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Delivery extroidnaire


By DSPublished 24 days ago 12 min read
Delivery extroidnaire
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

My name is Charlie and I have found doing gig work before my shift at work gets me that extra edge and allows me to enjoy live well. I also get to help the community while doing it. My story today starts simple.

I got an order for a vibrator, lube, and 100 extra thin condoms to be delivered to user number two, lol.

I pull into cvs and get the items with the usual smirk from the clerks as usual.

On my way to the delivery I did some looking and the user name was a woman’s and it was for someone in my neighborhood. It was early and our street doesn’t wake up till the afternoon usually.

I get to the home and Daisy opened the door in nothing but a towel. I knew what the order was and should have suspected something.

She invites me in and takes the bag from me and offers me a cup of coffee and a small tip for bringing by the items. I graciously accept and I’m sipping the coffee at her breakfast table when I feel hands unzipping my pants and cool hands sliding me out from under my shorts.

I slouch some more and I feel lips on my head slowly slurping me in. It goes slowly and my rod starts to lengthen and grow stiff. Soon she has me blowing my load all over her cute naked body.

Daisy was a little older but had a killer frame. Her breasts were huge and her body was so small cause of her size. She was only four feet something. She had my love juice all over her breasts when she slid a condom on my head and took me all the way into her cute little box. She steadied on the counter and she was screaming in ecstasy within minutes, I could not take her cute hot little tight box any longer and I filled up the first condom she had snuck on me. I was still filling up the rubber when she had set on the counter in front of me and started frenching me with her wonderful lil body.

She lay back on the counter and spread eagle for me to taste her juices. She was Cumming so hard, the table was soaked in less than a minute and I started eating her pussy and she just grabbed my head and held me there. She was climaxing so hard her whole body was quaking.

I stood up and pushed my hard rod back into her extremely slick hot tight box and managed about ten strokes before I started to cum again, only this time I wasn’t wearing any condom so I hurried and drew it out of her.

She noticed and took me deep into her mouth and throat and greedily sucked my juices down. All of them and more. She kept me deep and managed to take all of my tool and my balls into her tiny mouth and made me so hot I was hard again. She wasted no time and spun her cute little frame around and grabbed my waist with her arms locked around me and her cute lil box staring me in the face. I licked and sucked her as she devoured my tool and her whole body was quaking from me eating her out.

She lowered herself back to the bar and guided my bare rod deep into her hot naked slick hole. She edged so close, I was buried deep inside already and she was plunginging back and forth on my rod. I could hold back only a minute and her box won out this time because she could see me about to climax again and she plunged herself deep with my tool and wrapped her small legs around me holding me in her hot tight love cave.

I bellowed in my release and climaxed so hard I took her with me to the floor. Her body still attached to mine.

She rested a few minutes bouncing on my ever so slow rod pulling out from that tremendous load she had given to daisy and she refilled the coffee cups and she grabbed me by my cock and led me to the couch where she set me down and handed me my coffee.

She playfully stroked on my half erect rod and it was slick from our juices still. You could tell she was very turned on.

I looked up and her roommate was entering the front room wearing only a smile and holding her camera.

She sent the video to the TV somehow and came set down next to me and helped daisy stroke my member which was still slick but it was growing hard again watching us on TV.

Jessica the roommate had long brown hair and stood nearly as tall as me. Her frame was very beautiful and she had love handles but her tits were massive and hard as ever. Her nipples could put your eyes out had you touched them.

I grabbed Jessica’s leg and wrapped it around so I could eat her pussy. Daisy started sucking my hard rod and rubbing the head on her little nubbin. Daisy was Cumming already and dumped her ever flowing juices on my hot rod, making me even slicker.

Daisy maneuvered herself and my cock into a spot to play with Jessica with my rod. She had me buried deep into Jessica when I started feeling her heat. Her busy lil cave was warmer than Daisy’s and deeper, but Daisy had me buried deep into her and we were making a hard go of it.

Daisy was basically pushing me in deeper and had me in so far I found Jessica’s bottom. I let loose a loud bellow and came so hard deep inside of her.

Daisy spun around and got her pussy by me and Jessica’s face where we both could eat her out. That was all she needed and she sprayed us both down with her juices as she let a waterfall go again all over us. We were so slick and sticky.

We all climbed into the tub and took turns cleaning each other up, again and again for some as my rod was put to the test several more times in the tub.

We got cleaned up and I found me some clothes to hurry off to work with.

When I got home Daisy and Jessica was both waiting and both texted me to come back over. So I managed to come back over and we had a great weekend together. It was so much and they took care of me very well between the two of them.

A week or so later Jessica told me I was to be a father and that was the whole quest of the Sex toys and lube any way. They were both glad and she wanted to marry me to make it all legal like but that the two women would still take care of all the expenses and simply I would be there for the father figure. Neither Daisy nor Jessica wanted to give me up or the life they had so we all stayed together as a new family unit.

My daughter now 28 finally set me down and explained how much everyone loved her and that our family bond has made her more successful in many more ways than she could list. She understood Daisy and her Mom’s relationship and how I worked into everyone’s lives. They told me that they wanted me to have every advantage and none of the disadvantages of a broken home. They told me between the two of them they kept you happy and with three incomes I was able to have the things we all wanted and needed throughout my life. Like my schooling at the far away college. Daisy and Jessica love us both very much and we made a great choice when you stayed on to raise me with them.

Now that I am older I see that they spoiled you as well, because if one was tired and you wanted some the other would take over and you all have a great time at night.

