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Dinner, Chapter 14

The Aftermath

By Mercedes ChanttooPublished 5 days ago 14 min read

Lyra stirred awake, her body stiff from the uncomfortable position she had been in. Blinking against the harsh light of dawn, she realised she was still in the autoride. "Damn it, Mike," she muttered, cursing under her breath. The meter was still running, and a small fortune had already been chalked up. In her hazy state, anger bubbled up inside her. How could Mike have just left her there?

She instinctively instructed the autoride to take her back to Emma's place. As the vehicle started moving, Lyra shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Her panties felt tight and awkward, but she didn't have the energy to investigate. She just wanted to see Emma. She squinted at her swipe, and saw that Emma was at the main house, instantly reminded of what she’d accidentally watched Tom and Emma doing the previous afternoon.

In the quiet serenity of the morning, Emma and Tom were immersed in their Saturday coffee ritual. Emma, clad in a sheer top that barely reached the top of her thighs, was stationed at the stove, waiting for the rich, tantalising aroma of the coffee to fill the room. Tom, standing flush behind her in just his shorts, had his hands on her hips, planting gentle kisses on the back of her neck.

Tom’s hand moved around under Emma’s hem, “Babe, you feel so soft,” he whispered. Emma moaned as his hands stroked the inside of her thigh, she could feel the bulge in his shorts pressing against her. While his one hand stayed where it was, his other moved up under the top searching, finding and cupping her breast.

The sudden ring of the doorbell shattered the tranquillity, eliciting a groan from Tom. Emma, however, was unfazed. "It's Lyra, babe," she said, having set a separate tone for Lyra. She added firmly, "I'm sorry, I really need to get this."

Tom sighed, "You're just too good!”

Emma replied, "She's a friend in need. Let me sort her out, then I'll be back"

With a passionate kiss, she slipped her hand inside his shorts, a promise of what was to come. "Hold on to this for me, we'll be needing it later," she whispered, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"I may end up having to fire him up myself if you're not snappy enough," he laughed.

Emma, moving away, added. "You know that will only make your punishment better."

Emma opened the front door to find Lyra slumped on the steps, still in the dressing gown she'd left in the previous evening. Lyra looked up, she stared directly at Emma’s glistening slit of her pussy, thinking immediately “Oh no, I’ve disturbed them again.”

Emma helped her stand, and with a comforting arm around her shoulder, Emma greeted her, "Hey, babe, couldn't get enough?" she said, kissing Lyra on the cheek.

Lyra sniffled, "I feel terrible."

Emma reassured her, "You were knocking them back yesterday, babe, but we had a really good session. You did so well." Lyra's response was a half-hearted shrug, prompting Emma to take charge. "But let's get you feeling better with my special hangover cure. You'll be right as rain in no time."

She led Lyra through the house towards the kitchen, instructing Tom to scoot. He obeyed, albeit reluctantly, after a quick glance at Lyra's state and a silent exchange with Emma. Lyra noticed the bulge in his shorts and felt guilty; she must have disturbed them again.

Emma poured out a coffee from the pot, which had cooled significantly, and ordered Lyra to down it in one go. The taste was turning bitter, and Lyra coughed, shaking her head. "That's not the worst bit," Emma warned, wetting a flannel and starting to remove what she assumed was dried dribble from Lyra's face.

Once satisfied, she ordered Lyra to stand up. As she adjusted Lyra's gown, she couldn't help but notice the residue on Lyra's inner thigh, and the edge of Lyra's panties was between her lips; that couldn't be comfortable. With a quick finger under the edge, and a pull down she adjusted Lyra's underwear to cover her private parts. "There, that's better. Ok, let's get you cleaned up properly. Let's take this to the garden house. But first, your punishment."

Lyra looked up, and Emma laughed, retrieving a container of green liquid and a milk carton from the fridge. Pouring out two glasses of each, she instructed them to down it in one go. The taste was a revolting mix of bitter, sweet, and sour, and Lyra gagged. "What is it?" she asked, to which Emma replied, "Now neutralise it with the milk."

