Scarlett’s lips, “going to invite me in or is the entryway the new cool place all the kids are hanging?”

The stupid joke was all it took for Scarlett to break. She couldn’t hold back anymore. Scarlett pulled Maura in and kissed her.

Maura felt bliss when their lips touched. She had been hoping tonight would be the time one of them could finally make a move. She just didn’t think it would happen before she could get through the door. Scarlett’s kiss was demanding, and made all the hairs on her body stand up. She melted into the taller woman. She grabbed the collar of Scarlett’s shirt to pull her closer, needing to memorize her taste. She tasted like mint. Mint in the way that Maura wondered if she had brushed her teeth a half hour before she had rung the doorbell.

Maura felt herself being pulled forward, crossing the threshold of the house just to be pinned against the back of the door once it was shut.

Scarlett had barely let her lips leave Maura’s before they reconnected. Maura let out a happy little sigh. Scarlett wove a hand into Maura’s curls crashing them together as tight as possible, desperately needing to feel every inch of her.

“I’ve wanted to do this since I met you,” Scarlett gasped, leaning their foreheads together.

Maura wrapped her arms around Scarlett’s waist. She was too out of breath to find the words of agreement, so she crashed their lips back together again. On her drive over, Maura wound herself up in nervous knots, trying to anticipate what the night would bring. Each weekend was a gamble of emotions. Each second that Scarlett kissed her, those nerves slowly drifted away, and were replaced with arousal building inside of her.

The kiss opened up a floodgate of six months of pent-up tension. From the moment Scarlett had looked at her, Maura had been a goner. The mere presence of the other woman had sucked her in. Maura knew Scarlett worked in nursing, but Maura thought she could be a performer with how she could command a room. She had stood in that coffee shop and had Maura utterly fascinated.

Scarlett had a quick wit, and Maura had a salty sense of humor hidden behind her shyness. They both loved talking art and books and politics. They both knew it could be a beautiful friendship, but they were both desperate for more.

When the kiss ended, they both looked at each other nervously.

“We should probably start the movie,” Scarlett began, attempting to be a good host. She tried to hide the impulse to keep going, “I was going to make popcorn.”

Maura nodded slowly, but when Scarlett moved to turn towards the kitchen, she grabbed hold of her once more, “Or…”

“Or?” Scarlett turned back around, leaning back into her. There was relief and satisfaction in being able to be as close as she wanted.

Maura gulped, trying to appear smooth, “Or we could go upstairs.”

“I don’t have a TV upstairs,” Scarlett laughed softly.

“We don’t need to watch a movie.”

Scarlett grinned, “Do you want a glass of wine before we head upstairs?”

“Fuck the wine,” Maura blurted, already on edge and needing more. She flushed pink for a moment, feeling embarrassed by her outburst, before gathering her courage and looking back up towards Scarlett, “Or better yet, fuck me instead.”

Maura found herself immediately getting pulled up the stairs. She grinned as Scarlett held her hand, leading the way towards the furthest door at the end of the hallway. Maura knew the rough layout of Scarlett’s house enough to know vaguely the direction she was being led. They stumbled as Scarlett made attempts to keep kissing Maura while they traveled. At one point, she accidentally pushed Maura into the wall so she could devour her neck. Scarlett placed little bites on her neck, drawing her teeth across Maura’s pulse point, and sucking hard enough to make Maura moan.

When they finally stumbled into the bedroom, Scarlett moved Maura towards the bed. She backed her up while running her hands over the toned muscles she had been ogling minutes earlier. Scarlett pushed gently down on her shoulders, indicating the other woman to sit on the corner. When she did, Scarlett immediately straddled her. Maura grabbed ahold of her thighs. She hummed in pleasure feeling the soft skin. She ran her fingers up, just barely scraping the bottom of Scarlett’s shorts, touching the even smoother skin of her ass peeking out of the bottom of the shorts.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” Scarlett breathed, trying to find courage in her voice that she didn’t feel, “I want you, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Maura giggled, a warmth in her heart for the woman above her, that she would care so much, “Scarlett, I want you. I’ve always wanted you.”

