He Is in Control

by Michaela B 2 years ago in erotic

And I like it.

He Is in Control

“What do you want?” he whispers in my ear.

I can feel his hot breath on my neck. He tickles my ear lobe with his tongue.

“I want you,” I respond, my voice breathy as I struggle to get the words out. I want him. I want him now.

I feel his hand glide down my back and grab my ass. He brings it back up and starts massaging my breast.

I moan. It feels good having his hands on me.

I kiss his neck as his other hand finds its way to my pants.

I take his shirt off. He’s smooth, with a rock hard chest that has just enough hair coming up from inside his pants to make you want to grab a hold and follow it in. It’s the path to the treasure that he’s hiding. I want that treasure.

He’s got me against a wall—he is in control and we both know it. He unzips my pants. Over my panties, he starts to rub my clit.

I bite and kiss his neck, scratch his back to let him know that’s what I need.

With his other hand, he grabs my hair. Tugs it enough to brink the line between pleasure and pain. I kiss his chest and stomach. Working my way down to his dick. I can feel it through his pants as I unzip and open them up. I put it in my mouth and he moans my name. He plays with my hair, tugs a bit. I can feel him running it through his fingers as a distraction from him getting too excited.

He pulls me back up and kisses me as I help him out of the rest of his clothes.

Once he steps out of his pants, he picks me up, wraps my legs around his waist as we make our way to the bedroom.

There’s the obvious sense of urgency. He’s naked and wants me. All I have on are my panties and they are soaked for him.

He throws me, literally, on the bed. It’s hot. I watch him as he slowly but urgently climbs on top of me. He stops at my panties, removing them as he puts his mouth on me. He slowly licks, just barely touching me but enough to make me crazy. I am arching my back and pushing my pussy into his mouth.

As he continues, getting more and more intense, he is grabbing me around my waist. I am grabbing his hair. I can’t take it and I finish. He looks up and smiles, knowing it’s only the first.

He moves his way up and slowly inserts his penis into me. I moan. It feels amazing, feels right.

He starts off slow, making me want more. But he is in control.

He brings my legs up so they are resting on his shoulders as he plunged deeper inside me. I gasp. He is huge. Bigger than I’ve had before so it hurts a little. But just the right amount to make me want to take it all. He knows this based on how I grab his ass and push him further into me.

He continues. Thrusting in and out, in and out.

God, I’m going to cum again.

After, he stops he grabs my arms and flips me over. He pushes my head down while grabbing my hips to pull them up to him.

He plunges inside me once more.

Holy shit.

I grab a pillow and shove my face in it to help the sound of my screaming.

He goes until finally with one final thrust we finish together. He moans. I scream his name.

We are both shaking.

Michaela B
Michaela B
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