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The Best Facial


The other night happened to be my birthday and my husband and I had no money to take me anywhere or buy me anything. It was still a pretty good night because we were together. That meant more to me than anything else. I had no cake, or party, not even a special dinner made just for me. I did come up with an idea to make my birthday more fun and exciting.

It intrigued him to know what I had in mind and the only thing I told him was to follow me to the bedroom. I grabbed his hand and once he stood up, I led him to the bedroom. Once we were inside the room, I went around behind him and locked the bedroom door. He was now my prisoner for the evening and I have yet to tell him what I wanted to do.

I led him over to the bed and began taking off his shirt. I love seeing my husband’s chest and it excites me to run my hands over it. I then proceeded to reach down to his jeans and slowly began unzipping them. Don’t you just love the slow sound of a zipper and it is being opened?

I took those jeans and with both hands, I slid them down and off him. He wasn’t wearing any boxers which made it sexier. I had him stand there bare ass naked while I gave him a slow strip tease, taking off one garment at a time. Once I got down to my purple bikini panties, the fun was about to begin.

Before taking them off, I led my husband over to the side of the bed and told him to lay down. At this point, he was already semi hard but that wasn’t what I was going for. I climbed up on the bed and straddled his body, standing over him so that he could get a perfect view of my trimmed bush.

Once he was ready, I slowly started taking my panties off while standing over him. I even teased him a little by giving him a peek from each side before fully sliding them down. Once the panties were at my feet, I slipped one foot out and then allowed him to use his teeth to take them off the other foot. He was enjoying himself at this point because I had such a kinky side he was unaware of.

There he was laying down on our bed and gazing up at my trimmed hairy bush. It excited him to see just a little pinkness where the lips separated. It was as if she was telling him “peek a boo.” I reached down and rubbed my palm over my mound and felt how soft the hair was. I looked down and he was at a full erection by this point.

I allowed him to watch as I used my red painted finger tips to spread the lips apart so that he could view just how pink she really is and how pretty. I could feel her getting wet and even saw a few tiny drops fall upon his chest as I stood over him. He took his finger and wiped them up tasting them before telling me he wanted more.

He watched as I played with my swollen clitoris allowing more of my juices to drop upon his chest. He knows that I am a squirter and loves watching as my juices expel everywhere. I wanted him to wait because I had a surprise in store for him that I have never given him before.

I stayed standing over him as my hips gyrated while playing with my sweet juicy mound. I would get myself so close to eruption but would back it down because I wanted to build up the pressure and make one huge orgasm for him. He knew I was teasing him and that brought more excitement to his hard cock.

After a few more close calls, I finally built up enough pressure to give him his surprise. He watched as my clitoris shivered under my fingers before finally letting it go and squirting a stream directly onto his face. It was as if he was showering in my juices. There was plenty there that it soaked his face.

Once my legs and body quit shivering and the juice stream subsided, I collapsed down onto him with my swollen and soaked mound landing directly onto his face. I grabbed the headboard and rubbed my mound back and forth against his face, giving him a juice facial. I made sure he got it inside his mouth also. I could not give him a facial without giving him a taste.

There was so much of my juice that it drenched my inner thighs as I rode his face. I felt his tongue slip out of his mouth and against my clitoris while I moved causing me to orgasm again all over him. I could hear him gargle with my juices before swallowing. He wrapped his arms around my thighs and held me close to his face while he licked me clean.

I didn’t even have to touch his erect cock for him to get off. Once that second orgasm erupted, his cock let loose and erupted shooting his juice on my lower back. I could feel it dripping down the crack of my ass and when he let me go, I rolled off his body and snuggled up next to him. We embraced, and he kissed me passionately, allowing me to taste my juice on his mouth and lips. Once the fun was over, we still laid in each other’s arms and both fell asleep.

Brandi Payne
Brandi Payne
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