Scarlett beamed at her, overjoyed. She wanted nothing more than to tear every piece of clothing from her body and savor her. The desire to taste every inch of Maura's skin consumed her. She wanted those legs wrapped around her head. She longed to look up and watch as her orgasm ripped through her. She could feel it in her bones that Maura was extraordinary, and she needed to make that perfectly clear to the woman underneath her.

When Maura decided Scarlett wasn’t moving fast enough, she lifted her shirt over her head. Underneath was a black lace bra she had debated wearing. After throwing it on at the last minute, she praised herself for taking the risk. The way that Scarlett looked at her with pure hunger made goosebumps rise on her skin. Scarlett had an ability to make every nerve buzz with excitement just by looking at her. Whenever Scarlett looked at her, it made her feel as if nothing in the world mattered.

“You’re so beautiful,” Scarlett whispered before leaning in and kissing her again. Maura felt dizzy with the amount of happiness she felt. Scarlett ran her hands over the lace material as she kissed deeper and harder, leaving Maura breathless. Scarlett pulled her own shirt over her head and tossed it. She pushed Maura back until her back hit the bed. Scarlett moaned when she leaned down and felt their skin brush against each other.

“Spread your legs,” Scarlett commanded, gently swatting at her thighs. Maura spread them immediately. Scarlett situated herself in between them pressing her hips into Maura, kissing all around Maura’s chest.

Maura twisted her fingers into Scarlett’s hair, feeling utterly worshipped. She gasped when she felt Scarlett bite gently underneath her breast. Scarlett ran her fingernails down her stomach and stopped just before the waistband of Maura’s jeans.

Maura pulled her up and crashed their lips together. The tug on her hair made Scarlett hot all over. She could feel Maura’s desperation underneath her, and it sent Scarlett into a mess of pride and arousal. She wanted to hear Maura beg. She needed to listen to her name being screamed from those lips, and leave hickeys all over her body to claim her. She wanted to make Maura cum so hard that she wouldn’t even think about this being a one night stand.

When Maura started to wrap her legs around her waist, Scarlett put a stop to it immediately. She took both of her knees and pushed them back apart. She slipped her tongue into Maura’s mouth, thoroughly dominating the woman underneath.

Maura begged her to continue by rubbing her core against her. She tried to get any friction she possibly could. She felt so out of control, and she didn’t even have most of her clothing off yet. Lust consumed her body and mind when Scarlett touched her.

Moving her hand from one knee, Scarlett trailed her fingernail against Maura’s thigh until it got to the button of her jeans. She circled the metal slowly before turning and running the finger down the seam underneath. She cupped her through the denim material, which earned her a moan that felt like it had been buried inside for years.

Breaking apart the kiss, Scarlett continued to tease the blonde through the fabric, “You like that?”

“Yes,” Maura panted, moving her hips against Scarlett’s fingers.

“You like it when I tease you?” Scarlett asked, leaning down and biting Maura’s neck.

“I like it when you touch me,” Maura freely admitted, her fingers tightening in Scarlett’s hair. It was a silent plea not to stop, “I get so wet when you touch me. Even when we just hug and I can feel your body against mine, I just think about all the dirty things I want you to do to me.”

Whatever answer Scarlett had been expecting, it wasn’t that descriptively honest.

“Good girl,” Scarlett growled before rewarding her by sucking on the spot on Maura’s neck where she had attached her lips. She took her time, gently running her tongue to soothe whatever slight pain her bite had caused. Rotating her tactics between dragging her teeth over the skin, kissing, and sucking, Scarlett began moaning in chorus with Maura. She loved the combined taste of skin and sweat.

Maura felt herself turning into a mess. She knew her underwear was flooded, and it would only be minutes before Scarlett found out how turned on she was. The praises Scarlett had sung only spurred her thoughts into a naughtier place. She felt feverish as she imagined Scarlett shoving her underwear in her mouth to keep her quiet.

