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Hooking Up with my Stepdaughter After Her Show

Age Gap Erotica

By Ted's TalesPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

"You were amazing out there," I said in compliment, gently holding her hand in mine. "At 18, you've already achieved so much."

"Thank you, Bill. Your support has meant a lot to me."

"Oh, it was nothing, really."

"Well, actually your recommendation letter played a role in me securing a scholarship, at Over Pryst University."

"You're too kind, Kamaria."

She turned to face me revealing a smile that lit up her complexion under the dim backstage lights. Her performance dress exuded elegance. Our eyes met, creating a moment where it seemed like we were alone in the world. Drawing closer to her I could sense the warmth emanating, from her body. Found her perfume quite enticing.

"Kamaria, this might sound unexpected. I've been thinking about you often a romantic way.""I realize there's an age gap, between us enough for me to be your father but I wanted to express this before you head off to college," I shared.

She seemed taken aback. "I'm not sure how to respond. You are my stepfather, after all."

Feeling remorseful, I apologized and turned away.

"Wait," she urgently interjected, with neither of us concerned about what my wife or her mother would think.

Moving closer to her we found ourselves inches apart. Her rapid shallow breaths matched mine as I sensed a connection. Acting on impulse I gently kissed her on the lips. The tender contact sent a jolt through me as our lips met in an exploration of emotions. As we parted, Kamaria gazed up at me with her eyes revealing a whirlwind of feelings, inside her.

"I...I feel the same way," she murmured softly inaudibly. "I have to admit something that might not be right. I've had daydreams, about you. It makes me feel envious when I overhear you and my mom screwing."

"Really? You heard us? I apologize for that."

We move closer. Share a kiss, driven by a desire for each other. My hand moves up her thigh until it reaches her panties. My heart quickens as she nibbles on my earlobe while I touch her through the fabric. Her gentle moans build into an expression of pleasure requesting more.

"Please, give me your cock," she implores, her words captivating like a melody. "I want you inside me."

We hastily shed our clothes and face each other with bodies quivering in longing.

"Darling turn around " I whisper softly. She complies without hesitation. "Allow me to savor your essence."

She positions herself above my mouth. I eagerly explore her moist folds with my tongue reveling in the taste of her essence. Her braids gently sway against my chest as I relish every moment with her sending tingles down her back. With passion she takes me into her mouth giving it all her attention as a rush of ecstasy washes, over us. Her movements are skilled and precise hinting at a seated love for intimacy. We sync our motions effortlessly each wave bringing us closer to the peak of pleasure until we can't resist longer.

We both decide to pause before reaching that point... Instead we shift positions. I position myself behind her. I grasp her hips firmly. Press against her entrance, with my throbbing hardness. She winces slightly as I enter.

"Oh my," she exclaims. I continue moving until fully immersed within her trembling warmth.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cries out in delight as the sensation of our connection overwhelms her senses. My movements intensify as I hold onto her sides yearning for closeness.

"You feel amazing," I moan, my breath quickening as I lose myself in the moment with her.

"Wow, you're so well endowed!" she exclaims, her arousal evident as she reaches climax.

As we move together our sounds of pleasure fill the room until its just us lost in the ecstasy of our connection both reaching a climax simultaneously.


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TTWritten by Ted's Tales

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