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Heels: A Siren Song, part 2

another sexy tale

By Tristan PalmerPublished 3 years ago 10 min read
Heels: A Siren Song, part 2
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

It was time to lock up for the night. The backdoor was locked already, and I locked the back store room with another key on the same ring. I took a breath as I turned around, making sure I was about to leave work, then go fix a woman's sink who's ass I had been starring at just three hours ago.

Turning from the back room door, I walked up one aisle to reach the front door. The store was empty and the sky outside was dark. There was a light layer of snow on the ground, and I passed the front register before reaching the front door.

I let out a sigh before I walked out the front door, pulling my jacket further around me.

Shutting the front door I found the key to lock it, and turned it until I heard a click. I let out a huff of a breath, then tucked the key ring back into an outside pocket on my jacket. Turning around I started to walk to my 2002 Toyota that sat in the furthest spot on the right. I had my head wrapped around the fact that I was about to meet a woman at her home to fix her sink, but what happened after that was what I was in the dark about.

I was at my car now, and I pulled open the door. I got in, brought the engine to life, and pulled out and away from the parking lot. It was nice and dark out, but the lights on the street go me where I needed to go.

15 Delmonti Circle was about four streets away from the store I worked out. I wondered then how many times you had come in there, in the last four years I had been working there. Had I seen you before? Probably not, my penis had a good memory for faces. I know that might be distasteful, but it's the truth.

When I turned onto Delmonti my heart started to race. My face was hot, despite the fact that I had my window cracked because I was already on my third cigarette. It took maybe six minutes to get onto your road.

I passed house number thirteen, on the left of the street. I was at your place next, and slowed down to stop across the street. I could have parked in your driveway, but I didn't want to seem like I was trying to push my luck. I might end up fixing your sink and get sent on my way.

Turning off the engine I got out of my car, snapping the door shut behind me. I had my cigarette butt in my hand, and I dropped it before I snuffed it under my faded boot heel. They were as worn down as my jacket, and needed replacing.

I walked across the street, looking both ways at the tire tracks that went left and right. I huffed out a breath that fogged the air, and when I came up to your sidewalk I tapped my boots on the ground. The snow was just starting to melt, but your place was swept off and looked good. Smooth white walls, and I saw lights on through one of the windows.

Further up your sidewalk, I took yet another breath, then came up the single step before I stood in front of your door. I reached out to ring the doorbell, and put my thumb against it.

As soon as I pressed it down, however, I watched as you pulled open the door. You regarded me a moment, then smiled at me before stepping to the side to let me in.

"Hello Patrick," you said with a smooth voice.

"Hi," I smiled weakly at you, my heart ready to pop.

You shut the door behind me, and I looked your place over. Two couches in the living room just off the front door, with an ornate looking rug that was laying over the hardwood floors. There was some art on the walls, and a fireplace was across from one of the couches. It was crackling with logs in it, and I felt the warmth as I rubbed my hands together.

You were standing behind me then, and reached up your hands to pull off my jacket. The motion startled me, but I turned around and stepped out of my jacket without thinking about it.

You only smiled at me, the corners of your mouth seeming to make your face shine.

"I'll leave this here," she said, "if you want to have a seat on the couch in there."

"Uh, your sink?" I asked a short question.

You only shook your head before you reached out to take my hand, starting to tug me in the direction of living room.

"It can wait," you say as I rubbed the back of my hand.

"Ok," I said the word blankly.

You and I were drifting into the living room now, and you turned you head to look at the fire that was crackling. There was a coffee table in front of the couch that faced the fire, decorated with a small variety of alcoholic beverages. A smaller end table sat next to the couch, and a glass of wine sat on it. There was a light lipstick stain on the rim, and I gazed at it as we came to sit on the couch.

You were eager, I remember now. You sat facing me, putting one of your legs up in my lap. You weren't shy, and I looked at you. I reached out to trace your bare leg, feeling the smooth skin. You had your hair pulled up into a smooth bun, and a pair of black glasses perched on your nose.

You wore a pair of heels, and a black dress that fell all the way down to your knees. Your shoulders were bare, and the tops of your breasts were just visible at the top of your dress. You looked good, but you didn't need me to tell you that.

"You look good," I said it anyways.

You smiled at me before you nodded to me.

"Hand me my wine?" you asked gently.

I nodded, turning around to full fill your request. I put my hand on it, but felt you shift on the couch. I choose to ignore it as I turned back around, you drink in hand.

You were much closer when I faced you again. Close enough to kiss. Your lips were shiny and looked smooth. You reached out a hand to take your wine, leaning forward even though you didn't need to.

"How long's it been since you fucked a woman?" you asked me without any waver in your voice.

It was almost like you slapped me. My face was blank, but I was still focusing on your lips. They were still as air, and I wanted to kiss you bad. To feel what your lips were like on mine.

"it's been about four months," I said quietly.

"Oh, you poor thing," you whispered to me.

You were close enough to me our noses were touching. I swallowed then, and leaned a little closer, ready to kiss you. You let it happen, my gentle touch against you.

Your lips were soft as silk, and I let myself moan gently as you reached out, putting a hand on my chest.

I moved a hand up to touch your face, feeling your soft cheeks. Everything about you was soft, and I moved up my free hand to touch the top of your breast.

