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(drug of choice)

By Nikki SixxxPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash


I whisper in his ear

“Fuck me slow”

“Don’t let me go”

He tightens his grip

Steering my hips

Helping me rock

Deeper on his cock

Electric shock

Legs lock

Temperatures rise

Between my thighs

Hot sweat

Pussy wet

Your knob

Begins to throb

Body’s ablaze

Pleasure waves

Lips lock

Sweat drop

Can’t breathe

Can’t see

Now stop

Get on top

Slide back in

Bodies blend

“Daddy your the best”

No time to rest

Hot, hard, fast

Love how you last

Until you feel me cum

And come undone

“Cum for me” I cry

Pleasure not denied

Your eyes roll back

Heart attack

Come on baby scream loud

That’s right make mama proud

Fireworks boom

Thoughts zoom

Fantasies exotic

So erotic

Mind blown

Perfection shown

Bodies collapse

Sexual relapse

My drug always wins

Overdosed again

Head spins

Addicted sins

Sick twins

Can’t defend

Hooked again


About the Creator

Nikki Sixxx

self proclaimed “lyrical genius” and the “Edgar Allen Poe of 2024”

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    Nikki SixxxWritten by Nikki Sixxx

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