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Finding Hope in the Darkness

Tanya finds love after being arrested

By Shawn David KelleyPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 11 min read

Finding Hope in The Darkness

“How many people suffer from depression?” The Clinical Therapist asked from the front of the lecture hall. “Everyone has bouts of depression but those that are diagnosed with clinical depression are but a small number compared to the undiagnosed individuals that are afflicted with this problem.”

David sat half listening to the speaker. His best friend, Tanya had drug him to the Mental Health presentation at the university that she was attending for her Clinical Therapist degree. He was glad when the presentation was over and he could get back to his lonely, depressing life. Tanya didn’t understand things from his point of view. She hadn’t been very popular in high school but once she went off to the university, things took a drastic turn for the better for her.

David remembered the summer between graduation and the start of the college semester. Tanya had been a little overweight in school and dressed in all gothic outfits. She wore dark makeup to hide the bruising her adoptive parents would often give her. But immediately after graduation, which happened to be her eighteenth birthday, she moved out. She had been giving her paychecks to her adoptive parents for the last two years that she had been working.

David had helped her rent an apartment not far from the university campus. His parents had been saving for their only child to get a good college education so when it came time to attend the university, he had the funds to do so without needing to get a job. However, he had taken a part job with a landscaping company. The outdoor, labor-intensive work did him well, helping him lose weight and get his muscles toned not to mention the tan he sported.

Tanya on the other hand had to get a job to pay for the university and her room and board even though the apartment David had rented was covered with his college fund. During the three and a half months of summer break before the Fall Semester began, she had found a job at the Women’s Humane Society. She loved animals but by the end of the first week, she had quit and refused to speak about the reason. She then landed a job at a fast-food restaurant but quit when a customer kept coming in to hit on her.

By the end of the third week, Tanya was beyond depressed with her choices of employment. Then David saw a drastic change in Tanya’s mannerisms and personal appearance.

David had come in from work, his shirt off and showing off a perfect sunshine tan. He kept his hair short so he was wearing a ballcap to keep his head from blistering in the hot sun. Tanya was pacing the floor between the hallway and kitchen.

As soon as David opened the front door, Tanya ran up to him and stopped. At first, David wasn’t sure who she was, the changes had been that drastic.

Gone were the gothic makeup and clothes. Gone was the stringy dyed black hair. Gone were all the piercings she had. All that was left was a rather gorgeous brunette, David had to admit. She wore a pink dress that did not attempt to hide her raw sexuality or her ample cleavage. She wore matching high heel shoes. Her hair had been washed, dyed, and styled by a professional salon. Her makeup could have been done by a movie makeup artist. She sported a single diamond stud earring in each ear.

“What do you think?” Tanya asked as she spun around making the dress flair out before settling back down as she stopped.

“Wow, Tanya. I almost didn’t recognize you,” David stammered as he saw his friend in a new light.

“I was hoping for something more tangible,” Tanya sarcastically replied.

“You could stop traffic on the highway dress like that,” David had smiled.

“Oh, so I’m fuckable now? I’m no longer just a dark goth girl, weird and overlooked?” Tanya asked.

“No one could overlook you, dressed like that,” David had told her.

“Good, I start a new job tonight. I had to have my best friend critique my appearance before I went out,” Tanya had said. “And no staring at my ass or tits, ok?”

“I can only try,” David had joked.

“That’s good then. If my best friend finds me attractive and fuckable, I should have no trouble my first night at work,” She had said before giving David a quick kiss on the cheek, and out the door, she flew.

That was a summer and Fall semester behind them. Tanya had done well at the company she worked. She began going to the gym She seemed to have plenty of money flowing in. She had expanded her wardrobe. She threw out the majority of her gothic theme clothes, all but one. Her marks in all her classes were above average and some even at the top of the class. Instead of the shy, quiet school girl, Tanya came out of her shell in a big way. Not only did her appearance change but she became an outgoing, bubbly person. Her study groups never knew the shy goth girl David knew and loved. But he came to love the outgoing positive person Tanya had become.