They both followed suit, and the relief was immediate. Lyra let out a gasp, feeling somehow better, despite her head still spinning. Emma led the docile Lyra out of the house and through the garden to the deck of the garden house, the scene of yesterday's festivities. All signs of the party had been cleaned away, and they slipped inside the house, where Vix was asleep on the waterbed, 'little Tom' on the bed next to her naked body, a contented smile on her face.

They tiptoed past to the bedroom and through to the shower. "OK, babe, now try to freshen yourself up," Emma instructed.

Lyra blurted out, "I took control last night, I made Mike take me in the autoride home?"

Emma asked, "Is that what you wanted?"

Lyra's response was a confused, "I don't know."

Emma tutted, taking off Lyra's robe and helping the unsteady Lyra remove her panties. She turned on the faucet and gently pushed Lyra into the streaming water. "And don't forget between your legs," she reminded, giving Lyra a playful tap on the bum. "And don’t spend too long either, you’ll lose the effect of the treacle. I'll be waiting in the bedroom."

Lyra watched as Emma removed her skimpy top, to reveal her beautiful body as she made her way back to the bedroom. The warm water cascaded over Lyra, she closed her eyes and let the gentle stream wash away the remnants of the previous night's indulgence. The soothing sound of the water and the warmth enveloping her body began to ease the pounding in her head and the knots in her stomach.

Emma's words lingered in her mind, a mix of concern and playful reprimand. She knew Emma meant well. Lyra took a deep breath, feeling the steam rising around her, and began to wash herself thoroughly.

As she cleaned herself, memories of the previous night flashed in her mind: the laughter, the drinks, the relaxation, and the naked bodies she had seen. She remembered the way she had confidently taken charge for the few minutes Mike had lasted, a side of her that rarely surfaced but felt exhilarating when it did. Yet, in the clarity of the morning, doubt and uncertainty crept in.

After only several minutes under the shower, she heard Emma’s commanding voice that she had spent long enough. Lyra felt somewhat rejuvenated and she stepped out, wrapping herself in a fluffy towel, and made her way back to the bedroom.

Emma was sitting on the bed in a light, flowing summer dress, looking up with a welcoming smile as Lyra arrived. The sunlight streaming through the window cast a warm glow across the room, highlighting the delicate floral pattern on Emma's dress. She patted the spot next to her, indicating that Lyra should sit.

"Come on, take a seat," Emma encouraged, her voice gentle and inviting.

As Lyra sat down, the large mirror embedded in the wardrobe's door shimmered and transformed, displaying an animated image of Lyra modelling a dress similar to Emma's. The virtual Lyra twirled, showing off the dress from all angles.

"Let's find you something to wear," Emma suggested, her tone filled with excitement. Together, they navigated through the digital wardrobe, flicking through various dresses. Each dress appeared on the screen, modelled by a virtual Lyra who spun and posed, giving them a clear view of how each outfit would look.

"I like this one," Lyra said, pointing to a soft lavender dress with intricate lace details.

Emma nodded in agreement. "That one looks beautiful on you. It really brings out your eyes."

After some playful debate and a lot of laughter, subdued at first, they finally settled on the lavender dress.

"And now for your underwear," Emma said, a mischievous glint in her eye. Lyra's cheeks flushed a delicate pink as Emma swiped the dress away on the fitting screen, revealing Lyra in a lingerie set.

"I was thinking something like this," Emma said, pointing to a set of red lace lingerie that appeared on the screen, modelled by the virtual Lyra. "It's similar to what I had on yesterday. You seemed to like the bra."

Lyra looked at the screen, then back at Emma. "But my boobs are smaller than yours," she said, a touch of self-consciousness in her voice.

Emma shook her head, leaning in to give Lyra a reassuring smile. "Oh, babe, they're not that different. And with a little adjustment they’ll be fine. Don’t worry, we'll find something that fits perfectly."

They continued to flick through the options, the screen displaying various styles and colours. Some were simple and elegant, while others were more daring and risque. Lyra's initial hesitation gave way to curiosity and excitement as Emma offered her opinions and encouragement.

"What about this one?" Emma asked, pointing to a delicate set of white lace lingerie with intricate floral patterns.

Lyra considered it for a moment, then shook her head. "I think I'll go with the red one you showed me first. It feels... right."

