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Betty on the Fetty

Hoe’s be like

By Nikki SixxxPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Betty on the Fetty
Photo by Heleno Kaizer on Unsplash

Met a hoe named Betty

Nodded off the fetty

Giving out head

To pay for her med

Got a blow

For the low

Cheeks glow

Curled my toe

Ready to go

Just so

She know

I hafta owe

I got no dough

I start to run

Pants undone

No more fun

Race just begun

Oh shit

Her pimp

Mighty fast on his limp

Join by his gimp

And his simp

Get back here boy

You didn’t pay my toy

You gotta pay

For a suck or a lay

This ain’t the way

Gonna die today

What u say

Fuck u bay

Yall mufuckers cray

I didn’t cum

My dick is numb

I’m not a bum

But she can’t hum

Fuckin raw

Fuck the law

I’m not paying yall

I won’t call

My dicks still tall

Better off fucking that wall

It’s smells like fish

I hate that dish

Tell her make a wish

Cause she smells like shit

Fuck yall tho

Hire a better hoe

Cause on the low

I ain’t paying for that yo!!!

I’m out, gotta go


About the Creator

Nikki Sixxx

self proclaimed “lyrical genius” and the “Edgar Allen Poe of 2024”

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Comments (1)

  • Nathal Nortanabout a month ago

    Interesting poetry

Nikki SixxxWritten by Nikki Sixxx

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