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Her Neighbor Part 2

by Lady Domitille 2 years ago in erotic

Maura and Scarlett take their relationship to the next level.

It was around three o’clock in the afternoon, with the sun shining through the window to her office space, that Maura heard the soft buzz of her cell phone on her desk. When she looked over, a devilish smile appeared on her face as she reached and caught the name that was flashing across the screen.


Just the name itself was enough to spark the feelings of heat in the pit of her stomach. For the past two months, the two had been fucking like bunnies, everywhere including their apartments, hotel rooms, the backseat of her limo (oh, that alone made her internal temperature spike off the charts as she remembers the red dress Scarlet wore that barely covered her-).

Her fingers immediately hit the green button.

“Hello, dear,” she immediately purred as she placed the phone gently against her ear.

“The flowers are beautiful,” Scarlett whispered into the phone, but Maura could tell she was trying not to grin from embarrassment. Maura had ordered a delivery of several dozen lilies to Scarlett’s art gallery.

“More or less embarrassing than when I had my driver pick you up for our first real date?”

“He showed up in a tux and kept calling me ma’am in front of my employees,” Scarlett huffed as she found a more quiet area, “And then handed me a box with lacy underwear inside.”

Maura resisted the urge to cackle, instead of letting the unfiltered smile breakthrough in a way she would normally never do at the office (she had an image to maintain after all), “Remind me how wet it made you.”

She could almost feel Scarlett blushing through the phone, “You know how much it did.”

“If my memory serves, you were soaking before we made it inside the restaurant.”

“Fuck, Maura,” Scarlet moaned softly. Maura could hear her breath through the phone. It was slightly quicker than usual, the rhythmic quality like music to her ears, her body an instrument she loved to play.

“Are you alone?”

“No,” Scarlett whimpered, knowing exactly where Maura’s brain was going. And how she yearned for it. Maura bit back a frustrated noise. Scarlett continued, “I have a client that is supposed to walk in any minute.”

“Take a cab to my office when you are done for the day,” Maura instructed in her authoritative tone of voice that she knew Scarlett loved, “I have plans for us before dinner.”

“Can I know what your master plan is, ma’am?” Scarlett asked, with a whimper of need to her voice. Her longing was evident. She hadn’t seen Maura in three days, and she could already feel the withdrawals from her touch and the desperate way she whispered orders into her ears.

Maura grinned and laughed breathlessly, “Only that you will love it, darling.”

“Okay, I’ll see you in about three hours,” Scarlet chirped happily, ending the phone call. Once Maura heard the phone click off, she placed the phone back down on her desk. Taking a big gulp of the ice water on her desk, she was going to need to cool down. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to wait until her gorgeous blonde showed up. She would have to bury herself in work to distract herself.

Exactly three hours later, Maura heard the now-familiar sound of heels snapping closer and closer to her office. She looked up right as Scarlett walked into the room. Her soft blonde hair lightly curled, flowing around her shoulders with a light bounce, almost as if she was breathing new light into the room as she walked in. Her eyes lit up when they fell on Maura, in her typical position behind her desk, and fell back against the door, “Hey.”

Red lips curved upwards into a smirk as Maura uncrossed her legs and immediately moved towards her new visitor. Her partner dressed in a lovely tight black pencil skirt, white blouse, and sleek leather jacket. She snuck a quick glance at the clock: 5:34 pm. Perfect. They had reservations at 7:00 pm. She would prefer not to miss it, but as she predicted, Scarlett looked too delicious to pass up.

“Lock the door and then come over here.”

And bless her, Scarlett didn’t even hesitate. Within moments, the door shut, and Maura heard the thunderous click of the lock.

Eager girl, Maura mused as she pushed the chair slightly back. Scarlett couldn’t keep the grin off her face as she practically skipped behind the desk, immediately sitting in Maura’s lap.

“I have a present for you,” Maura whispered into her ear, delicately twirling a piece of her blonde lock behind it. She felt the tell-tale shiver that ricocheted down her spine to know that the desired effect worked.

Scarlett’s hands wandered beneath her work blazer, feeling the curves underneath, “…but you already sent the flowers.” She sounded almost confused, but she shouldn’t have been surprised. When Maura had told her she wanted to spoil her, she hadn’t bluffed. Each time they saw each other was a new present, a new toy, a new piece of clothing or jewelry that Maura just had to see her in. “You know you don’t have to buy me things. I would fuck you regardless.”

Maura let out a soft giggle, “That’s good to know, but I didn’t actually buy this one.”

Holding tightly to her lover’s ass as she spun slightly in her chair to maneuver to pull out the small white box hiding in her drawer.

