Coffee-Shop Ophelia

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Coffee-Shop Ophelia

For the longest time, Killian didn't know how to approach her. He always saw her and just melted in his shoes. To him, she was perfect. Her curvy waist and even the way her thighs rubbed together when she walked into the coffee shop each morning. He loved the way she would brush her wavy hair, which smelt of lavender, over her shoulder and tuck a curl behind her ear right before ordering.

She never ordered coffee. Killian had overheard her tell the cashier that she preferred tea, and so every morning she ordered a green-tea to-go under the name of Ophelia. She would then turn and glide out gracefully with her order, leaving behind only her beautiful scent to fill Killian's thoughts.

Now, Colin finally closed the laptop on which he usually worked and placed it in his carrier bag, slinging it over her shoulder as she approached the shop's door. He pretended not to see her and bumped into her casually, spilling his coffee on the concrete.

"Oh! I'm sorry." She shook her head. "I didn't see you leaving, let me buy you another drink." She offered cleaning up a few spots of coffee that splattered on his scarf. The cold air bit his nose as Killian chuckled.

"No need. There's no problem, seriously. Actually, I believe you can make it up to me, though." He spoke, confidently, pulling his phone out. "Let me buy you a drink and we can both be on our way. I do have a meeting in thirty minutes that I can't miss, but hopefully, if I guess your order correctly, you can buy me a drink later when we're both not busy?"

Ophelia chuckled, tucking her curls behind her ear and holding her jacket closed against the cold wind. "Yeah, sure. Why not?" She smiled and followed him back inside and Killian mentally cheered himself on, running his hand through his hair and looking toward the counter with a smile. He pretended to think, grinning at her before turning to the counter.

"How does a green tea sound?" he asked her, smiling, and Ophelia chuckled, nodding.

"Sounds perfect." The cashier grinned at the two of them and handed over Ophelia's order.

"So, perfect guess? Does that mean you'll buy me a drink later, as per our deal?" Killian grinned at Ophelia and she nodded.

"How about we meet at the Swimming Duck?" Ophelia offered, taking a sip of her hot drink. "It's not normally my scene, but I've heard it's fun." She nodded to him and Killian nodded.

"We could meet somewhere where you're more comfortable. Maybe a restaurant?" He smirked and tugged his scarf from his neck. "Maybe we can go to Helena's. It's a nice restaurant close to here. Walking distance. I could meet you here and we could walk there." Killian suggested, riding out the confidence he had left.

"Isn't Helena's crazy expensive?" Ophelia asked, her voice squeaking.

"No, not really." Killian smiled. "The food is just really good, so it's hard to get a reservation. Lucky for you, I'm a friend of Helena, so I don't need a reservation." Killian grinned at Ophelia and inclined his head. "What do you think? We have a date or what?"

Ophelia pretended to think for a moment before she nodded. "Okay. Sure." She grinned as Killian cheered internally.

"I'll meet you here at eight. Don't be late." He laughed and placed a small kiss on her cheek before he walked away, putting a distance between them temporarily for his work. But now, Killian knew that he had made the right decision approaching her today.


As Killian left his meeting with his editor, he wished he had finished his coffee. He was falling asleep during the notes, and for him, being sleepy meant being horny. His dick was practically trying to flip the desk between him and his editor for the last two hours of the meeting.

He left the meeting feeling frustrated in every sense: sexually was the main frustration that he knew he could take care of right away. However, when he entered his condo and made an attempt to go to his restroom: his brother called wanting to meet him for coffee.

Killian's first instinct was to groan and mumble profanities under his breath, but Brandon was family, so Killian had to go.

His brother was there almost five minutes after declaring his he would be arriving. "Raisin Bran!" Killian teased, pulling his older brother into a hug. "How's L.A. treating you?" He asked, pulling him inside.

"Honestly?" Brandon replied, pushing his brother back. "It was great until your dick just tried to attack me." Brandon pointed down and Killian blushed.

"Its just excited to see you," he chuckled, heading toward his kitchen.

"Ewww. Gross. Get a girl, bro. You've been single since Jessica and Jess has gone through an entire football and soccer team since you've been gone." Brandon shrugged. "I'm not keeping tabs, but my girl is."

"Look, bro," Killian smirked, "I have a date today. And she's way nicer than Jess ever was. Plus, I've had my eye on her. She's cute and has nice curves. Plus her smile looks like if he points it at me, I could have a heart attack. Jess can screw as many dudes as she wants, it's only going to add to the long list of STDs she has."

