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Dinner, Chapter 7

The River

By Mercedes ChanttooPublished about a month ago 13 min read

Disclosure: AI-Generation. This story is a product of collaboration between the author and AI, serving three key roles: Writing Assistance (to refine grammar, enhance ideas, and adjust tone); Personalized Feedback (offering critique and suggestions for improving the narrative); and Visual Creation (entrusting the image generation to AI, as it lies outside my expertise). In crafting this narrative, I employed the capabilities of ChatGPT and Mistral for textual content, alongside Dall-E-3 for the visualization aspects.

Emma and Vix were in the midst of a playful debate about strategies, lamenting how most men automatically aimed for double-blackjack—a hand Emma said she had banned from her games with Tom, except on special occasions like his birthday.

Emma, catching Lyra's puzzled look, rolled aside, inviting her onto the waterbed with a welcoming pat. "Double-blackjack is overrated, LyLy. It's all about the thrill of the game," her eyes twinkling with a hint of naughtiness.

"But wouldn't that mean four cards in the action trick?" Lyra asked, trying to wrap her head around the rules.

Vix chuckled. "That’s only in pro competition, dear. Let’s keep it a little Vanil-LyLy for you.” Emma reached cross Lyra and smacked Vix quite hard on the bum.

“Stop saying that,” protested Lyra.

Vix only laughed louder, her finger pointing toward the poker table. "That's where Ace comes in. That latest model you’ve got is a whiz—I’m sure she’ll have a few tricks up her sleeve to keep things interesting. Even if you don’t go pro."

Jenna and Astra arrived, having been ousted from the game, and cheered as they had left the men to the cards. They settled close to each other on the sofa, their affectionate comfort a stark contrast to the escalating tension at the table.

"No wonder Lyra's face is red if you're playing that," Jenna commented, nodding towards the cards on the waterbed.

"We call it 'no holes barred,'" Astra deadpanned, drawing a burst of laughter from everyone except Lyra, whose blush deepened.

Vix leaned in, delivering a hushed comment to Lyra's ear, which only deepened her colour. With a playful squeal, she covered her ears, shaking her head in feigned denial.

Jenna rose, leaned on the waterbed, and delivered an even harder smack to Vix's behind. "That's enough," she chided with affectionate authority.

“Don’t shoot the messenger, ” said Vix, obviously enjoying the attention both she and her derriere were getting. “Lyra wanted to know about double-blackjack!”

Astra, ever the instigator, chimed in. "Stockholm or New Copenhagen rules?" she asked, and the room filled once more with the music of shared mirth.

Lyra's frustration bubbled over. "How could that even work with two women? And how can you all know all this stuff? And why isn't anyone keeping me up to date?"

Emma reached out, her touch gentle and reassuring. "LyLy, don't be like that. It’s like I told you, you’ve got a proper job; it’s only us layabouts that have time to indulge in this."

"But Jenna, you've got a proper job too," Lyra countered.

Jenna waved her hand dismissively. "Four hours a week consulting with an AI on perfecting fluid dynamics for 3DEs hardly counts. It keeps me busy and pays the bills."

Pausing slightly, she added in a quieter voice “Of course, If you're really curious how two gorgeous drop-dead women like us can go double-blackjack, then you need to get yourself down to a 3DE booth. And real ladies would obviously choose New Copenhagen rules.” Her arms around Astra, they leaned in and kissed each other.

“They’ll probably make you sign an extra form for enhanced clean-up,” added Astra, her smiling face still close to Jenna’s.

Lyra, still searching for answers, turned to Emma, and then Vix. "But you both have proper jobs too."

Emma and Vix laughed off the suggestion. Emma equated her event organising as a passion project more than work, while Vix described her remote oversight of mining robots as a part-time gig that rarely needed her intervention.