She flipped it open, the shining bright silver key sitting there from when she had it copied a month ago. They already lived in the same building, but Maura wanted to take the next step in their relationship. She really did hope that her darling would love it. She felt the strong need to prove to her blonde submissive that she really did care about her and their relationship. The more she became familiar with Scarlett’s personality and her body, the more she yearned to sink her nails and teeth into her. She wanted to protect her, take care of her, and show her off as she had already done on countless boring corporate parties she had to attend.

The envious looks of her male colleagues when Scarlett commanded the room in that delicious bright red dress, talking and networking with a dozen more future clients, all the while being on her arm. It made her feel powerful, it made her feel wanted, and it made her want to spoil Scarlett. After all, she deserved everything because she gave everything.

None of the envious looks were enough to beat the surprised gasp and look of shock on Scarlet’s face when she saw that key sitting there. Eyes wide and big, she looked to her lover for an explanation.

“I know it’s a little early to be exchanging keys, but I want to show you how much you mean to me. I want to show you how much I trust you. You’re welcome over any time,” Maura spoke, running her fingers over the bare legs that crossed over her own.

“Are you sure you are not just tired of calling the doorman every time you want me naked on your bed before you get home?” Scarlett teased, immediately picking up the key and attaching it to the ring in her pocket. Maura laughed and pinched her side, causing her to squeak and push her body closer to hers.

“It may be an incentive, but not the whole reason,” Maura continued to giggle, enamored with the amount of happiness and joy that Scarlet brought into the room.

“Well, remind me to make you a copy of mine,” Scarlet said, pushing her dark brunette hair back and kissing the side of her neck.

“You don’t have to do that. I wasn’t suggesting-” Scarlett quickly pressed a finger to her lips, cutting her off.

The blonde pulled back just enough to seriously look into Maura’s beautiful deep chocolate eyes, “I trust you, Maura. The sex is fun and great and kinky, and you give me the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had in my life, but I also love the way you make me laugh, the way you send me dinner when I have to work late, the way you hold me when we watch a movie, and the way you show me off.”

Maura looked up into those eyes, speechless for the first time in two months since they started seeing each other.

“This is serious for me too, Maura. I know it’s right down the hall, but it’s trust,” Scarlett reassured, leaning her lips in just close enough not to touch, “Also, if you haven’t noticed, I would do almost anything for you.”

The way anything dripped out of her red lips forced all the dirty, sexual thoughts to come racing back straight to her pelvis. The burning to take what was hers coming back out as she grabbed the back of Scarlett’s head and kissed her with as much force as she could muster.

“Even let me fuck you in my office?” she practically growled as she pulled her face away.

It was almost worth the giddy excitement that exploded over Scarlett’s face. Nodding vigorously, “… but I thought?”

“I changed my mind,” Maura informed her, letting her fingers disappear underneath the tight pencil skirt. Early on, she had instructed Scarlett that her office was a no-funny business space (much to Scarlett’s endless disappointment). But Maura knew that her girl wanted it, and Scarlett wouldn’t last until she had three or more of her fingers inside her- and they weren’t going to make it until after dinner. “On your knees.”

It looked almost effortless as Scarlett barely took a second to recognize the words and slowly lowered herself onto the office floor. Her bare knees were barely registering the hardness of the hardwood floor. She glided, waiting patiently, looking up at Maura with such utter devotion in her eyes. She looked like she would lick her shoes if she asked her to, but Maura had other plans than that.

Maura stood up, silently towering above her sub, as she placed a steady hand underneath the other woman’s jaw. She moved her face closer to her pelvis, where her business slacks were still fastened. She pulled her forward until her nose barely touched the fabric, just hovering where Maura couldn’t wait to have her.

“Stay there,” she instructed as she slowly unbuttoned, taking her time. She could already feel her drenched panties as she slowly let them fall to the floor. She watched as Scarlett’s eyes fluttered closed, knowing she could smell what was already there. She could see her fingers tightening and relaxing as she tried to stay still and follow her domme’s orders. “Stay still,” she instructed, lightly slapping her cheek. Scarlet gasped, and then quickly stayed still, the gentle warning more than enough to know what would happen if she didn’t follow the rules.

“You can taste, but do not go underneath,” Maura instructed, playing with her hair, letting the beautiful blonde strands slide between her fingers, and she tested gripping it lightly.

Scarlett moved forward slightly, sticking her tongue out to touch the soaked panties as Maura slid her legs slightly apart to provide the most tormenting, restricted access. Scarlett moaned as her tongue slid up and down, wanting desperately to taste from the source, but knowing she couldn’t until her domme allowed it. She felt her own panties drench from the silent tension and powerplay, from the gentle way Maura’s nails scratched along her scalp- not enough to hurt but just enough to know who was in charge.

And she didn’t need a reminder. She was happy to sit at the feet of her queen. She kissed up and down her thighs, leaving little marks and bites, letting her tongue stroke over each sensitive spot. Her tongue danced around the edges of her black thong, hoping that soon Maura would give in and let her feast.

