Keep Me Safe

by Dan StrawberryHall 5 months ago in lgbtq

A Lesbian Erotic Short Story

Keep Me Safe

Charly is the biggest woman I’ve ever met. And it’s not fat either. OK, maybe she’s a little doughy around the mid-section, but it suits her. It adds to her wonderful sense of bulk.

No, she’s not fat Charly, she’s just big. She’s easily over six foot tall, and she’s strong, she’s no willow of a woman. Her shoulders are broad, and her arms are thick with muscle. She’s got biceps most men would give their left nuts for. Hands off though, because she’s all mine.

Charly keeps me safe. She’s placid by nature, a true gentle giant, but no one has ever made me feel so secure. She can always tell if I’ve had a bad day, if I’ve been fucked over at work, if one of the awful senior managers has been a prick to me, if I’m stressed and anxious and it’s all getting too much. Charly can just sense it the second I come in through the door. I don’t have to say a word.

Charly gives me a bear hug in those powerful arms of hers, then she picks me up and carries me over to the sofa. She carries me as if I weigh nothing at all. Like I’m a child.

We sit together on the sofa, Charly cradling me on her lap. She kisses me, softly at first, but her mouth gradually comes open, she tugs and sucks on my lips with hers, and then her tongue snakes into mine.

She kisses me until I relax, until I come to life in her arms. She keeps kissing me as she unbuttons the front of my shirt. She slides a hand up the back of it and she pops my bra open. She eases it away from my chest, then her warm hands slip inside and she cups me.

Charly’s hands are strong, her fingers are wide and thick, but she holds me with the gentlest of touches. She strokes her fingertips over my skin and my nipples until I’m gasping and squirming in her lap.

At the sound of my first moan, Charly kisses her lips down my neck, over my chest, until her hot mouth meets my breasts. She rocks me back in her arms as she holds me so she can get better access. She plants wet kisses on me, then she sucks my nipples into her mouth. She sucks them so hard she makes me tremble and mewl.

Charly strokes my chest and my sides and my stomach as she sucks me. She spreads that tingling pleasure through my body. She moves her mouth back and forth between each nipple, and she takes her time, as if she’s doing it as much for her pleasure as for mine.

Charly holds me so securely as she pleasures me, I’m wrapped up in her arms, I’m protected. I start to lose myself to her, the smell of her skin and her hair, the feel of her strong body against mine, the ease with which she cradles me, the feel of her mouth, it all makes me go dizzy. I don’t realise her hand is moving down my body until she presses if firmly between my legs.

I open my thighs for Charly to show her how much I want it, but she already knows. She keeps sucking unhurriedly on my nipples, but she rubs her hand into my crotch and I pant and moan, and I can feel how wet I am already.

Charly pops the button open on the front of my trousers. She pulls the zip down, then she slowly works my trousers off with one hand, as she holds me with the other. I kick my legs impatiently to help her slide my trousers off over my feet.

We kiss again as Charly pushes a hand down the front of my knickers. I’m breathing hard and moaning louder now, and Charly moans too when her fingers find my smooth lips and she realises how slick they are. She spreads me open and she slides a fingertip up between, and I groan and quiver as it passes over my clit.

Charly goes back and forth between my mouth and my nipples as she strokes my clit and I slip into wonderful delirium. She sucks me so hard my nipples throb, and she kisses me with passion. She takes her finger off my clit and pushes it into me and she’s so thick it feels like a sex toy. She tickles her fingertip over my g-spot and I buck in her arms.

What she’s doing feels glorious, but it’s more than just the physical sensations. Charly holds me tight the whole time, she cradles me, she makes me feel safe. As if there’s nothing in the world that can hurt me now that she’s there. As if there’s nothing else in the world except Charly and me.

We moan together as we kiss and Charly pushes my pleasure higher. She strokes my clit, she fucks me with her fingers, she caresses my g-spot, she sucks my nipples, she kisses me with long, hard kisses, and she does it all with such a calm deliberateness, as if she’s showing me how easy it is for her to please me so completely.

I’m a writhing, gasping mess in her arms, and I come so hard my emotions boil over and I find myself crying as I moan and shudder against her.

Charly’s not done with me yet though. She’s only getting started. When my orgasm starts to fade, she flips me over easily in her arms. She lowers me gently across her lap so that my bottom is raised over her considerable thighs.

She slaps me lightly at first, just hard enough to make me gasp. She’s fast though, she moves quickly back and forth between my cheeks, and they bounce as she peppers them with short, stiff slaps.

Charly gradually gets rougher with me. She never strikes me with too much force, she just seems to know what I can take, what I need to wake my nerves and get my adrenaline pumping.

It’s a wonderful head-fuck too. Charly’s already held me in her arms and treated me tenderly to make me feel secure, and now she’s really showing me who’s in control. She’s showing me who I belong to, and how easily she can dominate me. She’s so powerful I wouldn’t be able to stop her now, even if I wanted to, and there’s nothing else makes me feel as safe as that. But it’s a lot to process when it’s happening, the care and safety, the pain, the domination, the throbbing pleasure, and I find myself crying again.

She doesn’t stop or ease off though. Charly paddles my bottom until it’s hot and pounding, and I’m groaning and yelping and sobbing hard. She pushes me further and further, she spanks me harder and harder, until I don’t think I can take anymore, then her hand slides down between my legs and her fingers are on my cunt again.

All that pain suddenly translates to hot, urgent pleasure, as she alternates between fingering me hard and stroking my clit. I squirm and wriggle in her lap, I make so much noise, I make a real display of myself, and I come again, and this time its so hard my vision blurs, the way it always does after she’s spanked me.

Charly doesn’t let up. She knows I can come again and again when I’m in this state. She keeps fingering me, and I’m so stretched and full I don’t know how many digits she has in me now.

She spreads my bottom cheeks open with her other hand, I feel her spit on my arsehole, then she’s rubbing me there, and then one of her fingers is sliding slowly and carefully up my back passage. I’d never let anyone else do that, but no one makes it feel as good she does, and I’d never deny Charly anything. I’m hers.

I buck and shriek in her lap. My clit feels engorged and tight, my arse is hot and throbbing, and I’m bawling and howling as she slides her fingers in and out of me. She presses them deep, filling me up in both places, and its heaven. I come again, even harder, even though she’s not touching my clit.

Charly keeps caressing and stroking me until I’m done, then she picks me up and cradles me in her arms again. She lets me cry myself out, then she stands and carries me to bed. She strokes my face and kisses me as she tucks me in. She tells me to have a nap, and that there’ll be a glass of wine waiting for me when I’m done.

She’s my guardian angel.

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