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by BF Jeffers about a year ago in erotic
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Let The Fun Begin

Gentile fingertips,

followed by soft lips,

tracing down my spine.

Teeth scraping,

hips gyrating,

oh, this feeling is divine.

Fiery bodies,

making sweat pool.

Ice cubes drip,

forcing my body to cool.

My fingernails,

dig into your skin.

Your tongue traces me,

from neck to shin.

You carefully place,

my blindfold on.

My inhibitions fade,

until they’re gone.

My back arches,

off the bed.

My hands, you cuff,

my legs, you spread.

I start to tremble,

and gasp for air.

This new sensation,

almost too much to bear.

The release.

Is oh so sweet.

Then I feel your body move away.

But the teasing is not done,

you say we’ve just begun.

And you bring some toys out to play.


This is my first time writing something like this. I was a little nervous to dive in deeper, but I had a lot more to write. Thank you for reading!


About the author

BF Jeffers

I'm someone that likes to read, write, sing, dance and try new things. It'd be nice to connect with fellow writers or other like-minded individuals! More to come.

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