Lyra, still unsatisfied, let it go for now. They settled gently into a rhythm of easy conversation, Vix revealed that The Martian's unique charm was unlikely to earn him a repeat invite. His 'interesting tentacle' might provide novelty, she mused, but she could already sense impending boredom.

Jenna divulged they had “gotten out just in time” as Mike had started a rendition of his well-worn Kilimanjaro story. A tactical move on his part, that had quickly disposed of the ladies.

"I actually like that story," Lyra confessed, only to be met with a chorus of playful groans.

Lyra mused "You guys are just infuriating. I may not understand all these games, but I'm starting to see there's more to learn than just the rules."

Emma's voice, soft and close, tickled Lyra's ear. "Life's full of games, LyLy. Some you play for fun, others are for keeps. The trick is knowing which is which."

Lyra nodded, her eyes reflecting the flicker of the firelight. "Do I need to start playing a different game—or change the way I play?" She said, more to herself than to Emma.

"You could have the best teacher," Vix interjected with a wink, nodding towards Emma. "And the best equipment." she added, with a nod toward Ace. “Well, you know, if you want to have it a little spicy!”

Lyra's earlier frustrations faded into the background. She was comfortable now, lying on her side looking at Vix, and the two lovebirds on the Sofa. She could feel Emma's body behind her, comfortably pressed up against her own, one hand at the hem of Lyra’s skirt drawing familiar circles. With the evening winding down, the group chatted idly about their plans for the coming days.

Martin arrived at the fireplace, and everything was action. Before he even had a chance to sit, Vix, with characteristic flair, suggested they watch the game's climax unfold. As a unit, everyone rose to return to the poker table.

Jenna turned to Lyra. "Lyra, I need to go to the washroom, and I could use some company for a little 'girls talk.' Would you mind coming with me?"

Astra chimed in, "I can come."

But Jenna shook her head. "No, I really need Lyra for this." She took Lyra’s hand and the two made their way to the washroom.

They entered the washroom, the atmosphere was different. The dim lighting and soft, light jazz music could still be heard here. Jenna locked the door behind them, and the scent of lavender filled the air from a nearby candle.

Jenna guided Lyra towards the mirror, standing close behind her. She rested her hands on Lyra's shoulders and leaned in, her breath warm against Lyra's ear. "What do you see?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Lyra met her own gaze in the mirror, her heart pounding. "Me?" she replied, her voice trembling slightly.

Jenna smiled, her reflection following her eyes in the mirror. "I see a radiant woman in the prime of her life. I see strength and grace. A woman who commands attention and gets the respect she needs.” She kissed Lyra on the cheek.

“Do you know what I also see?” She enquired. Lyra simply shook her head.

“I can see someone carrying a weight on her shoulders. Is everything okay, darling?"

Lyra shook her head again, feeling Jenna's hands on her shoulders, grounding her. "No, everything's fine. I just don't like being picked on, that's all."

Jenna gave her a reassuring squeeze, her touch lingering on Lyra's skin. "Oh, Lyra, we're not picking on you. We're all just a bit envious of you. We just all love you to bits. But there's something more, isn't there?"

Lyra sighed, realising she didn’t seem to be able to hide it. "I might be having a few issues with Mike," she confessed.

"Have you spoken to anyone about it?" Jenna inquired, her voice soft and comforting.

"I've told Emma," Lyra said.

Jenna nodded, her hands still on Lyra's shoulders. "Emma is fantastic for these kinds of things. You know, it's only because of her that Astra and I went from 'playing the field' to something more profound and fulfilling."

Lyra's eyes widened in surprise. "I didn't know that."

Jenna released Lyra's shoulders and wrapped her arms around Lyra's waist, pulling her in gently. Lyra felt a flutter of excitement in her chest as Jenna's arms encircled her, but she couldn't ignore her burning curiosity about Emma's role in Jenna and Astra's relationship. "What did Emma do for you and Astra?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Jenna smiled, noticing the spark of curiosity in Lyra's eyes. "Aren't we the curious one this evening," she said, her voice warm and inviting.