She didn’t have to wait long because Maura had no intention of making her wait today. As much as she loved teasing her girl, they did have dinner reservations that she would prefer not to miss. Sliding her other hand down, she pulled her thong to the side.

“Good girl,” she praised, pulling tighter on the new ponytail she had made of Scarlet’s hair and drew closer, “Now.”

Scarlet moaned as her face made contact with her sweet heat. The full taste of her lover fully making contact with her skin, and she could feel her eyes roll back in her head. She loved the full, unfiltered taste of her domme. She could, and had, spent hours between those legs. It was heaven; she was sure of it. She ran her tongue up and swirled around her domme’s sensitive clit before diving in and earning a well-deserved moan from above.

“Fuck,” Maura whispered, her knees giving out as she fell backward onto her office chair. And Scarlett, the dutiful sub she was, followed behind her as she dove forward to continue.

Maura spread her legs even further apart as she let Scarlett worship her. She enjoyed the teasing way that Scarlett licked around her clit, gently over it, around again, and she let herself get lost in the pleasure of it. She felt every nerve ending build, as her breathing became more rapid. Scarlett was alternating between soft and hard strokes, fast and light, and it was leaving Maura soaked and needing that release.

“You’re so good,” Maura moaned, grinning at the blonde head bobbing up and down between her legs. Fuck, she loved her girl in this position, between her legs. She grabbed the back of her head, pulling at the hair harder. Scarlett moaned, revealing in the rough treatment, and the vibrations flew across her clit and slammed Maura headfirst into an orgasm.

Maura had just enough of a sound mind to slap one hand over her mouth to muffle her scream. She rode out her orgasm as Scarlett continued to wind her down, extracting every last moan out from her domme. Breathing heavily, Maura pulled her by the jaw up close to her lips.

“You are so fucking sexy,” Maura whispered out, “on the floor of my office, without any questions, worshipping me.”

Scarlett whimpered, “Always, ma’am.”

“I bet you would let me do almost anything to you right now?” Maura reached around and slapped her behind. It wasn’t as loud as usual, Scarlett’s skirt muffling the sound, but the impact still worked. Scarlett gasped and snapped to attention, the wetness in her underwear painfully evident. She had been on edge for her domme all day, fighting her inner urge to touch herself all day (even at work), but not giving in. Maura had instructed her not to touch herself without explicit permission, and she had been too busy during the day to lock herself in her office and beg permission.

Not that she would have received it today, it was all too clear Maura had been planning this.

But now she felt so needy. She might hump her leg to get off. If Maura ordered her to do it, she knew she would. She was desperate, and Maura knew it. She knew how wet and crazy it drove Scarlett to pleasure her, to be between her legs.

Scarlett nodded in affirmative, “Yes, ma’am. I would. Anything for you.”

“I know you’ve thought about this,” Maura said, popping a button on Scarlett’s blouse loose. And then another one, revealing a hint of that soft skin below, “… about getting fucked in my office, haven’t you?”

The blonde felt an intense burn in her core whenever Maura used naughty language around her. In the ordinary world, outside of their little bubble, Maura was professional as could be. However, whenever it was the two of them, Scarlett had learned how filthy Maura’s mouth could be. It sent hot coils into her stomach.

“Yes, ma’am,” she admitted. She had spent many nights in her apartment with her hand between her legs before the two of them had even met officially, fucking herself to the thought.

Maura unsnapped a couple of buttons and pressed her mouth hotly to Scarlett’s ear, “Does it turn you on to know that people might be right outside that door?”

Scarlet barely managed to squirm on her heels, but she was nodding heavily.

“Does it get you wet to think about how powerful I am? How many employees am I in charge of? That everyone in this building works for me?”

“It does,” Scarlett breathed because it was true. It was her confidence, her authority, her power that had always drawn Scarlett to Maura. She was powerful in every way. She knew herself, she knew what she wanted, and she wouldn’t stop until she got it.

“And how about if one of those employees walked in? And I pushed you under my desk, and had you eat me out while I conducted my business? What if I kept you under there, with a vibrator shoved up your pussy, while I controlled it with my phone?”

Fuck, Scarlett could feel herself dripping down her thighs already, “I would let you do anything, ma’am. Please…”

The desperation in her voice made Maura cackle, which only made Scarlett burn with humiliation and need. Her cheeks were flushed red as Maura ordered, “Jacket, shirt. Off.”

Off they went without a second-guess. Left was a low red bra, perfectly cupping those incredible breasts, that Maura immediately reached out for, “Is this new?”

Scarlett blushed almost as deep as the color bra she was wearing, “I bought it last week after… after the last one ripped.”

Maura smiled, reliving the memory. It had been a particularly rough tumble in Scarlett’s apartment where Scarlett had cum before she was supposed to, and Maura had ripped up every article off her body before spanking Scarlett until she came again down her thighs. She traced the lace with her finger, over each nipple, under the breast, over the top, before reaching down and pushing her face down towards the floor.

