Tank Tops

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A Kylie Scene (girl x girl)

Tank Tops

"Hey Sydney! Do you want to sleep over tonight?" Kylie asked.

"Yes, I'll let my mom know," the platinum blonde said, happy to be around Kylie whenever possible.

Kylie grinned and hugged the other's hourglass figure from behind, she would never admit just how much she loved touching the overly sensitive girl. The biggest brown eyes Kylie had ever seen went wide as the hug made her moan a bit.

"Um... Syd?"

"Still waiting for my new bra to come in, the other two finally broke yesterday."

"Sorry... Hey my mom said she'll get us some wine coolers, since it's Friday," Kylie said still keeping her extra curvy friend held tight in her arms.

The thick blonde pulled away as the bell rang.

"I guess I'll meet you at the back parking lot after last period then." Sydney said happily, as they were off to choir class to prepare for the next performance.

After choir Kylie had English and Sydney had Gym class, but after the last bell they met to get into Kylie's white truck. Driving home with the radio on, Kylie parked, then walked Sydney into the apartment.

"How does Chicken Caesar salad sound for dinner?" She asked her guest, making them some popcorn for a snack until later.

A few hours of talking with TV on in the background passed the time until about seven PM. Kylie made up the salad with some optional extras, setting aside a portion for her mom.

"So after we eat do you want to play some DDR, or watch a movie?" the hostess offered.

"Movie sounds good." The now eating blonde said, seeing her friend's happiness at simply having company.

After moving to the redhead's bedroom they settled on Sweeney Todd since it had just come out on DVD, and she'd gotten it for her birthday. In the PS2 it went and they began watching as they ate their salads. They finished eating and paused the movie, Kylie took the dishes out, and returned with a couple B&J wine coolers.

"Yummies!" The hostess said in a goofy way, plopping back down to continue on with the movie.

After a few minutes Sydney took off her outer two shirts, and left only a thin lilac tank top. The size fourteen hostess caught herself staring at her friend's size twenty hourglass frame, loving her soft curves, and easily hardened nipples. The other girl noticed, and bit her plump lower lip with a small whimper, only catching Kylie's attention more.

At this point both girls finished off their drinks, Kylie decided she was hot, and needed to take off everything except her black camisole and green boy short panties. Sydney caught onto her friend's idea, quickly stripping away her sweats to show her magenta lace thong.

The slightly smaller, yet more dominant girl shut off all but two dim lights, then moved to her very soft friend for a tender kiss. They both deepened it in turn, before the redhead moved to licking and sucking at the squeaky blonde's neck and chest. Her nipples were hard like pebbles in her tank top as Kylie moved to caressing and nibbling at the large F cup breasts through that purple ribbed tank. Sydney gasped, moaning out as she ran a hand through her hostess' medium length curly red hair.

Kylie stopped and looked into those large brown eyes.

"Are you okay with going further?"

Sydney nodded, now deciding to lay her friend back onto the pillows to return the favor. Kylie's D cup breasts swelled at the attention, she tried her best to keep quiet as her very sweet, and lovely friend sucked roughly over her chest.

"Sydney!" The blue eyed one whimpered to her guest who was now moving much lower, and rubbing her soft trimmed mound through the green boy shorts. The two girls stripped fully, and laid on their sides facing each other, now kissing again as they rubbed over each other's bodies gently. By now the movie was over, but the girls hadn't noticed. They laid there with their legs open, as each began rubbing the other, teasing each other. Both couldn't help but moan softly as their hips writhed in rhythmic pleasure.

The blonde stopped fingering Kylie who was now leaning forward to suck at the larger girl's hard nipples. She was shaking as the redhead slid two fingers into her pussy with ease, working her new partner up to a small orgasm. She backed off a minute after Sydney started coming down and got quiet.

"My first orgasm..." Sydney whispered, once she regained her senses fully she had Kylie lay flat. She moved down over the smaller girl, and kissed at her inner thigh before pushing two fingers in, stretching her for a third as she licked the clit before her. Once she'd worked in the third digit it was a matter of moments before Kylie tensed up. She panicked as her blonde guest brought her to a strangely quick orgasm as well. After catching their breath both girls put on underwear and their tank tops, only to curl up under a fleece blanket and pass out.

In the morning they chatted and carried on as if nothing happened. A few months later they graduated, and lost contact, but that night in March of 2011 would be fondly remembered by Kylie. Sydney had been the first girl Kylie had been with fully, and it was a truly eye opening experience for the girl.

Kira Lydia G.
Kira Lydia G.
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