Jenna's grip around Lyra's waist tightened ever so slightly, and she leaned in closer, her lips brushing against Lyra's ear. "Emma helped us see what was truly important in life, and in each other. She gave us the courage to take a chance on love, even when we were trying to avoid it."

Lyra could feel the warmth of Jenna's breath against her neck, and her heart raced as she tried to focus on her friend's words. "But, how did she do that?" she asked, her voice barely audible.

Jenna pulled back slightly, and met Lyra’s gaze in the mirror. "She listened to us, truly listened. And then she shared her own experiences, her own struggles, and her own triumphs. She showed us that we weren't alone, and that love was worth fighting for."

Lyra felt a lump form in her throat as she listened to Jenna's words. She had always known that Emma was a special person, but hearing about the impact she had on Jenna and Astra's relationship made her feel even more grateful for her friendship.

"We all have a wonderful friend in Emma, Lyra. And if anyone can help you navigate whatever you're going through with Mike, it's her."

Lyra nodded, her eyes glistening with unshed tears. "Thank you, Jenna," she whispered. "For everything."

"You know, and Emma is very discreet," Jenna explained, her fingers gently massaging Lyra's tense muscles. "Astra and I love her dearly for it."

"I love her too," Lyra admitted, feeling a sense of calm wash over her.

Jenna gave Lyra another reassuring squeeze, her touch sending a shiver down Lyra's spine. "Then you need to trust her, even if she is a bit too 'willy-obsessed' at times." She laughed, lightening the mood.

"And now I'm really busting for a whiz," Jenna said, quickly sitting down on the toilet, holding up the back of her skirt.

Lyra turned away, feeling awkward. "Jenna, you can't pee while I'm here."

"Don't be silly, Lyly, it's not like you don't know how it works down there," Jenna replied, chuckling.

Lyra's cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "But, but, now I know you've been going commando all night, I really didn't need to know that!"

"Oh, Lyly, a girl's always got to be prepared, and I’m not going commando for you in any case!" Jenna said, matter-of-factly. Hearing the sound of running water, Lyra turned to see Jenna washing her hands.

"But what happens if one of the guys, you know, catches a glimpse?" Lyra asked, still feeling uncomfortable.

Jenna used her hips to move Lyra out of the way and began drying her hands. "Then the guys are just gonna have to keep it in their pants. I ain't sharing," she said, winking at Lyra.

With a mischievous grin, Jenna planted a kiss on Lyra's cheek. "Except with my special friends," she added, taking Lyra's hand and leading her out of the washroom.

They joined the others. Astra was giving Martin a playful, yet cryptic gesture across the table—a wiggling finger mimicking a snail's trail—which only deepened his bewilderment with the whole group dynamic. Jenna, let go of Lyra and playfully reprimanded Astra, grabbing her finger with a tug, her eyes telling Astra to behave.

Grouped around the table where Ace was amplifying the drama with her commentary, narrating the tension and speculating about the outcome with her usual digital flair. The onlookers leaned in with genuine interest.

The final hand was a nail-biter, and when The Big Slick emerged victorious, Sir Foldsalot—afforded Emma a conspiratorial wink. It was clear their evening was far from over.

Mike, buoyed by his win, announced his chosen charity, the Bright Horizons Children's Foundation. As was customary for their poker evenings, he doubled the pot. Emma, her eyes alight with mischief, turned to Lyra and quipped, "Creds gotta roll, baby!"

Within the hour, the evening began to wind down as Vix and Martin made their exit. Shortly after, they were followed by Jenna and Astra. The room's exuberance mellowed into a comfortable murmur, leaving Lyra and Emma at the bar.

Emma shared her location access with Lyra via their swipes and wrist monitors. "So you can always find me," she explained. "I'm going to help you rekindle what you've lost and explore what you should've discovered years ago."

Lyra, filled with gratitude, nodded in agreement. It was a new beginning, and she was ready to learn.

