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Kiss My Lips

An Encounter With A Wonderful Powerful Woman

By Phil The AnimalPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Janelle Monae is an incredibly powerful woman , and in this record it's like she merged with Prince, perfect for this colourful piece of prose.


You said "Kiss my lips" , I move towards her and she pushed me back

"No , my CUNT lips " you forcefully said pulling your wrap over skirt aside and pushing me down to my knees , my face level with your beautiful trimmed sex.

When a woman refers to her sex as her pussy it is cute , if she refers to it as her vagina that is just inside her and is almost like a medical reference , vaulva is similar but more all encompassing , but when she uses the word cunt it shows she feels power referring to everything that makes up her sex and will require my attention and stimulation.

"Now kiss my lips"

I move forward , my lips against your lips parting them with my tongue tasting your beautiful wetness , getting wetter by the second , then flicking your hardening clitoris , eight thousand nerve endings for my tongue to stimulate and pleasure you with.

“Fuck me with your tongue”

I lick up and down savouring your juices , getting great pleasure myself , my cock hard and balls full but that is for much later

“Make me wetter, I want you “

I lick your cunt and you are thrusting into my face , soaking me with your juices, your first climax comes soaking my face as I drink from you, and I have not even used my fingers yet as you come down much I an licking flicking your clit and keeping you up there.

I suck and bite your clit gently and lick and bite your labia a little harder by putting fingers inside your simulate our fucking and instantly pushiing your to another climax.

“I love your mouth on my cunt, I want you to fuck me and tell me you love me”

I move up kissing your tummy spending time as you enjoy a short respite,

I move up and begin sucking your nipples hard, biting and bruising your breasts, sucking so hard I am almost milking you, you want me to mark you , I feel your hand on my hard cock on the inside of your thighs , guiding it inside your waiting cunt, greedy for my cock and cum.

I know sucking your nipples hard is another pleasure that makes you cum and as you shudder to another climax, I hold you in my arms, we are as close as we can be, two together as I tell you

“I love you”

I will tell you that so many more times, but now we French kiss, our tongue making love to each others mouths, one of the places wher a woman can fuck a man the way he fucks her. You guide my cock inside you.

“Now fuck me my love”

“I love you so much”

We are truly one , my cock in your cunt , your tongue in my mouth , skin on skin , exchanging ourselves , falling apart into each other.

I want to make you cum again, and now you want me to cum too

You tell me,

“I want you to cum inside me, I want to feel all of you filling me, fuck me hard darling make me cum”

You force yourself onto me , forcing me deeper into you, we have never been so connected, you are fucking me as hard as I am fucking you , until we both climax together perfectly, holding each other tight.

I slip out of you as you say,

“Kiss my Lips again”

As I slip down do you kiss your beautiful cunt and taste our mixed juices, licking you gently before finally holding your and sharing each other in a fabulous French kiss, feeling each other , holding each other , and ready to start again.



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