The start of the second fall semester saw Tanya enrolling in several mental health courses, one being on sexuality. David had found her sitting at the kitchen table reading her textbook when he came home from work. She didn’t hear him as he came into the kitchen to grab a Mt. Dew.

“Would you describe me as sexually aggressive?” Tanya had asked when she finally noticed David in the room.

“Not really, why do you ask?” David had asked her.

“My textbook describes sexually aggressive individuals as having low self-esteem and personal image issues.” Tanya had said before standing up from her chair and wiping her top and bra off in front of David.

“Wow,” Was all David could say as he stared, mouth agape, staring at Tanya’s perfect breasts.

“I think coming to the university has opened me up to the world of greater possibilities,” Tanya said as she walked around in the kitchen, her breast swaying as she walked.

“Uh, ok,” Was all David could say at that moment.

“If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to be dressing like this from now on,” Tanya had told him.

Indeed, that was how she dressed when at home. Later she started to wear only a thong or nothing on the bottom as well. David had such a hard time trying to ignore the gorgeous goddess that pranced about the apartment as if going nude was an everyday occurrence.

“This must make you feel uncomfortable, me walking around like this,” she said when she noticed how turned-on David had been but she hadn’t stopped.

The day before the presentation, Tanya had asked if he wanted to join her for lunch. He had jumped at the chance, thinking it was a step closer to having an actual date with his friend and roommate. But it seemed that Tanya didn’t have any romantic intentions when it came to David but he held out hope.

When the presentation was over, David waited for the lecture hall to thin out. Tanya immediately went up to the speaker. David noticed that the woman seemed annoyed with Tanya. On her part, Tanya shrank back from the Clinical Therapist. There seemed to be a short-heated discussion before Tanya nearly ran out of the lecture hall, tears streaming down her face.

David followed on her heels. Tanya didn’t stop until she was at the liquor store down the street. She grabbed several bottles of hard liquor.

“Can you pay for these?” Tanya asked. “I left my card in the apartment.”

“Sure, no problem,” David said as he paid the cashier for the bottles before following her out the door.

Once outside, Tanya immediately opened one of the bottles and started chugging it down. She got about a quarter down before she started coughing. Once the coughing was done, she took another drink, this one much smaller than the first.

“We should get back to the apartment?” David said never having seen Tanya drink before.

“Why? There is no reason to,” Tanya said, the first sign of being drunk appearing as her eyes began to glaze over.

“Come on, Tanya. I need to get you in bed,” David said, taking her by the arm.

“I bet you have been wanting to say that to me since I change how I look,” Tanya started slurring her words as she took another drink.

“Come on, please. I don’t want you to get arrested for drinking in public,” David said but it was too later as a police officer walked up.

“Are you drinking in public? That’s a three hundred dollar fine. I need to see your ID,” the officer said.

“Fuck off,” Tanya slurred.

“I’m sorry officer. I need to get her home,” David said.

“Is she your sister or girlfriend?” the officer asked.

“Friend and Roommate,” David said.

“Well, either way, she’s going to jail. Bring her ID to the station and the judge may set her bail,” The officer said as he grabbed Tanya and began handcuffing her.

David grabbed the partially empty bottle and the other full bottles. Another police officer arrived in the squad car. They put Tanya in the backseat. Once in the car, she slumped over and passed out.

David wasn’t able to convince the officers to let Tanya go, instead, they threatened him with a fine for an opened container. He took the bottles to the apartment and grabbed cash from his safety bow. He wasn’t sure how much bail would be but he also had his debit card.

Once he found out which police station she was at and he arrived, he was told her bail had been paid and a friend picked her up. David didn’t know what friend had bailed her out since he didn’t know she had any friends other than him. He returned to the apartment to wait for her.

David sat at the apartment worried until he received a call from Tanya at midnight. She was in jail again and needed him to post bail.

