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by Baby Girl 2 years ago in erotic
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Supernatural Romance

The Demon hunter

He pulled over on the side of the road as he saw me walking to check on me, it was the middle of the night. While checking on me he immediately realized I was a demon as we were talking. "Yes, I am a demon," I said, "but I am not evil. I'm one of the good guys". He was ready to pull off and leave me stranded in the dark until I pleaded with him and he realized I was genuinely on their side, and he decided to let me tag along for the ride. His one rule was that I sat in the back, which I was fine with especially with him and his brother being the most well known demon hunters in Vancouver. Once his brother was no longer in the car I snuck up front to be with him.

I was wearing a tight army green spaghetti strap dress with tan buttons all the way down the front, it was long enough to cover till right above my knees, and it covered the majority of my cleavage. From where I had climbed to the front seat while we were stopped to let his brother out my dress had slid up my thighs and was now barely covering them, revealing my pin up girl tattoos on my thighs that were hidden by the dress.

We were now on the road again headed to his bunker, to my surprise I notice his distraction from where my dress had rode up. I look out the window holding back my laughing because his eyes gave away both his thoughts and his regret of his thoughts. We stopped a few other places, he had to drop off a friend and of course he needed his "booze" for the night. Once we were at the bunker he showed me a room and said that it was the bed I could have for the night, little did I know it was his.

A little while later he had gotten into the bed with me, he explained that he didn't want me out of his sight for the rest of the night because I was a demon, so we laid there and resting for a bit. When we awoke no one else was in the bunk, just him and I. I catch his gaze on me again, and immediately noticed that my dress had ridden all the way up and the straps had fallen off my shoulders revealing almost all of both my breasts.

There was no denying the attraction and tension that had arose between us at this particular moment, he was trying with all might to fight his feelings, I on the other hand was fighting nothing. I knew I wanted him, and the lust in his eyes just made me crave his touch more. I even took my chance at pulling him right with me, looked into his eyes and said, "I know you want this as badly as I do and there is no reason for us to fight it". He crawled back on the bed, and said "You're right, there is definitely an attraction between us but I refuse to make the same mistake as my brother!" Although I was extremely hurt I did everything I possibly could to prove to him that I was far from the demon his brother had fallen for.

After a long talk and several discussions, he finally trusted me. I had adjusted my dress covering myself much better, we were sitting there side by side, and there was a silence between us. I had asked him if I could borrow a shirt and pair of sweats to cover myself as seeing the moment had passed. He handed me some of his clothes and showed where the bathroom was for me to change and said, "If you'd like to get cleaned up as well I can show you how to get the shower started?", I nodded he started the shower and I watch him walk out. I then undress and get in the shower.

I stood under the water a bit, letting the warmth run down my body and tilt my head back to wet my hair. I look up and see a figure appear in front of me, and there he stood. I was shocked to see him there with me, I grin and say, "Well isn't this a nice surprise". He didn't say a word, he just backed me into the water and kissed me, still in shock I stood there a moment and then returned his kiss. It felt so much better than anything I could have thought of, he continued his kissing on me as I washed myself. The tension had definitely returned, and it was hotter than before.

We're now back in his room, he only left me with enough time to put on his shirt after the shower before pulling me back to his room. He said, "I want you, and you know it", I whispered to him, "Then come and get me, cause I want you too". He then kissed me hard and backed me onto his bed, never breaking the kiss. I'm now on my back, and he is positioned on top of me. I felt myself getting wetter as I felt him between my legs getting harder, and I wanted nothing more than the feeling of him inside me.

He took his shirt off me, and started kissing down my neck, my chest, my back was arching as he kissed his way down my stomach. He finally got lower, as I felt his breath where I wanted him most. I feel his tongue circling me, moving up and down, diving deep into me and only getting deeper with each thrust of his tongue. I feel myself on edge, he then kisses his way back up my body till were now kissing again. He quickly undresses himself till he is stripped naked, standing there in front of me. I immediately pull him on top of me. We kiss some more

I now have him pushed onto his back, straddling him. I take in his body and kiss him again, I kiss down this body, licking every now and then till I'm at his V line. I lick and suck on each hip, leaving my territorial mark. I continue to lick till I'm at his shaft, I grab a gentle grip around his shaft and lick him up and down and I move my hand with the licks. I tease my tongue on his tip, I continue moving my hand up and down his member. I hear his soft moans, he has had enough and he pulls me up to his face again. He takes a finger and slides it across my center, he feels how wet I am and his eyes widen with desire.

He has now rolled me over onto my back again, and has crawled on top of me. Feeling his body on mine was perfect, I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was quickly pulled from my thoughts as I felt him insert himself in me, he was so gentle. He started with slow thrusts, and each moment felt as if it was my first time. He is now getting deeper with his thrusts but he is still going slow, I pull him down on me and tell him faster. Picking up his pace, I feel myself coming to my peak. I push him over and get on top of him, it's my turn to be in control.

I quickly lift myself up and down on him, I move my hips quicker with each moan he releases. He then moves in motion with, me grabbing onto my waist, both moaning louder as I ride him. He grabs hard onto my waist holding my on him and he thrusts deep into me, I let out a scream of please as I'm feeling myself peak. He pushes me back onto my back so he is in control again.

A darkness arises in his eyes, knowing how close he is to his own peak I let him have total control. He thrusts deep into me, I scream of pleasure again, he moving quickly and getting deeper with each thrust. Being gentle is gone, he is now being amazingly rough. He grabs both my hands in one of his, holding them above my head. He now quickly thrusting deeply and hard into me, I can't fight back any moans as we're reaching our peaks. His grip on my wrists tightens as he thrusts deep into me again, I feel his release inside me and I scream as I reach my peak.

He falls on top of me, laying his head by mine as we catch our breath. Our moment together was better than we could have ever imagined. I then ask, "Is being with a demon really all that bad? I mean, its not like I'm an angel". We both laugh, after the day we had he decided taking a day off from demon hunting wasn't such a bad idea. We just laid in his bed the rest of the day watching TV.


About the author

Baby Girl

I’m still working to get where I want to be as a writer, that’s why I’m focusing solely on short stories. I intend to try and move towards other topics, but for now all I have successfully written are erotic stories.

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