“Scarlett, that feels so good,” Maura murmured, trying to pull her closer, “Please... more.”

Each time Maura begged made Scarlett want to spend hours just doting on every inch of skin. It stirred something sinful in Scarlett that wanted to live out every fantasy in her blonde head.

When Scarlett felt satisfied at her effort on Maura’s neck, she leaned back to admire her work. Three bright red marks were on display. She gingerly touched each of them. She smiled smugly down at Maura, who was looking up at her with complete trust, making her heart swell. She wanted to do everything to please the gorgeous woman beneath her.

“These need to come off now,” Scarlett ordered, pulling at the buttons of Maura’s jeans.

Maura giggled as she helped Scarlett shimmy out of her own jeans. Once they were discarded on the floor, Scarlett flipped open the button on her own shorts.

“Touch yourself,” Scarlett commanded, sliding the shorts just off her ass. For a moment, Maura looked confused. Scarlett grinned, “You heard me. Touch yourself.”

The thought of touching herself in front of Scarlett was slightly embarrassing, before she realized she had fantasized about this moment, them together, for weeks. She had spent countless nights touching herself to Scarlett ordering her around. Suddenly the idea of letting Scarlett get to see it in action made her hotter than she thought possible.

“Your hand better be in your underwear before I get my shorts off,” Scarlett warned.

This time, she didn't hesitate. Maura moved her hand slowly, putting on a show, of lifting her underwear slowly with her fingers. Scarlett was removing the last leg of the shorts when Maura ran her fingers along her clit. She was more worked up than she previously realized because one touch made her entire body shudder. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers up and down.

“I used to do this,” Maura breathed, breathing picking up, “when we would text late at night. I hoped one day you would show up at my front door and help me.”

“Well, I’m here now,” Scarlett’s said, her voice deeper. She climbed on top of Maura, “and I’m going to fuck you, babe. And next time, you should tell me. Maybe I can come over and finish the job.”

Maura whimpered as she slipped one finger into herself, “I would like that.”

“You are mine now,” Scarlett declared, “and I will be the only one to fuck you from now on.”

The blonde nodded enthusiastically underneath her, sliding a finger in and out of herself.

“Yes, please,” she begged, drowning her fingers inside her pussy, “fuck me.”

Scarlett took ahold of the hand currently plunged beneath a pair of soaked underwear and removed it. She saw the glistening finger, and didn't fight the urge to lick it off. She held Maura’s wrist tight as she wrapped her lips around it.

Maura tasted divine. Scarlett wrapped her tongue and swirled it around, making sure she devoured every bit. She immediately knew that she wanted her face to be covered in the cum of that beautiful woman every night possible.

Scarlett slid her hand down Maura’s front and ran her fingers between the folds that were dripping onto the sheets.

“Please,” Maura begged again, finding the touch too little. She needed more.

Wetness coated Scarlett’s fingers as she slowly slid them inside. Both women let out a long moan as fingers entered her tight wet pussy. Scarlett smirked as she gave Maura precisely what she wanted. She slowly slid two fingers inside. Maura had to catch her breath as Scarlett filled her.

“Oh my god,” Maura exhaled as Scarlett began to stroke her inside walls, “You feel so good.”

Scarlett began to move her fingers inside and out. She felt her wetness growing with each thrust as Maura held onto her back.

“Scarlett, fuck,” Maura breathed, her walls throbbing with need as she thrust her hips with the movements of Scarlett’s fingers.

The grin that spread across Scarlett’s face was unstoppable. She could hear her name moaned like that for years, “You are so fucking beautiful. I want to make you cum so hard you can’t walk for days.”

“Please, please, please,” Maura chanted. Scarlett pulled the underwear down, yanking it down and off her legs before resuming her position. Her fingers slid easily back inside as her mouth caught her clit.