Brandon chuckled and grinned, "So you planning on tapping that girl. What's her name?"

"Ophelia," Killian mumbled. "And I'm not trying to screw her. I kind of want to get to know her first."

"Yeah, sure." Brandon laughed. "You taking her anywhere special?"

"Yeah." Killian grinned. "Your restaurant, but she doesn't know you and your wife own it."

They talked for a few hours before Brandon had to leave and Killian had to ready himself for his date.

He pulled out a nice Italian suit that he had bought in Florence on a book-signing trip before he headed out. He parked his Audi far enough away so Ophelia wouldn't see him in it before he headed to the coffee-shop. Ophelia was there in a red dress and tights, holding a large black coat close to her to keep the snow from hitting her.

Even with her skin completely covered, Killian couldn't help but think about her sitting between his legs or on his lap and helping him with his problem. He cleared his head and approached her, pulling her in. "May I?" he asked, surprising her.

She chuckled as she noticed him and he placed his coat around her. "You look cold. I'm going to lend you this coat, but I want it back tomorrow. It gives me an excuse to see you again." Killian chuckled and Ophelia leaned into him, basking in his warmth.

"Absolutely. I was hoping I wouldn't have to leave my glass slipper for you to find." She giggled as they rounded a corner onto another street full of Christmas lights and busy salespeople until they arrived in front of two heavy doors. A man stood up front, opening and closing doors for people and he nodded to them as they walked by.

"Speaking of glass slippers," Killian said, nodding to one of the waitresses, who recognized him immediately and pointed him to his favorite seat. "Can I get your number so I don't have to hunt you down for a second date?" He smiled as she immediately reached into her pocket and pulled out her phone, typing in his number and sending him a text so he knew it was her.

Lillian looked down at his phone when it made a distinct bell sound and found her message: Hey, Hot Stuff ;)

Killian grinned up at Ophelia, wrapping his arm around her shoulders and leaning in close. "You think I'm hot?" He chuckled, making her blush and roll her eyes.

"Yeah, like you don't know. You're sculpted like something from a movie." Ophelia giggled and Killian raised his brows.

"Am I, now? I don't recall showing you anything beneath my layers of winter clothes." They were both on the verge of laughter as the waiter came back with the appetizers in her hand, placing them in the center of the table.

"You know what I meant," Ophelia said, sitting down and staring at him from across the table. Killian nodded, pulling his phone out, typing. "Besides, isn't it rude to check your phone on a date?" She smirked at him before her phone dinged.

She looked down to see her message read: You don't look so bad yourself. ;) Ophelia blushed and felt his leg brush hers under the table. "So how long did it take you to execute that obviously planned proposal this morning?" she asked.

"Ah, I've been caught." Killian chuckled, before reaching across the table and grabbing an appetizer. "Well, do you want me to round to the nearest hour or day?" He chewed on the appetizer with a goofy grin on his face while Ophelia smiled back at him, giggling.

"Surprise me." She smirked before grabbing his hand and tracing circles on the back. The feeling from before came back: his body burning with an unsatisfied desire.

His smirk disappeared, being replaced by his impatient carnal desire to have her in her seat. He shook his head and tried to concentrate on the question: feeling his pants tighten as he grew. Shivers ran up his spine as he let his eyes roam her face and body.

"Uh-" he stuttered and cleared his throat, entwining his fingers with hers. "A few hours: give or take 48. About four days, but I slept some of it, so about 48 hours." He grinned and tried to take his mind off of the dirty things he had planned for later, but it became difficult when he felt her leg against his. As she ran her leg ran up against his, she was almost pulling his pants as she did so and he swallowed thickly, leaning forward. "I'll be honest, I haven't stopped thinking about you since the day I first saw you," he whispered.

Ophelia chuckled and rested her leg so close to his favorite area that he almost groaned with anticipation. "I'll be honest, too. I've been waiting for you to ask me for a drink since the day I noticed your blatant looks toward me."

Killian laughed and leaned forward, brushing his hand against her cheek. "Blatant? Now that's a million-dollar-word. However, if it was so blatant, why not tell me to stop?" he whispered.

She leaned forward, her voice barely above a whisper. "Because I liked it." She leaned back, pulling her leg off of his before letting her gaze fall on the menu before her.

"How about you put down that menu and we go somewhere more private?" he asked. He knew he had wanted to wait- to get to know her, but it was as if he couldn't wait any longer. He was practically almost out of his seat already.

