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Is FeetFinder A Scam | Can You Make Money On FeetFinder | FeetFinder Review

Is FeetFinder a Scam To sell Feet Pictures

By FeetoholicPublished 9 months ago 6 min read

For quite some time, I held the belief that Feetfinder was not suitable for beginners. My reasoning was based on its high level of competition and the initial registration cost involved. Little did I realize the true value of this platform, which is well worth investing a few dollars. Allow me to illustrate the incredible nature of this feet forum.

A Comprehensive Guide to Feetfinder- Earning From FeetFinder

In order to truly appreciate the remarkable policies of this platform, it is essential to understand how things operate within it.

When we hear the term "Feetfinder," the concept of "Finding Feet" immediately comes to mind. Indeed, Feetfinder serves as a feet forum or a niche-based platform where the main focus revolves around discussions and images related to feet and legs. To attract foot enthusiasts, it's important to provide content that holds a certain allure.

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What Type of Platform is Feetfinder?

Feetfinder functions as an e-commerce website that enables you to create a profile and sell foot-related content to foot enthusiasts.

For those who constantly seek feet fetish content, this feet forum is nothing short of a blessing.

Sell Your Feet Pictures and Videos on FeetFinder:

FeetFinder offers several avenues for earning money, including:

Selling Feet Albums: You have the opportunity to create and sell feet albums, which can be purchased an unlimited number of times.

Acquiring Paying Subscribers: Another way to generate income on FeetFinder is by gaining paying subscribers for your FeetFinder page.

Receiving Tips and Providing Custom Content: You can receive tips from your fans and offer personalized content in return.

Also Explore FunwithFeet and start selling your feet pictures and videos.

How Can You Earn Money with Feetfinder?

You can start earning money by selling your feet pictures on Feetfinder. Simply fill out the signup form, and you'll be ready to go.

Feetfinder has a set of conditions that must be met for registration:

  • Only individuals aged 18 or older can register on Feetfinder.
  • You must possess a valid ID card for verification purposes.
  • You must hold the copyrights to all feet-related content you post on Feetfinder.
  • Ensure that this method of earning is legal in your country. It has come to my attention that the majority of users hail from the western hemisphere.
  • If you reside in the US, you should have a Segpay payment setup to withdraw your earnings. Personally, I had to sign up for Paxum in order to receive international funds.
  • As I proceeded with the registration process on Feetfinder, I couldn't help but wonder who would be interested in paying me a substantial amount, such as $10 or more, solely for my feet pictures.

Who Purchases Feet Pictures on Feetfinder?

Generally, only foot lovers value such content. In my imagination, I was the queen of feet, with foot fetishists flocking to admire and adore my feet.

However, there are also other potential buyers, such as artists, bloggers, companies, and modeling agencies, who may be interested in feet pictures.

Once I had my account verified, I snapped back to reality. At this point, nothing could prevent me from signing up on the website. I was incredibly excited about making my first sale to foot fetishists.

Is Feetfinder a Legitimate Website for Earning Money?

With a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot based on 600+ reviews, I needed to be sure before diving in. And the answer is a resounding yes – Feetfinder is a legitimate platform for making money.

However, The platform is not a good pick for new sellers to start selling Feet Pictures.

The website provides a user-friendly setup for both buyers and sellers, and utilizes a third-party payment system to ensure smooth and prompt transactions on a foot fetish website.

To further enhance legitimacy, Feetfinder has introduced a new feature requiring sellers to purchase subscriptions. This change has helped the feet forum filter out sellers who rely on luck rather than putting in the effort.

Therefore, Feetfinder is not only a platform that benefits sellers, but it has also established an authentic environment for buyers, ultimately leading to more successful sales.

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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Feetfinder?

Pros of FeetFinder:

Referral Program: Feetfinder offers a referral program where creators can earn 10% of their earnings through referrals.

Stringent Verification Policies: The feet forum maintains strict verification policies, ensuring that you only interact with serious buyers.

Niche Platform: Unlike general platforms, Feetfinder caters specifically to foot fetishists, increasing your chances of pleasing foot lovers.

Reliable Payment Methods: Feetfinder utilizes Segpay and Paxum as legitimate payment methods for local and international transactions, respectively.

Platform Engagement: Feetfinder actively promotes engagement by purchasing some of the foot content listed on your profile if you frequently interact with the platform through its social media handles.

Weekly Giveaways: Feetfinder holds weekly giveaways for active sellers.

Advertisement Support: The platform utilizes its commission earnings to advertise and promote its top sellers.

Trial Period: Feetfinder offers a 14-day trial period for creators, allowing a refund if the platform doesn't meet their expectations.

Responsive Customer Support: Feetfinder maintains a good reputation and promptly responds to any negative reviews or issues raised by users, assisting them in resolving their concerns.

Cons of FeetFinder

Lack of Mobile App: Unfortunately, Feetfinder does not have a dedicated mobile app available on app stores.

High Commission Over Feet Sales: the 20% commission over feet sales are deducted from seller income.

Selfie Verification: Some individuals may feel uncomfortable with the requirement to submit a selfie holding their ID card for verification purposes.

High Subscription Fees: The High Subscription Fee of $4.99 are way higher for sellers to pay every month.

Subscription Challenges: It may be difficult to convince buyers to purchase a subscription without any previous sales.

Account Verification Time: According to the platform's policies, it may take up to five days to have your account verified.

Geographical Limitations: Feetfinder appears to primarily approve users from the western side.

Is Selling Feet Pictures Lucrative on Feetfinder?

Based on my personal experience, the answer is a resounding NO!

Feetfinder takes $20 commission over every 100$ seller make on Feetfinder. This makes Feetfinder a bad option for selling Feetfictures.

FunwithFeet is the Unique and Ideal Plafrom for sellers to sell feet pictures and take 100% of the total income generated from selling Feet pictures

Additionally, I researched various websites to gather statistics on the traffic Feetfinder receives. It has an impressive 4.2 million views, with a 26.89% increase in traffic compared to the previous month.

P.S: What is FeetFinder? How to Make Money? Is it a Legitimate Site?

I can assure you that everything mentioned in this article is true, and there is no doubt that FunwithFeet has become a lucrative opportunity for many. Not only does Feetfinder offer a worthwhile experience in itself, but it can also contribute to making sales on other platforms.

Feetfinder offers subscription plans at $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year. You can opt for monthly subscriptions if you're uncertain about committing long-term.

It is a legitimate website where you can also avail premium plans to promote your profile under Feetfinder's tag.

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