“God,” Maura breathed deeply, her head thrown back. Scarlett began moving her tongue in a circular motion until Maura was shaking. She curled her fingers into the brunette locks, trying to hold onto something stable. Scarlett moved her lips to suck on her clit while twisting her fingers inside.

Each gasp and moan drove Scarlett further and harder. She removed her fingers briefly, allowing her room to drag her tongue down and plunge it inside. A fresh coat of slick arousal coated her tongue. She moved it in and out, mimicking her fingers from moments before. She looked up momentarily to watch Maura’s reaction. Her breathing was getting thicker and raspier. Her moans were taking on a deeper sound. The combination was beautiful music to Scarlett’s ears.

Replacing her tongue with her fingers again, Scarlett began fucking her harder.

Maura bit the back of her arm to smother the deep grunting she couldn’t contain. She met each thrust with her hips in unison. Scarlett made her feel so full and happy. Her brain was spinning. She could feel every inch of her body buzzing. She knew she was murmuring encouragements, but she couldn’t even register what those words were. Her eyes were clamped shut as Scarlett wrapped her lips around her clit and sucked, hard.

The blonde began screaming, but she wasn't aware until her arm covering her mouth was thrown to the side. When she opened her eyes, Scarlett was right above her, still driving her fingers in and out.

“Don’t you dare try and be quiet,” Scarlett warned, moving her hips in tandem behind her fingers, “I want to hear every sound you make.”

“Fuck,” Maura moaned, arching her back off the bed, “Scarlett, fuck, fuck, fuck, you are going to make me cum.”

“Then cum for me, baby,” Scarlett whispered directly into her ear, sliding another finger inside of her. She intensified the pace, diving in and out at a constant speed. She twisted and coiled her fingers hitting every wall. Maura held on for dear life, letting herself be fucked beyond comprehension.

Her orgasm washed her over her in waves. At first, it felt like a bright, blinding light before a giant explosion erupted inside of her. She could only register screaming Scarlett’s name over and over. Scarlett continued her pace until she felt the walls around her fingers begin to loosen. Maura’s screams turned into gasping breaths. The chanting of her name became a gentle whisper. She slowly lowered her down from her high until the only sounds left were content sighs.

It took a moment for Maura to open her eyes, but when she did, she saw Scarlett grinning down at her. Maura’s first impulse was the cover her face in embarrassment. She had never cum that hard in her life. She could feel her cheeks beginning to grow hot. Instead, she saw the glowing face of pride and smiled back instead. She wrapped her arms around Scarlett’s neck and pulled her down for a kiss.

Scarlett was more than happy to return the kiss. She gently bit on Maura’s lips soaking up the giddiness of giving this gorgeous woman the feeling of bliss. Maura’s moans were softer now, the lingering aftershocks of her orgasm still sparking throughout her body. She felt completely content.

When they finally broke apart, Maura breathed out, “That was… mind-blowing.”

“Yeah? It was good?” Scarlett asked, needing to make sure. She had been hoping this would happen for so long. She needed to make sure it had been good for her. There was something protective inside her that required to make sure Maura was completely satisfied.

Maura laughed as she played with the hair of the woman above her, “Yes, and I’m going to keep you.”

Scarlett grinned back at her, “You’ll find that I am quite agreeable to that.”

Maura kissed her one more time before adding, “And now it’s your turn.”

Nudging Scarlett out from between her legs, she maneuvered herself so Scarlett was straddling her head. Before Scarlett could comment, Maura shoved the underwear aside and ran her tongue up and down before swirling it around Scarlett’s clit.

“Oh fuck,” Scarlett gasped, immediately throwing her head back, “Maura… Oh yes.”

Maura let out a deep guttural moan at the first taste of Scarlett on her tongue. Fucking Maura had turned Scarlett on more than she had let on. Maura felt like a mess compared to Scarlett's composure. The underwear between her fingers was drenched, and she continued to lick up more. She felt fingers twisting in her blonde curls holding her head in place. Although it wasn’t needed, Maura wouldn’t have left this position if the world was burning down around her.