Ophelia chuckled and shook her head. "Now, we had a deal. How about we finish dinner and get drinks and then we can leave to wherever you like." Ophelia whispered, her hand tracing a circle on his wrist.

Killian smiled at her and pulled her wrist, placing a soft kiss on the back of her hand. "Then how about we leave the foot-play for after dinner or I might have to pull us into an empty room and finish the evening before it starts," he breathed.

Ophelia blushed slightly and nodded brushing the hair from her face. "Sorry about that," she whispered. "I just- I haven't dated in a while so there's a lot of pent-up frustration." She grinned and Killian shook his head.

"Believe me when I say that I understand that. But for now, let's say we finish dinner and see where this goes?" He stated before the waitress showed up again.

"What can I get you this evening?" she asked, smiling down at them.

"I would love to try your Sushi platter," Killian stated happily. "Ophelia?"

Ophelia shrugged. "I don't know. I didn't see any prices so I sort of didn't choose right away, but Sushi sounds good."

"Sushi it is," Killian smirked. "Two Sushi platters and one bottle of Stella Rose."

"Oooh, Stella Rose? Is that expensive?" she asked, giggling.

"Not really," Killian chuckled. "I just like the taste."

The waitress came back shortly and Killian tried his best to stay on his best behavior. It was a challenge for him not to choke when he saw Ophelia place a roll on her tongue and enveloped it in her lips before she started chewing with a smirk on her lips. How is she driving me insane without even touching me?

Killian pulled his thoughts away from her and finished his food, quickly paying the bill before Ophelia could see, and placed a tip down, grabbing his coat. "Alright, M'lady, where are we off to?"

Ophelia glanced at the generous tip and walked away slightly confused. "What did you say you did for a living?" she asked, chuckling and walking outside. Snow began to cover the ground and Ophelia looked irritated. "Great, now how am I getting home?" she asked, shivering against Killian.

His warm embrace kept her from chattering and she reveled in his heat. "My place is a block from here if you want to lay low until the snow is gone." He rubbed her arm, warming her and walking her to his condo.

They were about to walk into the building when Killian finally answered her question. "I'm an author. I write books for a living. Money flow is as fast as your novels sell. So, one week I can barely make enough for my rent, and the next I'm making enough to buy my building. Thankfully, I've already paid my lease for a year, so I don't have to worry about it." Killian grinned at Ophelia and she stared at the beautiful building. He ushered her into the elevator and dropped them off on his floor, letting the elevator doors close behind them as he opened the only door in front of them.

"It's so warm in here," she stated, shrugging off Killian's jacket before taking off her own. "I like it," she whispered.

For the first time that evening, Killian was able to properly see her curves: her dress hugging her body in ways that made him look away before he took things too far too fast. "Thank you." He coughed, heading into his kitchen. "You want some more wine?" he asked. He had just walked out of the kitchen with a bottle and two glasses when he noticed boots in the corner. He looked at the sofa and there was Ophelia: her dress was at her feet and all that was left were her stockings and a matching set of lingerie.

"I hope you don't mind." Ophelia breathed, leaning further back into the couch.

"Oh, umm-" Killian did his best to stop his thoughts and tried to distract himself. "No- I just, I would have thought you wanted to get to know each other better before- before we had sex."

Ophelia giggled and stepped toward him, taking the glasses from his hands and setting them on a nearby table. "I've been waiting for you to ask me on this date for three months. I don't think I can handle another second without you."

Killian didn't pause. He didn't wait. He just acted: Pulling Ophelia to him so quickly that she squeaked. He wrapped his arms around her: capturing her lips in a dance that aroused him further than it should have. He began shrugging off clothing items- piece after piece, with the help of Ophelia.

When they both stood completely bare, Killian lifted Ophelia. She wrapped her legs around him and felt his cock at her entrance.

Ophelia moaned and Killian did his best not to take her in the living room. He walked her to his bedroom, kicking his door open and laying her gently on his bed.

He pulled a condom from his drawer, but Ophelia stopped him. "I'm on the pill," she stated, wrapping her arms around his neck. "And I have a morning after just in case. Don't worry."

Killian nodded and let himself ascend over her waiting figure. He kissed his way up her chest, capturing her nipples with his teeth and tugging. She arched her back in ecstasy, her nails tracing a red pattern of excitement down Killian's back. Killian let go of her nipple, only to move up and capture her lips. "Tell me if I'm too rough," he whispered before he rubbed his cock against her entrance.