Emma smiled, pleased with the choice. "Good call. You'll look stunning in it."

She opened a few wardrobe doors, and interior lights illuminated the sections where the dress and lingerie were stored. Emma expertly gathered the items, her movements confident and graceful. She handed the lingerie to Lyra first, who shyly took it and began to dress. Emma helped her with the delicate clasps and straps, making sure everything fit perfectly.

Once Lyra was in the lingerie, they looked at the real Lyra in the display, which had become a mirror again. Emma stood behind Lyra, head on her shoulder, arms around her waist. "Look at you. You're almost perfect. You're strong, you're beautiful, you're sexy." Lyra pulled a half-hearted smile, her body still suffering from her over-indulgence. Emma kissed her on the cheek. “Oh, babe. Do you know how soft your skin feels一I could stay here all day!” She kissed Lyra again. “You could make me spontaneously tingle, you dirty girl,” she added with a whisper.

Emma let go, "and now for the final touch," she said, handing Lyra the lavender dress. She helped her slip into it. Emma adjusted the fabric, smoothing it out and ensuring it sat perfectly on Lyra's frame.

Emma glanced at Lyra with a soft concern in her eyes, subtly assessing her friend's recovery from the night's excesses. "How are you feeling now?" she asked gently, her voice carrying a note of genuine care.

Lyra managed a small smile, her eyes meeting Emma's. "A little better," she admitted, her voice still reflecting a hint of the turmoil within.

Emma beamed, "LyLy. You look absolutely gorgeous." She stood back studying her handiwork. She nodded, her mind already formulating a plan for the day. "Let's make you feel as good as you look, we'll grab some food and take a walk down by the river," she suggested. "It might help to talk about what happened between you and Mike last night." With a reassuring smile, she reached into the wardrobe, pulling out a light, airy sheet.

Leading Lyra out of the bedroom, Emma directed her silently to the other side of the waterbed where Vix was still sound asleep, her breathing even and calm. Together, they gently draped the sheet over Vix, ensuring she was comfortably covered.

Exiting the garden house, they made their way up to the main house. Emma expertly collected a small hamper of foodstuffs and cutlery, her movements fluid and practised. With the docile Lyra in tow, she then led them back down past the garden house and along the river.

After about fifteen minutes of walking in comfortable silence, Emma announced their arrival at a picturesque spot. She spread a plaid on the ground, directing Lyra to sit. As they settled down, Emma glanced at her wrist where a message from Tom flashed cryptically: "LL GC." She chose the reply "M" with a quick tap.

"First, a little sugar," Emma declared, pulling a chocolate roll from the hamper and gently pushing it into Lyra's open mouth. The sweetness seemed to bring a small spark back to Lyra's eyes as Emma proceeded to make tea.

By the time Lyra was sipping her tea, Emma felt it was the right moment to delve deeper. "Tell me what happened in the autoride home with Mike," she prompted, her tone gentle yet firm. "Apart from the unsatisfactory sex, which was quite obvious."

Lyra took a deep breath, her voice low. "I'm not sure, I was inspired by your and Vix's power last night," she confessed. "I wanted to take control, to show Mike I was worth it."

Emma raised an eyebrow, her question pointed. "Do you think getting Mike off on the road is the road to empowerment?"

Lyra hesitated, then admitted, "I just wanted to make him happy."

Emma reached out, taking Lyra’s hands in hers. "But you need to be happy too, babe. Think about yourself, your own well-being, your own sexual health."

Lyra whispered, almost embarrassed, "He was too quick, you know, after Mike.. released, I tried to reanimate his 'thing' with my mouth, but I think I fell asleep."

Emma laughed softly, her affection for Lyra evident as she leaned in for a kiss. "You sweet thing, you know that's not the order guaranteed for success."

Lyra blushed but nodded. "I know how it works."

Emma kissed her again. "I know you do."

She then grew more serious. "Babe, now we have to start thinking about Lyra, and how Ms. Strapless is going to teach her to enjoy herself, regardless of Mike's state, rapid finishing or indifference."

Emma added a firm instruction. "I want you to use your.. purchase.. and report back. I don't need a live demo, just a full report. And no 'it didn't work' excuses."