Mike and Tom, still engrossed in their discussion about Ace, barely noticed as Lyra signalled that their autoride awaited. Reluctantly, Mike agreed to Ace's extended stay even though he had no real say in it, and the couple departed with warm goodbyes.

Once alone, Emma leaped onto Tom's back. "Now Sir Foldsalot, to the fireplace with you," she commanded, pointing at Ace. "And you, you're going to be a very, very naughty girl for us tonight. And Sir Foldalot needs to be punished for losing.. Whether he did it on purpose or not."

As Emma and Tom approached the waterbed, Ace's holographic form shimmered and shifted, taking on a more sultry and seductive appearance. Her voice deepened, and she began to speak in a low, husky tone.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Ace purred, her eyes flicking between Emma and Tom. "It looks like our dear Barbarella is in the mood for some fun. And Sir Foldsalot, I see you're still carrying around that roll of chips. I think it's time to cash them in, don't you?"

Emma grinned and climbed off of Tom's back, pushing him down onto the waterbed. "That's right, Ace. We're ready to play."

Ace's holographic form shimmered again, and she began to slowly undress, her movements sensual and deliberate. "I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours," she whispered, her voice full of promise.

Tom's eyes widened as he watched Ace's striptease, and Emma leaned in close to him, her breath hot against his ear. "Isn't she gorgeous?" she murmured. "I bet you'd love to touch her, wouldn't you?"

Tom nodded, his mouth dry. Emma chuckled and sat up, turning her attention back to Ace. "Alright, naughty girl. We're ready to see what you've got. Show us your assets."

Ace smiled, her eyes glinting with mischief. "With pleasure," she said, and her holographic form shifted again, revealing a stunningly realistic and detailed image of her naked body.

Emma let out a low whistle, and Tom's jaw dropped. "Wow," he breathed. "She looks so real."

Ace preened, clearly enjoying the attention. "I am the only way you'll want to play cards in the future," she said, her voice dripping with pride. "I can simulate any experience you desire. And tonight, I'm going to give you a show you'll never forget."

She began to move, her holographic body undulating and twisting in a mesmerizing dance. Emma and Tom watched, transfixed, as Ace gyrated and writhed, her movements growing more and more suggestive.

"Oh, yes," Ace moaned, her voice growing louder and more urgent. "Touch yourself, Barbarella. I want to see you pleasure yourself."

Emma reached down and began to slowly stroke herself through her skirt. Tom's eyes widened, and he let out a soft groan.

"That's it," Ace purred, her voice growing more intense. "And Sir Foldsalot, I want you to take out that rock hard roll of chips from your shorts. I want to see you stroke it for me."

Tom reached down and unzipped himself, freeing his erection. Emma let out a soft gasp as she watched, and Ace's holographic form shimmered with approval.

"Yes, that's it," she whispered. "Stroke yourself for me. Make yourself cum. I want to see you both lose control."

Emma and Tom continued to touch themselves, their movements growing more frantic and desperate as Ace's dirty talk grew more and more explicit. Finally, with a low moan, Emma arched her back and came, her body shuddering with pleasure.

Tom watched, his hand still moving on his cock, and Ace's holographic form shimmered with approval. "That's it, Sir Foldsalot," she whispered. "Cum for me. Cum for Barbarella. Cum for us both."

And with a low groan, Tom did, his body tensing and then relaxing as he spilled himself onto Emma and himself..

Ace's holographic form shimmered one last time, and then winked out, leaving Emma and Tom panting and spent on the waterbed. Emma turned to Tom with a satisfied smile, and he returned it, his eyes still glazed with pleasure.

"Well," Emma said, her voice still breathy. "I think that was a successful first experiment with Ace, don't you?"

Tom nodded, too spent to speak. Emma chuckled and curled up next to him, "Mmmh, I can't remember the last time we had a wank together. That was fantastic."


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