Hope and Aba

No Matter What

Hope and Aba

Her eyes cannot move off of Aba’s form. Hope found her own breath catching. She has to stop. Knowing it’s wrong to want her best friend. But the months in agony pretending nothing has changed. Everything is different. 'Aba if only you knew.' The thought teases across Hope’s mind. 'Is it time? Am I ready? Will she leave?' More thoughts torture her mind. Hope didn’t know what to do. All she wanted is to belong to Aba. Finally Hope tears her gaze away from Aba.

“I have to tell you something!” Hope vomits her words in an awful shrill sound. Aba only chuckles scooting closer to Hope.

“What’s wrong sis?” Hope cringes at the word "sis." Ever since she realized she felt something for Aba that went beyond their friendship. She reframed from calling Aba "sis" for months now. All the while Aba still insisted on calling her "sis" or "big sis."

“Aba please don’t call me that. I…” She let's her words trail off into the empty silence that fell between them. "I can’t."

“Hope what’s wrong?” Aba asks concern moving more closer and removing the large gap between them. Hope stiffens and look up to the ceiling. Everything in her screaming for her not to say anything. Pretending the feelings doesn’t exist. Nothing should change. That wasn’t how she felt. Not with Aba so close she could smell her natural scent. Her petite form right there for her to take hold of and explore. ‘If you only knew what you do to me.’ She covers her face with her hands and takes a deep breath. “Hope, talk to me.”

“Aba promise me you will not walk out, please.” The desperate plead only brought more cause for alarm to Aba. Hope can tell Aba is very confused.

“I won’t go anywhere.”

“Okay. Aba we’ve known each other for almost a year now. It’s been great. Really great. You are so amazing.”

“Ah. You too Hope.”

“Aba just listen.” She reaches out taking Aba’s hands with her own. Holding them gently and pulling Aba into her slowly. “I’m in love with you. I think I always been. Nothing has to change. We can stay the same. We can just be more than we are now.” Hope waits watching Aba carefully. The turmoil inside her close to erupting. She felt her hands shaking in Aba’s and she felt more scared than she ever had. “I know I am much, much older. But you’re nineteen. I’m only twenty-seven. If age is an issue than we can pretend this never happened. I don’t want to lose you ever.” Hope held onto Aba’s hands tightly knowing it is only seconds till Aba yanks away and leave.

“Are you sure?” Aba’s answer only baffled Hope. How does one ask that question?

“Yes. I’m in love with you.”

“Age has nothing to do with it Hope.”


“Okay, but if things start going bad, we will still be friends.”

“No matter what.” Hope leans in placing her lips against Aba’s and her hands releasing Aba’s moving to rest on her hips. Pulling Aba onto her lap feeling Aba straddling her nicely. The feel of her body against hers only ignites everything she been holding back. Her tongue pushes in through Aba’s teeth and wrestles playfully with her tongue. Aba’s hands move up under Hope’s shirt taking hold of the large breasts. She plays with them as they continue to kiss. This is nothing like Hope imagine would happen. As they continue to heavily make out, Hope feels her pussy wet and throbbing. Hope adjusts and turn so she can gently lay Aba down on the couch. She removes her mouth from Aba’s looking into her eyes. “Aba I want you.”

“Take me Hope.” With those words she pulls off Aba’s pants and panties. Shoving them off the couch. Hope quickly takes off Aba’s shirt seeing the bra that hid her small breasts. Her hands slides under and around to unhook the bra leaving Aba naked. Hope sits back licking her lips taking in the small body of her new lover. With a grin she removes all her clothing so she too is naked with her.

“You have no idea how long I waited for this Aba. I love you so much. I want you to be all mine.” Hope takes hold of Aba’s legs placing them on her shoulders and lean down and bury her face in the wet, hot folds of the pussy. Licking and sucking down on the clit while two of her fingers penetrate inside Aba. Hearing the moans only make Hope finger into Aba in a more quicken pace as she continues to happily suck down on the pink throbbing clit. Hope cums, the juices leaking out from her own throbbing, heated pussy. Aba’s juices however, squirt out in lapse intervals, hot and some of it sticky. Their moans filled the empty spaces of the living room not caring if anyone would walk through the front door and see them. Hope ceases her fingers and mouth taking hold of Aba’s waist and pulling her up on top of her. Adjusting so they were in position correctly to have their pussies mesh against one another. Still holding onto Aba’s hips she moves herself up against her slowly and picks up the speed every few moments till they’re bodies moved in unison. Their cum mixed and flooded out from between their legs. With Aba in place she moves her hands down playing once more with Hope’s breasts. Pinching at the nipples here and there. Hope stops catching her breath as she lightly smacks Aba’s side to turn around. When she does she takes hold of her hips once more bringing her pussy back up to her face. Hope begins to eat out Aba’s pussy opening and Aba follows suit adjusting comfortably to finger Hope. They did not stop for hours. They didn’t want to. Seeming too addicted to one another to give up first. Eventually they both collapse from exhaustion. Holding onto each other tightly. Both their pussies a raw, throbbing, painful mess.


“Yes Aba?”

“I love you too.”

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