"Mmm," you moved back some then, taking a breath, "you wanna see my tits? hmm?"

"Yeah," I sounded out of breath, despite the fact that I wasn't.

You smiled at me then, bitting your bottom lip. You slipped a hand over one breast, removing it from your shirt. I saw your hand reveal it, showing a smaller areola and a pierced nipple.

You repeated the action, showing both of your pierced nipples. You rubbed them with your hands, then pulled down your dress some, your sleeves hanging onto your arms, your breasts and shoulders bare for my viewing pleasure.

I reached out to touch one of your nipples, rubbing the metal against your skin, making you close your eyes and leaned your head back some.

I reached down to pull at my belt, feeling like I was being scraped to death by my zipper. I had my belt undone, and I reached into my pants to pull my cock out. I was stiff and getting harder.

You looked down at it, and reached out to take it in your hand. You rubbed my tip, then stroked my shaft once before you grabbed my balls, cupping and rubbing them.

I was hard and throbbing, still gripping one of your nipples. I took my free hand to pushed up the bottom of your dress. I ran my hand all the way to your private area, feeling the soft panties you had on. They were more thin cotton, and I felt the wetness down there.

You wanted me, or so I was fairly convinced. You went back to stroking my shaft, and I let out a soft moan, taking pleasure in the motion.

I let go of your nipple to put my other hand on your other leg. I pushed them apart gently, and you stayed sitting up, watching my cock in your hand. I leaned my head back on the couch, rubbing your thighs in my hands.

You moved then, coming off the couch before you stood in front of me. You leaned down to get on your knees, looking at me from over your glasses. They accented your face and silky bun or hair, making you look more than amazing. I was weak for heels and glasses, so you were doing more than you even thought.

You kissed the top of my cock first, then licked the tip. I moaned as I leaned my head further back. I felt pre cum coming up already, and you licked it away, giggling.

"You like that?" you asked me.

"Fuck yes," I muttered, my mind in the next room over.

You giggled again as you slipped my mouth over my cock, pushing it into your mouth. It was warm and I groaned, my cock throbbing. I was ready to explode already, and I wondered if I might just let myself.

"Mmmm," you moaned on my cock, your vibrations making the sensations better.

I moved a hand up to caress your cheek, picking up my head to watch you. You looked at me, gazing over your glasses at me. I bit my lip, looking up at the ceiling as you kept sucking. Again I felt like I was about to cum, and I let out a moan.

"Uhh I might cum," I said it aloud.

Without another word you leaned up, your mouth coming off my cock. You gasped for air, a string of cum coming from my cock to your mouth. Wasting no time, you shoved my cock back in your mouth, and pushed it deep in your throat.

"Oh fuck!" I groaned, looking back at you.

I moved my hand from your face to take the back of your head then, helping you suck all the pre cum out of my cock. I was about to cum for certain now, and I put my other hand around my balls, cupping them. It helped, don't kink shame me.

You sucked harder and speed up, making slurping sounds as you swallowed whatever was pre-cumming in your mouth. I moaned as I felt myself throb, passing my point of no return.

"I'm gonna cum!" I moaned then, gripping your bun.

I flexed my cock before I came. I felt the flood come loose a second later, and you pressed my cock in your mouth, swallowing the first wave of cum that flooded your mouth.

You swallowed again, my cock pressed so far into your mouth you could have licked my balls. I was moaning with my head pressed into the back of the couch, and I let go of my balls to grab the back of your neck.

You moaned as I pulled your face back. I moaned again as a dribble of cum hit your chin, and I gazed at you. You smiled at me, gasping for breath and licking your lips.

"Fuck, that was a lot," you said with a smile.

"That was fucking great," I said with a huff.

You bit your bottom lip at me, then asked,

"You ever had a woman do it that good?"

"No," I shook my head, moving a hand to grip your chin.

I pulled you up with one hand, you obeying my silent command. I was no dom, but you would have been a good sub.

You smiled at me as you leaned over me, and I leaned up to press my lips against you. Sure you had just swallowed a load of my cum, but I had done that before.

Moaning against my touch you kissed me back. You put a hand on my face, tracing upwards to pass it over my head. You rubbed the back of my head as we continued to kiss, but soon we broke away.

"Mmmm, so," I kept rubbing the back of my head, "how about fixing my sink now?"

I let myself smirk then, and rubbed your chin.

"I'll take care of it," I said.

You smiled at me and gave me a light giggle before standing up. You tucked your breasts back into your dress top, adjusting them before turning. You turned to look at me, then winked before you stepped away and said,

"Take a second and catch your breath. After you fix the sink, I might need you to take a look at my bed."

"Uh, ok?" I phrased that like a question.

"Well, when I get a little wild while I masturbate, it creaks a lot," you kept walking as your drifted into another room.

I let myself chuckle as I leaned my head back, catching my breath. Fixing this woman's sink would be an easy task, and if we were going to have sex after that, I'd be smart to stick around.

I still didn't even know her name, but maybe I didn't need to.


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Hi all. All I am is a humble writer who works a full time job, just to afford to live so I can have time to write. I love science fiction with a passion, but all works and walks of writing are important to me.

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