Comfort and Pleasure

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(Guy x Guy)

Comfort and Pleasure

Levi was anxious to meet with Tom; it had been almost a month since they'd hung out in person, but their messages had brought up feeling in them both that would need to be expressed. Tom sat across from the tall and thin raven haired man, coffee drinks in hand.

"Good to see you, it's been too long... Is everything okay?" Tom asked smiling, the sun reflecting in his brilliant green eyes.

"Yeah I'm good, I just wanted to hang out since its been a while."

"Levi... after what happened last year I just worry about you."

"I'm good.. I promise Tom... I actually asked you here to see if maybe we could go on a date."

Tom ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair, and smiled to his friend.

"I'll pick you up at six thirty on Friday if that works for you."

"I'd like that," Levi said happily, grabbing his friend's hand happily.

After a good chat they went their separate ways until Friday.

Six thirty came with a very prompt knock at the door. He met Tom in a nice suit, and held some flowers behind his back as he looked over the smaller man.

"Hope you are ready for a nice dinner." The taller more fit man said as Levi went to get into a more appropriate suit. He came back out to find Tom putting a mix of roses and orchids in a vase.

"Wow those are so pretty! Thank you..." Levi said as he took Tom's hand, ready to go out.

Tom took him to a nice restaurant and sat with him, ordering wine and anything they could want to try. It was a very posh place with light jazz playing, candlelit tables and all. The discussion stayed light for the most part, but Levi had already told Tom about being raped, and the heavier stuff in his life. They had gotten to this date, because they had opened up about the harder issues in the last month. After a dessert sampler they made it back to Levi's apartment, and once in the door they were kissing.

"Tom... I can't..."

"Shh, I know this night won't end in your bed. We can stop whenever, but you need the comfort of being held, you seem like you've been avoiding it in fear of it leading to sex... Don't worry about me, and just let me hold you."

At such kind words Levi finally let out some of the tears he'd been holding back. Tom pulled the smaller man to his muscled chest, moving to the couch, so they could cuddle like this, his tan and toned arms still holding Levi. He cried on this man who he'd told so much to, and leaned into him gratefully. It felt like hours that they stayed like this even though it was only twenty or so minutes before Levi settled down and kissed Tom softly. The larger man dried his eyes with a clean green handkerchief from his jacket. He smiled, and let the smaller man hug him a bit longer. Levi's blue eyes seemed brighter from the crying as he sat up.

"If you need to talk you can call or text anytime." Tom said before they had a sweet goodbye and he left, going home. Messaging became a thing for the rest of the night.

Tom: I made it home, are you okay alone?

Levi: Yeah. I'll be fine. Tonight was really good for me... and I forgot to say you looked very nice in that suit.

Tom: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed. You looked so sexy in both outfits.

Levi: oh my...

Tom: Sorry... too much?

Levi: no... no I just wasn't expecting that...

Tom: I am very attracted to you just so you know, I understand taking it slow even if you are ready is important.

Levi: it's nice to know... I've been attracted to you since we met honestly... all that's happened since has really put a damper on that... tonight really meant something though.

Tom: Good. I understand... just know that you can decide when and where for every step of the way..

Levi: thank you... I'm passing out... that wine was very...

Tom: I know... gn.

Levi: night... ty.

They had a few more dates over the next few weeks, but eventually they had a fight, and Tom wouldn't reply for any reason. Levi showed up on his doorstep in the middle of a thunderstorm.

"Levi... what're you doing here? It's raining like mad..." Tom said pulling him in.

"I know... my power went out and I didn't want to be alone... I'm ready.."

"You don't mean... Levi... I'm sorry I ignored you the last few days... don't feel like we need to have make up sex or anything."

"I don't feel like we need make up sex... I realized just how bad I actually want it... with you..." Levi said as he pressed against Tom's chest.

Soon they were kissing and stripping, the smaller moving quickly to bite and kiss the blonde's neck and chest roughly.

The blonde got his lover into the bedroom, and rubbed his now almost fully-nude, thin body gently, using this to slowly work off his boxers. Levi gasped, and rubbed Tom's legs before tugging away his last piece of clothing. They sat on the bed in the buff, kissing hard as their cocks rubbed together, making them moan even more when Tom stroked both together. Levi's blue eyes looked into his partner's green ones, he nodded that he was still good to go.

Tom kissed down the smaller man's body, and began kissing and sucking at his nipples before moving down, happily taking the seven inches in his mouth. He sucked and pulled desperate cries from Levi, who whined and pushed his lover's hand to his ass, knowing he might not last as long as he'd want.

As they continued and he was stretched with some chocolate scented lube, Tom constantly checking that he was okay, before they could take it no longer. The blonde stood over the raven haired bottom, and was sucked on before a condom was placed on him. He dropped down, and pulled the bottom close, rubbing him all over before lining up. Soon enough Tom had pushed in, just a bit at a time, Levi pushed closer to him, and wrapped around his lover. He was grinding as the larger man sped up, he went to stroke himself, but Tom took to stroking him in rhythm with his thrusts.

They kissed intermittently until crying out at their completion. Tom held Levi and looked in his eyes, moving so he could be held, and enjoy the aftermath of the pleasure.

Kira Lydia G.
Kira Lydia G.
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