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Clinical Sensations

by Juniper Jones 2 years ago in fiction

Episode 06 Mature Modern Love Series

Clinical Sensations
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Chapter 7


I stood back and watched as Lydia stepped away from me in the dim light of the office. She looked disheveled and was breathing heavily. Her chest was rose and fell drawing the shirt tight across her chest, accentuating the lovely shape of her breasts as she did so.

“Have I said something-“, was all I got out before she strode up to me and silenced me as she put both of her hands on either side of my waist and gently followed the curve my buttocks to let the dress pants follow suit.


Lydia said nothing more. Her blouse was partially open, and I was able to watch as she bent down and let her hand guide her way by finding its way down the side of my leg. Gently kneading on the way down she stopped at my knee and I found myself having to hold my self up from the jolt of pleasure that coursed through my body when her touch found the down growing there. She brought her hand down to my foot and helped me remove my shoe and sock.

Before she went to the other foot, she again let her hand follow the hair at the back my legs all the way up nearly reaching the apex at the top. She kneaded the area and sunk her nails in slightly. As she adjusted her weight and moved to the other leg her breasts brushed my erection making it lengthen and grow larger. I closed my eyes for a second to try to control my need.

Lydia stood up slowly and kicked the shoes aside gently nudging them into the ever-growing pile of clothes that laid at their feet. She quickly tried to gauge how I was reacting, and she guessed that I was enjoying it. I was standing perfectly still and when she reached a hand up to caress my forehead, she felt the dew that accumulated there. I was still smiling, as if I knew something that she didn’t.

Standing on the tips of her toes she stretched and gave me a lingering kiss while slipping her hands into the waistline of his boxer briefs. Letting her nails dig in ever so slightly she then leaned backwards and dropped to her knees once more taking the offending piece of garment with her.

Rising Lydia let her gaze wash over the me and couldn’t help but notice the skillful artwork that was placed on my body. The one tattoo on my chest followed my frame up and over the shoulder that continued around to the back. It looked like a combination of images brought together in a collage that snaked its way around and finishing at my lower back. Tapering slightly to end in between the dimples that rested above my sculpted behind.

After letting her rake me with her eyes I gently said,

“My turn.”

It impressed Lydia that I let her undress me and the act of it had turned up the sexual tension to new heights for her. She stood there and watched as I confidently walked toward her without any hesitation in my body as if I was completely comfortable with myself. From the look in my eyes, she could tell, I was only thinking of one thing.

“Let me know if I hurt you.”, is all he said before beginning.

I gently grabbed her hair in my hands and pulled it to one side and as I did so, I put a little tension in it to expose her neck. I let my fingers trace the arch of her neck then flittered them around to the space between her shoulder blades and the base of her neck.

Lydia’s skin felt like it had come to life on its own. Tantalizing shivers were already making her knees weak and she closed her eyes gently to calm herself and let the sensation flow through her body.

I turned her around and swung her tresses away from her neck and began to brush the hair there with my lips ever so gently. Following the hollows between her blades to trail down her spine nipping in small bites along the way. That is where I left it.

She jerked her eyes open when she expected more, and nothing came.

“Don’t move. Stay right there.”

From behind Lydia couldn’t see that I was backing away from her so that I could better see her in the light and admire her body. I had slipped her blouse off while behind her while giving it some firm tugs, minding the material as not to damage it, while drawing it off her shoulders. She wore nothing but a simple bra and I remarked to myself on how luscious she would look in some of the styles I had seen that had recently popped up in lingerie shops downtown. She was well muscled and full bodied someone I hoped I could be a little bit more urgent with.

I had always been afraid of hurting someone who was smaller than I. I slowly took a step toward her the soles of my feet quiet on the tiled floor. My hand gently rested on her hip then using the pads of my fingertips, pressed in, dragged them southward down her leg. I placed one of my bent knees between her legs and pushed them apart. Her skirt was forced to ride up her leg exposing the bottom curve of her cheek where I gave it an affectionate bite.

I could tell she was having a hard time standing at this point and stood back up so that she could lean against my chest. When she did so I felt myself slip between her legs swollen and aching to part her. Her legs were bare and as I stepped closer, I arched my hips into her letting the feel of her bare skin, soft as cashmere rub against my skin.

I unzipped the skirt on the side of her hip to free her legs some more and stood back to help her out of it. All she did was step to the side and it slipped from her body like water from a shower. Falling with the familiar ruffle that always brought a smile to my lips.

I wasn’t done with her and I placed my hand on her back to let her know not to turn around. Kneeling again I brought my mouth to the top of her leg where it joined to meet her moist lips. A gasp escaped her, but she didn’t bend, and this pleased me greatly. She wasn’t going to succumb easily leaving me wanting and I could tell.

I could taste her on my tongue, and she was sweet yet tart at the same time. How it made me yearn for her. To sink myself deep inside her and to have the release I so needed. I wasn’t about to rush things though knowing that the longer I held out the thicker I would become, and I didn’t want to disappoint.

I reached around to the front of her and gently brushed the front of her clitoris with my two fingers, lightly, making sure not to have my nails scratch her. I wanted to build her to the point she was going to use hers. With that she couldn’t contain her equilibrium and held on to the arms of the chair to keep herself steady.

I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything under that skirt.

To be continued...

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Juniper Jones

A woman with an inked and indented index finger bent over a keyboard wondering: "Am I really going to do this?"

Writing hopefully will be able to support my renovations.

And to my friends and cohorts: Forgive me. I know naught what I write.

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