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He always gives the best presents

by SaphyraRose 15 days ago in erotic

Part 1

He always gives the best presents
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

He always knows how to make my bad days better…

I got home to find him in the bedroom sitting on the edge of the bed, Scotch in hand wearing a smile much like that of the cat who ate the canary. He opens his mouth but says nothing, noticing my gaze has gone past him, to the tired, panting, clawed mess of girl behind him. If possible I think his grin grew wider when he saw me unconsciously licking my lips.

He gets up and walks towards me, drawing my attention back to him, taking in his appearance, his mouth soaked in her juices, shirt torn, buttons clawed off, sleeves folded loosely over his wrists, scratched up from her nails.

"I wouldn’t have gotten started without you, but I needed an appetizer and she tasted delightfully creamy and knew how to put up a fight."

He leans in to kiss me, his already intoxicating taste mixing with hers on my lips, his scent engulfing me, his empty hand grasping my hip, squeezing it as he lifts his lips, mouth moving to my ear as he growls, "Go fuck her"

Looking up at hi mas he pulls away I grin. "Aww Daddy, you get me the best presents" I lean in to kiss him again, biting his lower lip before leaning back again, "Share her with me?"

He shakes his head looking me in the eyes, "Later little one, for now I want to watch you make her cum. The way I make you cum. The way you want me to make you cum."

My eyes light up, "Ok Daddy"

Smirking, I walk over to my girl, leaning down to pet her hair, fingers tangling in the waves, nose buried against her neck, inhaling her scent, lips making their way slowly up to her mouth, biting her plump lower lip, making her whimper as my free hand caresses slowly down her stomach, across her thighs, and straight to her soaking core, teasing her clit, feeling how wet she is from Daddy’s mouth on her. Letting her lip go, I bite and kiss my way down to her chest, my other hand leaving her hair to roll one of her nipples between my fingers as my tongue slowly circles the other, my warm breath fanning across the damp skin making goosebumps appear.

Hearing her sigh, I latch my mouth onto her nipple, sucking hard, pinching the other nipple as one of my fingers slowly dips inside her hot wet core, making her gasp loudly, her hips rising, inviting me to slide my finger deeper inside her.

Biting down on her nipple softly, I catch it between my teeth and pull, making her moan. I move back up to her ear, my mouth nibbling her ear lobe as I whisper "Daddy’s watching us little bunny… Do you like that?" As I insert another finger in her, I can feel her body tightening at my words, a fresh wave of juices coating my fingers. "You do like it, a lot… I need to taste…" I kiss my way down her body, biting here and there, scratching her skin with my nails, soothing each mark with my tongue as I move lower and lower, turning my head to shoot Daddy a smirk, knowing he is watching, feeling his gaze on us, on me, making me wet knowing he can’t tear his gaze away from us. Seeing the effect it’s having on him as he strains against his pants, his hand clenched absentmindedly on his glass, all his attention on us.

Turning my head back, I focus on the delicious girl under me, kissing my way to her inner thigh my hand pushing her leg up to rest on my shoulder, burying my teeth in her skin, marking her before kissing my way down, growling slightly at the first taste of her juice on my tongue as I gently take her clit between my teeth, holding it in place while I flick my tongue over it again and again, my fingers curling inside her, knowing just the spot to hit, causing her to gasp, her hips to lift from the bed, hands to grab my hair, nails digging into my scalp. I can feel myself grinning, my face coated in her juices, releasing her sensitive bud to plunge my tongue deep inside her, my fingers still working in and out, my other hand holding her hip, keeping her where I want her as I continue to torture her.

I’m enjoying slow deep licks of her core, looking up every now and then, locking eyes with her as she watches me, her eyes glazed, moaning and unable to look away from the sight of me between her legs. With my tongue buried inside her, I grin and remove my fingers, placing them on her oh so sensitive clit, rubbing in circles faster and faster, hearing her breathing pick up, her muscles tightening, her leg tensing on my shoulder, watching her head fall back, hearing Daddy growl "No, open your eyes, watch her, watch her make you cum. Now!" I can’t help but grin against her, pressing harder on her clit, the hand on her hip gripping with bruising strength, pulling her in closer to my face, lapping up all her juices as her eyes shoot to mine, glazing over again as the sexiest moan escapes her throat, body tensed as she rides the waves of pleasure pouring through her body before collapsing back against the bed, chest heaving….

I turn, face covered in her wetness, a grin plastered on my lips, only to find Daddy right next to me, already leaning down to roughly claim my lips with a growl, one hand burying itself in my hair, the other wrapped around my throat, pulling me closer to him.

His teeth biting my bottom lip demands me to open to him, and I do. His tongue slides into my mouth and the taste of scotch mixed with the taste of the girl on my tongue has me moaning into the kiss as he tightens his hold on my throat just the way I like it. His other hand leaves my hair and travels down my back to grip my ass, pulling me flush against his front, the hard length of him digging into my thigh, letting me know how much he wants to take me after the show little bunny and I put on for him. I giggle into the kiss and pull away long enough to whisper, “Are we going to share her now Daddy?” He growls, his mouth dropping to the curve where my neck n shoulder meet, his teeth marking the skin there before he says, “I think our little bunny is tired, maybe you should let her recover kitten. For now, Daddy wants to ravish you like you did to her.”

As he’s speaking my clothes are disappearing, one article at a time, until I’m completely bare before him, my body his to explore. Before I know it, my back is on the floor and I’m being covered by the warmth of his body, his knee pushing my thighs apart while his teeth capture my nipple in their gentle yet persistent hold. His hands are roaming my body, but his eyes, their gaze remains fixed on my face, watching the effect he has on me as he bites a little harder and my back arches up from the floor, pushing more of my breast into his mouth. The feral grin I love so much graces his lips as my eyes start to roll back. I could feel the growl vibrate across my skin when he gripped my hip harder and pulled me closer to him, rubbing his knee against my already soaked core. His free hand fisted in my hair pulling me up to capture my lips with his.

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