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Lucky Ducky


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Lucky Ducky
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I found the best job ever. I work at home in the evening and found a nice little place nestled in a quaint neighborhood. My land lady is a knockout and my little house reminds me of something from the good old days as a servants quarters. She let me have full run of the main house and we run into each other usually at the pool. She is a stunning woman, long red hair tied back with ribbons and feathered back like the styles of the eighties. Her swimsuit if you want to call it that consisted of thong underwear and a killer smile. Her huge breasts just would not stay in a top unless they were strapped down.

Anyway, I’m home one day mowing my little yard and I hear a woman crying. I go around back and the landlady had a letter in her hand that she let me read.

It was from her husband and he was never around anymore and we found out why. He had skipped town with the money from his firm and is now on the run. He left enough money in her account to take care of the house and herself .Him and his young therapist ran away to a foreign country and he would not be back anytime soon. Their daughter who was graduating college would receive an enormous gift and her life would be set in any ventures she applied too.

I handed the letter back and embraced her robed form as hard as I could. She embraced me back and squeezed my now hardening pouch of my britches. She said I was invited to the party tonight and I was to come in my trunks only as it was a pool party. I t would be starting a little before I got off work but she said it would not matter she would wait for me to show before she told me more.

Later that night I got my trunks out of the washer and wrung them out. I had been swimming earlier so they were a bit damp and still wet from the washer. I slid them in and tucked myself away inside. I made it to the pool party and everyone was already drinking and the sun had gone down. I noticed that everyone in the pool was not bothering with a suit and was completely nude and half way tipsy from the way they were acting. It was the whole of the neighborhood and my hostess , the land lady Becky came out, completely nude and pulled down my trunks and just started giving me a beautiful head job right on the pool side. It was so lovingly done; she pursed her lips and had me throbbing in no time. Other single ladies came over and started watching and hugging me as they helped her take me deeper. They each had a drink in hand and made out with me while they watched Becky expertly tool me around and finally I exploded into her mouth. The spectacle of all the nude bodies and sex happening all around me reminded me of a roman orgy from the stories in early lit class.

The ladies along with Becky all climbed into the pool and drug me there, I had just been wiped out from Becky and yet as soon as I hit the water my rod was stiff as could be from the warm water and all of the hands helping me in.

Becky was on top of me before I knew I was even all the way into the pool and her cunny was very tight squeezing my very hot rod. She slid all the way to bottom and held my huge rock hard cock there while she drank on her mixed drink. My head was resting on the pool side.

The ladies handed me a nice mixed drink too and helped me drink it while I was feeling every inch of Beck’s walls just squeezing me harder and harder. It was a nice throbbing action and she had me throbbing as well. I could not take it any longer and exploded deep into her pussy walls another hot load. Yet it was so tight I stayed inside of her the whole time.

Becky feeling my nice load of cum filling her let me in on a little secret.

She said her husband will not be divorcing me but that I can do whatever and whoever I want and he will pick up the bills for me.The house and staffs are up to me. So I went to the nearest cat house and I bought it and all the women are now on my payroll to do as I wish. The money is a lot more they said and with a lot less work, they promise to teach me everything and you are going to be my own test subject as long as you are willing that is.

The girls of the house were all standing around when she told me and they all gave me an agreeable nod and that was all it took. From that day on my job was a thing of the past and I was to be a big sex toy for Becky and her new found employees. Whom she let me choose one to live with me at the cottage and make things better all around.

I chose a nice younger lady whose friends just basically had her bond with me from the get go anyway. She was horny all the time and took care of me so often that I could barely even get up without having a great climax two times as I found Lina’s appetite was very kinky and needed me all the time.

We climbed out of the pool and Becky told me to do what I had to do but she would keep me in employ for many years to come and the girls are of age and enjoy the benefits so they will keep you happy when I can’t.

Becky hugged me and watched as me and my new roommate walked over to my little cabin. We had a wonderful night.

Lina has been great, she constantly keeps me Cumming and her girlfriends help her out here and there, because I still have to perform for the lady of the house quite often and keep her satisfied too.

I have never thought I would be the husband to twenty twenty-five year olds and be in charge of a sleeping schedule that would include each of them at various days to keep them in practice.

I now no longer waste time putting on clothes and can go all day and all night if need be so I can please all these beautiful women. I now have so many children that they are all off receiving the best education they could hope for. I’m so glad when they visit, it breaks the schedule and I spend so much time with them and their mothers. I have never dreamed of having five generations alive at one time but I am almost there because my great granddaughter is getting married tomorrow.


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