With all that said, on my 50th birthday to top it all off she said that her two moms as she calls them have a great night planned for you and you are to call in tonight if you have to work and I am dropping you off at the hotel for a birthday bash you will never top.

I get to the hotel and they, the women or moms lol, have a great night planned. They take me to a wonderful meal, and have dinner and dancing for me. WE make it back to the Hotel and we all make for a nice midnight swim and end up all in bed.

Daisy still the little nympho that she is pulls of my suit pants in the hallway and has me hard and ready to cum before the door even opens. She doesn’t let up either. She sucks me up to the point of no return several times and keeps me from Cumming each time only to keep me in her. I manage to slide in her slick box as we make it to the bed and Jessica is steadily undressing.

Jessica climbs up beside me and caresses and nibbles on my chest as I plow into Daisy. So hard that the little woman finally throws me off the bed to pound her silly with my hard rod. She hears and feels me climaxing and she moans so deeply as she creams all over me and my rod. Jessica being the usual voyeur claps as we both climb into bed attacking her and getting her all gooey too.

Jessica now takes her turn and slides me into her mouth. She slurps on me like an ice cream cone and keeps me semi erect all night. She makes me close then edges away and keeps up the slow teasing till I finally explode into her mouth and all over everywhere as I slide out. Jessica kept me from exploding till the light of the next morning came through. Each time she was busy swallowing the pre-cum that was now drizzling from me like a cum shot.

The maid made her rounds and came in and seen the three of us all tangled together and I was busy eating Jessica as I was pounding Daisy and all the maid said was “ I am so sorry, I will be back later to get the sheets.”

Daisy took a break and grabbed some clothes. She went out and grabbed some breakfast for us. I guess on her way back she grabbed our daughter of 28 and brought her back for today’s mystical outing.

My daughter hands me my breakfast and wishes me a happy birthday and hugs me avoiding the wet spots and sets beside me.

Daisy not wanting to be left out tears off her shirt and climbs in bed and rips the covers off of me, nearly spilling my drink. She dives right on my crotch and has me inside before I can even say no.

My daughter notices and says dad you need to keep Daisy fed and satisfied better.

I explode again and Daisy takes it all down and lets up her grip and allows me and mom to get in the shower to clean up and get dressed.

They had taken us to girlfriends who loved and had horses. She had one for each of us and we went on a nice long ride to a watering hole where it had a nice waterfall and a cute little cabin.

The girlfriend loses no time as she dismounts and strips naked. We all climb into the water for a bit of skinny dipping and Daisy’s girlfriend Lisa finds her way over to me and have my cock hard and into her before I can say anything.

Lisa has me off in a heartbeat as her pussy had never felt a man’s tool ever before and was so tight and warm we even made the pond change colors from her explosion.

The girls all helped me out and we dried off and dinner at the little cabin. Lisa and Daisy made out in the corner while me and our daughter and Jessica did the dishes and smacked each other’s asses to see whose hurt more from the riding.

We got all dressed back up and headed back. We made it in just before the sun set.

On the way home, my daughter asked if I liked Lisa at all. I told her she was very beautiful and I was glad my daughter found some wonderful friends at school.

My Daughter whispered in my ear that I was Lisa’s first and that she knew it would be me because of all the love my family shares. She heard all the stories from my growing up as we went to school. She thought you were some pervert who used people till I explained that our family and our bond was so unique that you had really no choice but to do right and bring me up right. I explained that you not only made sacrifices for mom but you did the same for me and Daisy as well and that you never did anything except to be a dad to me. You explained love and relationships in a way I wish the whole world would do.

I simply grinned, I had no idea that Lisa was my surprise and that it was her birthday tomorrow.

We arrived at the hotel and went for a swim like we always do before we went to the room. We got to the door and the shy maid was just leaving. She had a smile on so big that you could tell what was on her mind.

I was naked and halfway to the shower when I noticed that Lisa was wearing a smooth silky teddy and was sprawled out on the bed for to be taken once more.

I climbed in and started eating her pussy. Her little nubbin blossomed to my tongues touch and I had her climaxing again and again in just a few short minutes. Daisy and Jessica both had already stripped and were lying beside her.

I took my hard rod and pressed in ever so gently. I pushed in a little at a time till I was all the way in. I nibbled on her huge nipples and started slowly rocking her back and forth and my rod was going deeper each time.

I had built up a pretty good pace and was ready to explode when Daisy pulled me out and sucked my rod the rest of the way off and swallowed my load.

We were all laying nude across one another when my daughter walked in and hollered,” you sex fiends it’s time for some boozing and dancing.

We all got up and got ready. We walked down the block to a great local joint and danced the night away as me and Lisa got hammered.

My Daughter ended up hauling me home and the other two took care of Lisa.

I awoke the next day all hangover next to Lisa and my brides.

We all played around some and in walk my daughter.

She asks “has anyone said anything yet?”

Immediately Lisa goes down on me and sucks me into her mouth. Ever so slowly, like a lollypop.

My daughter seeing everyone sucking on me on some part or another comes over and sets down beside me and gives me a big juicy kiss on the cheek. And says “Daddy, Lisa wants to join our family and be an adopted wife and helps with the chores and has the other benefits that mom and Daisy mom have. Is that ok?”

I know my daughter and anytime she starts with Daddy, she really wants this thing to happen so I shake my head yes and say “If the other moms are ok with this, I will make the sacrifice.

Anyways long story short, I have given my life to furthering the line and in turn have four humans that will know what love and sacrifice are all about.


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