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Hottest Instagram Stories to Follow

From gorgeous porn stars to world-famous celebs, here are the hottest Instagram stories to follow right now.

By Caesar FinklePublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Right now, Instagram is exploding — in both popularity and quality. Some of the sexiest people on the planet are promoting themselves via Instagram stories, and they're showing plenty of skin while doing it. Porn stars, celebs, and even regular Instagram models are showing off their awesome lives through the platform.

For fans, this means only one thing: super hot Instagram stories. If you have a thing for gorgeous people, or just want to check out some up-and-coming accounts, these are the hottest Instagram stories to follow right now.

Peter Piperr

This absolutely gorgeous Instagram model has sizzlingly hot shots of her posing in sexy outfits. Gorgeous wavy blonde-brown hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a bikini-ready body is what makes her stand out in a crowd of models.

Best of all, her stories really flaunt her amazing sense of style. If you love girls with the hipster-bohemian look, you'll fall in love with Peter Piperr. That's why we're calling her account one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow this year!

Follow @peterpiperr on Instagram

Rachel T. Harris

Rachel T. Harris is one of the hottest new Instagram models to hit the scene, and it's easy to see why. This artsy, blonde beauty knows how to work with the camera, how to show off amazing style, and how to show as much skin as possible — all without breaking Instagram's rules.

If you're looking for Instagram stories that show women baring it all, then Rachel T. Harris's Instagram story is one that you absolutely need to follow. Even if you're just looking for a quirky-cool style icon for fashion ideas, hers is one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow.

Follow @racheltharris on Instagram

Hannah Polites

Hannah Polites is one of those Instagram celebrities that you can't help but respect. She's a mom, a fitness junkie, a model, and also designs her own stuff.

We also might as well add that her body looks incredible in a bikini — and that's why she's one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow. Her Insta is filled with sexy beach photos and she looks phenomenal in every single thing she wears.

Follow @hannahpolites on Instagram

Kaylani Live

Fans of adult films might recognize this sultry vixen as Kaylani Lei, one of the sexiest porn stars in the industry right now. Kaylani Lei continues to maintain her seductive flair with every Instagram post she makes.

Beautiful outfits, sexy friends, and awesome shots of her traveling the world are why this Instagram account is so fun to follow. If you love this Asian beauty's work, you'll definitely find that Kaylani Lei's account contains one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow.

Follow @kaylanilive on Instagram

Monique Alexander

Much like the ever-glamorous Kaylani Lei, Monique Alexander has been widely recognized in the adult film industry for her beautiful curves, her incredible video talents, and her strikingly pretty face.

Monique's Instagram definitely has a lot of traction for her awesome photoshoot collections, as well as her overwhelmingly "good vibes only" posts too. Even if you're not a typical fan of porn stars, it's hard to deny that Monique Alexander has one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow.

Follow @realmoniquealexander on Instagram

Jayden Michele Jaymes

One of the hottest Instagram stories to follow right now, if you've always fantasized about the girl next door gone bad, is Jayden Michele James's account. This bombshell beauty is every average girl you've wanted to nail — just way hotter, and with a way, way wilder streak.

She's got that uniquely wholesome-yet-sexy allure that drives men wild, and her Instagram really flaunts it beautifully. If you haven't seen her stuff yet, you're missing out. (HerSnapchat isn't bad, either.)

Follow @jaydenmichele on Instagram

Sharam Diniz

Sharam Diniz is not just a pretty face by any means of the word — but dear Lord, she's so gorgeous, it's almost unfair! Her beautiful skin tone, svelte figure, and elegant hair is why people love to see her modeling photos online.

But, if we were to be honest, it's a mix of her striking looks and her awesome online personality that makes her story one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow. Once you check out this elegant model-entrepreneur, you'll understand why she's so awesome.

Follow @sharamdiniz on Instagram

Josephine Skriver

Josephine Skriver is one of those Instagram models that really loves to show the world what she's got. She walks that fine line between having the glitzy flair of celebrities and having that sultry, wild side of a free-spirited hippie chick — and we love it.

Between the occasional shots with A-list celebrities, the perfectly put-together outfits, and her absolutely stunning physique, it's easy to see why Skriver's story is one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow this year.

Follow @josephineskriver on Instagram

Sahara Ray

Sahara Ray doesn't really look human in a lot of her photos. Rather, she looks like a delicate fairy queen, a mermaid, or some other ethereal beauty. She's got that unreal charm that makes her look incredible in every single photo she posts.

Needless to say, she's one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow — or just one of the hottest Instagram accounts to subscribe to. She's gorgeous in her own awesome way.

Follow @sahara_ray on Instagram

Anna Nystrom

Anna Nystrom is a Swedish fitness blogger, a model, and a glamorous traveler — and she looks amazing doing it all. Her Instagram account has gained a huge amount of traction among fitness fans, and frankly, her physique alone makes her one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow.

That being said, Nystrom is way more than just a fitness blogger. She's slowly building up an impressive workout empire. If you want to see how she gets her sleek physique, then you might need to follow her.

Follow @annanystrom on Instagram

Ana Cheri

There's something about seeing incredibly hot Instagram fitness vloggers that makes us smile — and we're betting it's because they are total eye candy. Ana Cheri is the kind of model that shows us that fitness is sexy, fun, and for everyone.

Oh, did we mention she also shows us that fitness can get us the body you've always fantasized about having? We did, right? Well, everything about her Instagram is fitness and positivity oriented, and it's why she has one of the hottest Instagram stories to follow.

Follow @anacheri on Instagram

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