The conversation lightened, and they spent the next few hours talking and laughing, gradually feeding Lyra into a more animated state. By early afternoon, they felt rejuvenated enough to head back to the garden house to rouse Vix.

Vix was still on the waterbed, now only half-covered by the sheet. The two women flopped down on either side of her, shouting in unison, "Wakey wakey!"

Vix groaned, her voice muffled. "You absolute cows."

They all laughed, their laughter filling the room as they leaned in to smother Vix's face with kisses.

"You were steaming last night," Vix commented, finally sitting up. "I couldn't catch up."

The three ladies lounged comfortably on the plush waterbed, the gentle movement of the water mirroring the light-hearted banter that flowed effortlessly between them.

After a while, Emma playfully nudged Vix, who was still basking in the softness of last night's treacle adventure. "Vix, you seriously need to grab a quick shower, unless you plan to turn into a treacle sculpture," Emma teased, her tone light but pointed.

Vix stretched languidly, her body language as relaxed as her smile. "Might as well preserve this fabulousness for eternity," she joked back, but she made no move to get up.

Lyra, shifting slightly, suddenly stopped and wrinkled her nose. She touched her hand to Vix’s stomach and noticed a sticky sensation. "Vix, why are you so icky?" she asked, curiosity piqued.

Vix grinned sheepishly. "Oh, that. I tried the jelly mode last night after you guys left. It was exquisite, but I don’t think it’s quite optimised yet—left some residue," she explained, nonchalantly.

Emma raised an eyebrow. "So you did try the jelly, did you? And you didn't think to shower after?"

With a dramatic sigh, Vix sat up, feigning annoyance. "Fine, I'll shower. But only because you two will choose something stunning for me to wear."

She reached for 'little Tom', and Emma quickly intercepted her with a stern but amused tone. "You need to get your own, Vix. Remember the rules."

"Why not? You told me you weren't using it anymore," Vix challenged, her brow arched in playful defiance.

Emma gave Vix a gentle shove toward the bathroom. "Go shower, you slacker. We'll sort out the wardrobe." As Vix sauntered off, Emma gave her a playful smack on the bum, eliciting a surprised yelp and a laugh from Vix.

As Vix walked away, Lyra spoke up hesitantly. "I thought you told me you used ‘little Tom' all the time?"

Turning to Lyra, who had watched the exchange with amusement, Emma explained, "Ignore her. Remember, I told you, 'Little Tom' is only for use when either Tom or I are out-of-town, but we haven't been away for a while, that’s all. However, he’s always ready to join a party. I’m just glad she doesn’t know about Ms. Strapless, I’d have to get her disinfected too," she chuckled.

Emma took Lyra by the hand, leading her to the bedroom. They sat on the bed, activating the modelling mode in the wardrobe mirror again. Together, they playfully flicked through several dresses on Vix’s virtual avatar.

After several minutes, a freshly showered and naked Vix entered the room, squeezing herself between the two ladies to look at the display. "I can't wear a light dress like that," she said, pointing at the option they had settled on. "It'll highlight my Brazilian."

Lyra sputtered out, "But you don't have a Brazilian."

Vix took Emma's swipe and began tweaking the image. "Okay, Ms. Science, technically you're right. But I had one, I just lost it in a bet earlier this week." Emma burst into laughter.

She swiped away the dress from the display, showing her virtual body now sporting a Brazilian and larger breasts than in reality.

Lyra's brain sprang into action. She couldn't stop herself from saying, "Your boobs aren't that big. Yeah, they're bigger than Emma's, and Emma’s are bigger than mine, but yours are not that big." Vix and Emma couldn't stop laughing at this moment. Lyra doubled down with an explanation, "So you won't fit in Emma's bras."

Vix grinned, "thanks, VaniLyLy. All I needed to hear, to go commando.” She quickly decided on a darker summer dress, announcing they could be summer triplets for the day. Standing up, she opened a wardrobe door, a light pointing to the dress she had chosen, which she quickly pulled on.

Emma put a calming hand on Lyra, winking at her and raising her eyebrows with a nod towards Vix. "An autoride is on its way," she announced. They headed back to the main house.


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