“Why not call your other friend,” David said, sarcastically.

“Please, David. You’re the only one that I can call. The person who posted bail earlier won’t help me,” Tanya said.

‘Alright, I’m on my way. Which station are you at?” David asked.

“Twelfth,” Tanya told him.

When David arrived at the station, he was informed that Tanya had been arrested for soliciting and prostitution. David couldn’t speak. He was instructed to have a seat and would be told when he could post bail.

It was seven in the morning by the time bail was set and he was able to pay it. Tanya was released at three in the afternoon. As soon as he saw Tanya, he proceeded her out of the police station. He walked to his car and stopped to make sure Tanya was following him. He unlocked the car and they got in. He refused to look at her as he drove. Tanya remained silent waiting for David to say something.

Once back at the apartment building, David held the building’s main door open for Tanya. He unlocked the door to the apartment and allowed her to enter first. She stopped in the hallway, waiting for David to say something but he walked past her into the kitchen.

“What do you want for lunch? David asked.

Tanya stood at the door with her head down, not knowing what to say. She looked like a small child after being punished.

“Do you want lunch?” David asked without anger in his voice.

“Say something,” Tanya whispered.

“I have been saying something,” David said.

“Yell at me. Tell me what type of person I am. Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Tell me you hate me,” Tanya screamed.

Without a word, David walked up to her, took hold of her chin, and lifted her head to face him. His lips settled on hers, no anger in his actions or accusations. Tanya didn’t know what to do except return the kiss.

“You don’t need to work like that. I have enough money for both of us for two years of university. You are better than that,” David told her before kissing her again.

“You arrogant bastard!” Tanya screamed, pulling away from him. “I’ve been out fucking any guy that was willing to pay me and all you can say is that I’m better than that? I get paid for what other girls give away.”

“I love you,” David said.

“You bastard. Get out,” Tanya yelled, slapping his face.

David remained in front of her without moving. She slapped him again and again. David finally stepped back as Tanya began to cry. He walked past her and out the door leaving Tanya in a heap on the floor.

David drove around for the rest of the evening not returning to the apartment until early morning. Tanya wasn’t in the apartment. He went in and took a shower before laying down. He had called his employer and took a week off of work with no problem.

Three days passed before Tanya returned to the apartment. She looked like a wreck. Her beautiful hair was a mess, her makeup was smeared. Her left eye was swollen shut from being beaten. She had dried blood on her lips and chin as well as a bruise on her chin. As she entered the apartment, she collapsed to the floor.

David wanted to take her to the hospital but she made him promise not to. He carried her to her bed before cleaning her up. He stayed at her side until she fell asleep. She was almost delirious as she cried out in pain from time to time. Then she started repeating a name.

David got up from the chair he had pulled to the side of Tanya’s bed. He left the apartment with a name on his mind and a plan to accomplish.

Tanya woke up with a start. She looked around for David but he wasn’t in the room.

“David?!” She screamed.

“I’m here,” David said as he entered the room with a tray of food and drink.

“I was scared you left me,” Tanya said.

“I will never leave you,” David said as he placed the tray down and sat in the chair.

“Come closer,” Tanya called to him.

David got up and sat on the bed next to Tanya. She wrapped her arms around him, placed her head on his chest, and hugged him. He returned her hug as gently as he could, not wanting to hurt her any more than she already had. She looked up, drew his face down to hers, and kissed him.

“How long?” Tanya asked.

“How long what?” David asked back.

“How long have you been in love with me?” Tanya asked, looking at him with her one good eye and truly seeing him.

“Forever,” David said. “And I will always love you. I will always be here no matter how dark things get or how bright things become.”


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Shawn David Kelley

Prior Service, saw the Berlin Wall dismantled and the aftermath of the Gulf War/ Desert Storm/ Desert Shield. He has drawn upon his unique views of life and science fiction to bring together an alternate reality of excitement.

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