Scarlett began rocking against Maura’s face. The hand that wasn’t currently rooted in Maura’s hair was placed on the bed above her head to steady herself. She knew how close she was, having contemplated shoving her hands in her own underwear while driving Maura over the edge.

“Fuck, Maura, you feel so good.”

Scarlett rubbed her pussy around, leaving her arousal shimmering over the woman’s face. The sight left Scarlett breathless. Her heart began to beat faster. Maura wrapped her arms around her thighs and ran her fingers down Scarlett’s ass, leaving the woman on top shivering. She took a break to whisper, “I love it when you ride me.”

Scarlett’s brain short-circuited. She wasn’t even sure if she could adequately respond to that, so she moaned and moved her hips faster. Maura caught her clit between her lips and sucked on it, feeling fresh arousal seep through and drip onto her.

“I love your cum all around my face,” Maura pushed two fingers in, “on my lips,” she brushed her nose on her clit, “on my chin.”

Sweat began to glisten across Scarlett’s forehead. She had always fantasized Maura saying these things, but to hear them in action was better than she dreamed. She tightened her grip on the blonde hair between her knees.

Maura began moving her fingers at a steady slow pace, curling them up when she reached in as far as she could.

“You look so sexy underneath me,” Scarlett finally breathed, “I wonder what you would look like if I turned you over and fucked you with a strap-on?”

Maura paused momentarily, looking up at her with more hope in her eyes than Scarlett thought possible, “Do you have one?”

Scarlett stroked her hair, “No, I have a vibrator, but it’s good to know that you want to. Maybe I can pick one up, and next weekend, I can take you on a real date.”

“Yes please,” Maura pleaded before diving back in. She felt Scarlett’s thighs start to tremble as she sucked on her clit, letting her teeth just graze the hardened bud. Scarlett muttered short praises and continued to rock. Maura drank her in, letting her fingers run over as much skin as she could touch. She slipped another finger in and began to pick up the pace.

“Yes, that’s my girl,” Scarlett breathed, tightening her grip on her hair, “Is that too tight?”

Maura smiled shyly, “That feels good. I like it a little rough and dirty.”

“That’s good to know,” Scarlett answered, “Now fuck me hard.”

Maura didn’t need to be asked twice. She started thrusting her fingers inside Scarlett until her moans grew to screams.

“Maura,” Scarlett managed to breathe out, “Is fucking me turning you on?”

She felt a nod from beneath her.

“I want you to touch yourself,” Scarlett told her, “I want you to get off to fucking me.”

Scarlett felt the moan of appreciation vibrate around her clit. Maura reached down to her drenched pussy. She knew that there was a coat of arousal sliding down her thighs.

“Does tasting me turn you on?” Scarlett asked. She felt the woman underneath her nod enthusiastically. Scarlett pulled on her hair, “Knowing you want to fuck yourself when you fuck me makes me so fucking hot.”

She could feel the moans as fingers continued to drive in and out of her. She thought about Maura’s fingers circling her own clit, sliding fingers inside of herself while sliding fingers inside of her. She felt lips wrap around her clit and suck again, and Scarlett melted. Her orgasm washed over her like lava. Her cum flowed out from her washing over Maura’s face. Her senses were overridden with pleasure, and she screamed out Maura’s name.

Once it was over, without taking a breath, Scarlett hopped off of Maura. She reached towards her drawer and pulled out a pink vibrator. When she turned around, Maura was still running her fingers over her own clit, gasping for breath. Her mouth shimmered in the light. Maura licked her lips, savoring the taste, but refused to wipe it off.

Maura could see the deviously sexy glint in Scarlett’s eyes. Whatever Scarlett was planning, she was game for it. She heard the device turn on. The buzzing sound made her walls clench together.

Scarlett crawled back towards her, “Do you want to cum again?”