“Maybe that will teach you to listen next time,” Maura hissed, pulling her tight pencil skirt up over her hips. No underwear. Good, just like Maura had instructed. She looked at her girl, ass high in the air, face tilted, so her cheek was flush against the floor, “Although sometimes I think you like getting punished.”

Scarlett smiled and spread her legs now that they were no longer confined by the tight form-fit skirt. Sometimes Scarlett enjoyed getting punished, which is precisely why Maura pushed her anyways.

When Maura opened another drawer, the one locked at the bottom of her desk, Scarlett’s ears perked up.

“Oh, did I not mention I had another present for you?”

When Scarlett tried to turn her head to see, it was forced back in place. Not too roughly, just enough to remind Scarlett who was in charge. Maura grinned as she slid her panties off her legs and settled in next to her lover. Scarlett had no idea what the new mysteriously present was until she felt something press against her entrance.

The gasp that came out of her mouth was swift and sharp before a hand was being clamped back down across it. “Now,” Maura drawled, “Because you ravished my pussy so lovely today, I’m willing to make this extra special, but you need to be a good girl and keep your mouth shut. I don’t want everyone left in this office hearing you scream.”

Scarlett nodded, her blonde hair sticking to her face, as Maura removed her hand. She knew the door was locked. She had done that herself. She had seen a few stragglers working late, but they were nowhere near the proximity of Maura’s office.

Maura dragged the toy up and down, dragging it through the wetness already coating Scarlett’s pussy and thighs. Scarlett continued to whimper and beg, “Please, Maura, please, please, please. Oh god, I need to feel you inside me.”

Suddenly, Scarlett felt the toy easing inside her, and she nearly cried with relief. “Oh my god. Thank you,” she muttered under near breath as the toy stretched her out. The coolness of the floor against her cheek was striking in comparison to the hot temperature of her body, slick with sweat. When she felt Maura’s hand touch her pussy, knowing she was finally fully inside her, she moaned with need. The hot coils in her stomach were exploding, and she knew there was only one person who could give her what she needed.

“Oh, and Scarlett?”

“Y-… yes?” Scarlett asked, the breath already stolen from her lungs. She could feel the tears brimming around her eyes. She wanted to be owned. She wanted to be fucked. By her.

“I wasn’t lying about that remote control vibrator.”

Before Scarlett had any time to react, there was a vibration kicking inside her as she realized- oh fuck, Maura had bought a vibrator. That said vibrator was now inside her, and Maura was remotely controlling it from her phone. She could barely think as the waves of pleasure rocked over her and through her, and she left wet, breath marks on cold hardwood. She felt a hard smack hot against her ass before slim fingers were reaching beneath her, cupping her pussy, and began playing her clit.

Scarlett’s moans nearly became screams until she felt Maura pushing something inside her mouth. She knew the taste immediately and knew it was her domme’s soaked underwear. She choked on the taste and drowned in the scent. She closed her eyes and let Maura and her body take over.

“That’ll keep that mouth of yours shut,” Maura cackled as she smacked hard against her perky ass again before experimenting with the different settings on the remote app.

Slow, fast, pulse, slow, slow, fast, hard, faster, faster, all the while fingering her clit. Scarlett screamed into the panties.

Maura began pumping the vibrator in and out, pushing Scarlett up until that limit before stopping, slowing down, ramping back up, getting Scarlett right to the edge before bringing her down, and up again until she could tell that Scarlett was begging to come into her soaked panties.

“You can come after this,” she instructed, turning the setting on high, watching Scarlett’s hips vigorously shake as she began her fall, and then Maura licked from the vibrator to the small of her back, deep from behind. She heard Scarlett scream, thankfully muffled, and shake as she was thrown into her orgasm. Maura continued to lick at that most sensitive spot until Scarlett had almost collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily and completely limp.

“I’ll be right back,” she said, gently running her fingers over her lover’s back before running to her office bathroom. She quickly brushed her teeth and filled up a glass of water. Returning as promptly to her sub as she could, who had now rolled over onto her back with her eyes closed. Maura sighed happily, picking the underwear out of her mouth and into her purse, “You did so good.”

Scarlett opened her eyes just enough to see the water being handed to her, which she accepted gladly. Maura helped her sit up against the desk.

“Do you want me to help get…” Maura motioned down to her pussy.

“No,” Scarlett resisted, her breathing returning to normal, “I thought I might wear it during dinner.”

Something primal stirred in Maura, eagerly agreeing, “You have such a filthy mind.”

“Says the woman who just had me on her office floor.”

Maura rolled her eyes, “I always have you.”

Scarlett grinned before kissing her softly, “You do.”


Lady Domitille

A queer erotica writer

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