Fulfilling Your Fantasies

by ASHLEY SMITH 3 years ago in fetishes

Are they best left as dreams?

Fulfilling Your Fantasies

I would imagine that everyone has a fantasy or too they wish to explore. This could be with their partner, the person they fancy or even a celebrity. The question is, therefore, is it better to keep the fantasy or to actually try to fulfill it? Is the fantasy as good as the reality, is it better to dream or experience? The chance to experience your fantasy with a celebrity is perhaps remote but with anyone else could happen.

I wonder this as I have experienced nearly all the sexual fantasies I talked about with my girlfriend before we became a couple. We have also experienced most of the ones we have spoken about since. All for us so far have been at least as good as we both hoped, or at least they have been for me. I haven’t had any experience with any celebrities so no idea how any of those would go. Also in case my girlfriend reads this I have no fantasies with any celebrity at this point.

Before we were a couple we exchanged texts and letters saying what we wanted to do to each other and with each other. We started in the car with some mutual masturbation. The fantasies then became the chance to move from the cramped car to a roomy bedroom. We were able to move from performing acts that need skills usually restricted to a gymnast to the comfort of a double bed. The first chance to perform oral sex then proper sex lying down was brilliant. I could concentrate without the distraction of a gear stick in my ribs. Sex in the car hadn’t worked properly at all, once in bed it was brilliant as well.

The fantasies also mentioned different positions, multiple orgasms, and finally spending nights together. Now we live together all this happens and we can experiment all we like. All these fantasies have worked just as we planned and hoped for.

We have talked about taking pictures of each other during bedroom fun and also outdoors. The bedroom pictures have started, the outdoor ones are next hopefully. The indoor shots are taken naked and partially dressed. Some during sex and others at random times. The outdoor ones I hope will happen when the weather warms up, it’s something I have done before many times but will be new for my girlfriend. I am confident it will be worth it and hope she will love it as much as I did when last had the chance.

Going back to the celebrity fantasies that people other than I may have, I wonder what fulfilling the fantasy would be like. For a start it might depend what the subject of the fantasy looks like without layers of makeup, photoshopping, and the surrounding lime light. Also, the way a celebrity even acts could be artificial, so what you end up with could be totally different. Once you remove all the artificial layers the result could bear little or no resemblance to your dream person. It may be a boast to say you have slept with a celebrity but not necessarily a dream come true.

Fantasies are good and can help a love life survive and thrive. Once you achieve your dreams maybe come up with some more. It may be an idea to come up with some unlikely ones so you always have something to dream of. Not all will come true, not all will be as good as you imagine, but still have fantasies. Whether it’s with your partner or favorite film star, it’s always good to dream. Maybe they will all come true one day.

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