“Yes, please,” Maura pleaded. Scarlett riding upon her like a queen had sent fresh arousal straight through her. When Scarlett had told her to touch herself, it had been a relief and torture. She wanted Scarlett to fuck her again, needed it. She felt so unruly and so out of control.

“I want to hear you beg for it," Scarlett told her, "And put your hands above your head."

Maura did as she was told, whimpering at the loss of being touched. Scarlett didn't leave her in misery for long. She positioned the head of the toy right at her entrance, slowly running it up and down, but stopping just before her clit.

“Please, please, Scarlett,” Maura began begging immediately.

“What do you want?” Scarlett asked. She had been watching Maura intently all night. The other woman didn’t seem to mind not being in charge. It was something that conjured up Scarlett’s dominant side. She wanted to give Maura every fantasy she ever wanted.

“I want you.”

“Be more specific. What do you want me to do?”

“I need you to fuck me,” Maura pleaded, “I need you to fill me up and fuck me hard. Please, please. Scarlett, I need you. I need you so much. I need you to—fuck—make me yours.”

Scarlett ran the toy up to her clit, moving it around and soaking it in the wetness building up. Maura wanted to scream when she felt the vibrations touch her over-sensitive bundle of nerves. It had her gasping for breath.

“Will you come exactly when I tell you to?”

Maura looked at her, wrapping her arms around her neck, pulling her into a deep kiss, “I wouldn’t dream of it otherwise.”

That answer certainly needed rewarding. Scarlett didn’t waste any time before shoving the vibrating toy inside Maura. Moaning loudly, the blonde woman began thrusting her hips to meet the toy. She was chanting Scarlett’s name over and over. Scarlett kissed and bit her neck as she collided with each thrust by twisting the toy easily inside of her.

Scarlett pressed a button, adding to the power of the vibration. Maura’s arms were no longer around her neck, they were against the sheets, pulling at them, twisting them.

“You are so fucking gorgeous,” Scarlett said, worshipping the blonde woman.

“I’m going to–" Maura fought as she curled her toes.

“No, not yet,” Scarlett told her, upping the vibrations again, “Not until I tell you.”

“Fuck, Scarlett, please,” Maura begged, she craved it. She needed it. Her brain felt like mush, not caring what she looked like as Scarlett continued to fuck her.

“You’re my girl, aren’t you?”

Maura broke into a grin. Hearing Scarlett call her 'my girl' almost sent her spiraling head-first into an orgasm without permission, “Yes, I am.”

“And my girl is going to come exactly when I tell her to.”

Scarlett began pumping the toy into Maura harder. Maura, taking in deep gulps of air, her legs shaking as she tried to hold off the orgasm she knew was right at the surface. Her entire body burning as she moaned as Scarlett exhausted her.

“Oh my god, please. Scarlett, please. I need to come. Please, please let me come.”

And with that, she blasted the power of the vibration at full volume, ordering, "Now, cum for me, baby," sending Maura into an orgasm that drenched the toy.

Her entire body shook. She wrapped her arms around Scarlett. She dug her nails into the skin on her back, leaving red marks that Scarlett would be proud of for several days. Maura screamed. There were explosions behind her eyes. She knew she was swearing and pleading and chanting Scarlett’s name. Scarlett didn’t stop pounding inside of her, sustaining her high for as long as she could, pulling every last drop of pleasure out.

When Scarlett could feel Maura coming down, she slowed down. She basked in the sweat and glow of Maura’s orgasm by kissing her lips softly. Slowly removing the toy, Scarlett grinned at the cum covering it. She could see Maura looking at her through barely-open eyes.

Taking the toy in her mouth, Scarlett licked it clean. When she looked back down, Maura’s eyes bulged open watching in intense rapture.

“I think you’re trying to kill me,” Maura said, laughing from her high.

Scarlett laughed, leaning in to kiss her, “You’re incredible when you cum.”

Maura grinned, wrapping her arms around the woman above her, “Yeah, I am definitely keeping you.”

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