Ophelia trembled and placed her hands on his chest, enjoying the feeling os his hot skin under her fingertips. He didn't give her a warning. Her cunt was so wet, he knew they didn't even need lubricant. He slipped into her with one swift, rough thrust. Ophelia moaned and arched her back, feeling him fill her up with his hard cock so quickly that she hardly had time to react to it.

"Fuck!" She screamed, whimpering in frustration. "Please. Give it to me." She moved her lips against his, kissing him deeply and moaning further as he began to thrust his hips faster and faster in order to pleasure her further. "Mmm. You're so good. S-so big." Ophelia wrapped her arms around his shoulders as he let his tongue glide in a rough yet beautiful dance with her own.

"Come on, baby. Tell me what you want." Killian groaned into her mouth, biting her lip.

Ophelia whimpered and felt her pussy clench with the need to release. "I want you to be my daddy. And I want Daddy to fuck me harder. Please." Ophelia stared into Killian's eyes as he looked down at her.

"How about Daddy fucks you faster, too?" Killian groaned, making Ophelia grin.

"Yes, please!" Ophelia yelled as Killian began to pound her pussy so quickly that his bed began to hit the wall from the momentum of their fucking.

Ophelia reached down between them as Killian fucked her, the sounds of his balls slapping against her ass echoed all over the room. When her fingertips reached her clitoris, she moved her hand up and down in a fast rhythm, feeling her cunt tighten around him. "Ah-uh." Killian grabbed Ophelia's hand and pulled it toward himself. "Daddy didn't say you could touch." Killian pulled out of her and reached into his drawer, pulling out the first tie he found.

He grinned at Ophelia and spanked her ass, fast and hard: leaving behind a sharp sting. "Now, when you want to cum, I want to hear you begging for permission. When I say you can cum, I'll allow you, but otherwise, you hold it. Got that, my little Ophelia?" He asked, his fingers teasing her cunt.

"Yes, daddy," Ophelia said as Killian proceeded to tie her hands together and restrain them above her head.

"Now, give me a safeword," Killian whispered, taking her nipple between his lips again.

Ophelia moaned and shook her head. "Sh-Shit. I don't know," Ophelia moaned again, rocking her naked body against his eager hands. "I c-can't think."

"How about 'red bird?'" Killian asked, pushing his cock into her again.

"Okay, daddy," Ophelia moaned and wiggled her hands in her restraints as he tightened his grip on her ass, pounding into her once more.

"Good girl," Killian growled as her cunt's walls clenched around him.

Killian thrust into her, making her body rise from the bed with every moment that Killian moved his hips into hers in a passionate pattern.

Ophelia grinned as he hit her favorite spot over and over, driving her over the edge. "Please! Oh Gods, please, daddy can I cum?" She moved against him and Killian pulled out, chuckling and kissing her roughly.

"Not yet, baby girl. Come here." He took the tie off her hands and then re-tied them with her hands behind her back before he lifted her onto his waist. "Now, baby when Daddy says, you'll cum for me, okay?" Killian whispered into her ear before he stood with her legs around him. "Be a good girl and scream for daddy."

Ophelia obeyed, letting herself sing out her moans and groans as pleasure rocked through her body. "Fuck! Thank you, daddy!" Ophelia rose into the air with every thrust and her legs shook with anticipation of her orgasm. "Can I cum? Daddy, please?"

Killian gripped her ass harder as he lifted her up and down onto his cock, jerking himself off with her cunt as if she was just a sex toy. "Not yet, baby. You have to cum with me." Killian groaned, holding his orgasm. He knew his load would be especially big due to the fact that he had yet to please himself for days.

Ophelia whimpered, her hands behind her back made her back straight and her breasts jump up and down. Killian took them into his lips as he fucked her, making Ophelia unsure as to whether she could still hold it or not. "Daddy!"

Killian stopped trying to hold it. He bit down on Ophelia's tender skin and gave a few more thrusts before he groaned and spanked Ophelia one more time. "Cum for me, princess." He spanked her as her walls clenched him, milking his cock as string after hot string of cum were pushed up into her tight pussy with every new thrust.

"Fuck!" Ophelia moaned, unable to hold herself up. She collapsed against his chest and Killian pulled them both under the covers after finishing inside her.

"So?" Killian began, his smirk returning. "How about a second date?"

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