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How We Accidentally Ordered a Sex Toy

By M. TomaschPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

My wife is a transgender woman. With the use of estrogen supplements and injections, she has developed natural breasts and retains the figure of a cis gender woman. She has not gotten bottom surgery, which means she still has the genitalia she had at birth when she was gendered as male. This part of her is the source of a lot of gender dysphoria.

Over the past year, there have been plans and progress made towards her getting the life-altering (saving) surgery she needs. Within that time, she came across a product called "Clone-A-Willy" on a sex shop website.

At first, she laughed at the thought of someone creating a silicone copy of their member, but then she had an idea.

Why not?

Not that she would miss having that part of her old life, she entertained the idea of having a memento of the part she is severing from her life forever. She put the item in her basket from a general buying site that was cheaper than the lewd site to give it thought before purchasing.

Fast forward to a few weeks. We had just filed our taxes and finally gotten our hard earned money from the federal government. In her checkout basket, my wife had multiple items that were for a special project she was planning to undertake, and as soon as she got the confirmation that the money was in her account, she proceeded to order all the items in her basket.

Including the forgotten "Clone-A-Willy."

She didn’t realize she still had that queued up in her basket until she received an email letting her know it was shipped and will be arriving within the week. We both shared a good laugh from that. I offered that if she wanted to return the item she could, but she was all right with the accidental purchase because, again, why not?

We were out of town, and as we got back to our home, we were greeted with several packages piled at our door. One of which was the lewdy item. Despite being tired from the multiple flights and long car rides, she announced that she wanted to try the process right then.

This is where I will note that her dysphoria is generally brought on by any activity that involves that part of her, which includes getting aroused—and to complete the process of creating the mold for the silicone, it requires the individual to remain aroused for several minutes. She admitted later on that it was difficult and did cause her dysphoria to flare.

We did it in the shower—let me rephrase that.

We created the mold in the shower because the instructions heavily indicated that the process would be a little messy. So, there we were in the bathroom: My wife, nude, in the shower with the cylinder for the mold held in place, and me at the sink, mixing the mold mixture like some nude mad scientist (I stripped so that my wife was more comfortable not being the only one of us naked).

It was more fascinating than… filthy. The exact temperature of the water, the timeliness of getting the mold mixture into the mold before it started to set, and waiting for it to set once it was in the mold. It was all a very exciting experience (not an arousal excitement).

The mold finally set and my wife, understandably, got a shower. While she was cleaning up from the ride, I began cleaning up the mess I made and reading the next steps in the process.

The silicone was green. Not neon green, but could definitely be considered by hentai artists to be the shade they’d use for a Hulk piece. I don’t mind. My last… toy was purple.

What was special about this particular item that caught my wife’s attention was that it came with add-ons. It not only came with a suction cup attachment, but also the option to insert a remote-controlled vibrator inside the silicone.

I mixed the silicone and the hardener (yes, that was the name on the bottle), and proceeded to pour the green slime into the mold. At a certain point, I inserted the vibrator and suction cup end piece. Then came the waiting. 20 hours of it.

I had to work the next day and would be away when the mold was ready to open, but I wanted to be there for the “unveiling.” Someone had other plans, and by the time I came home for lunch, the mold was opened and the finished product was tucked away in the provided silky black storage bag.

I would be lying if I told you I had no reaction to the first time I saw the new toy. A burst of laughter came out of me before I could stifle it. It is the most realistic toy we own now and that idea is what made me laugh. Well, that and the hilarious pigment of green, which I have grown to kinda like now.

It’s been several days and, no, I have not taken it for a test drive. It now sits in our toy drawer next to other lewd and kinky toys.

Yes, we also looked up if there was a vagina/vulva version and both exist. That process appears to require a little more acrobatic abilities and an extensive wax job to complete the molding process.

More to come as we break in the new addition to our growing arsenal of play things.

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