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Cinema Episode

by Wolf Spirit about a year ago in erotic
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Cinema Episode
Photo by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash

There was a long line at the cinema ticket window, as Al stood in line and checked out the other people waiting to purchase their tickets when he spotted a sexy, dark-haired young lady in a black miniskirt, and sheer blouse. Mmm... wonder who she is with he said to himself.

Ticket purchased Al took a look at the concession stand then seeing the long lineups opted out, and went directly to the theatre where the movie he choose was being played. He climbed the staircase to the left and checked out who was already seated. To his surprise the young lady he had seen earlier was seated in the second row down from the back of the theatre.

Al moved along the same row then passed a couple, and saw there was an empty seat just past the young lady. He approached, and gestured to the seat as the young lady looked up, and smiled. Is this seat taken he asked. No, she responded. Would you mind If I sat here? He asked.

He looked discreetly at the young lady's curvaceous figure, as he sat down next to her and noticed her short skirt, and bare legs. Another peek revealed a window in her blouse where he caught a glimpse of her breast.

Suddenly, aware that the young man sitting next to her was staring she smiled. Totally at ease her body language suggested she was comfortable with the situation.

The cinema darkened, and the curtains pulled back then the previews began to play on the big screen. After a multitude the main feature started.

Al made his first move with his hand resting on the seat between the two of them then he moved his fingers slowly and touched her bare thigh. Adrenaline raced through his veins when she had not moved. Brazen he slid his hand onto her bare thigh just below her skirt. Next, he gave her thigh a squeeze and as he looked she parted her legs. An invitation if ever he had seen one.

Horny, the young lady let the man squeeze her leg then said to herself this was going to be an intersting evening afterall. His rough, calloused hand slid closer. Oh, she giggled to herself, and thought I wonder how far he will go. She was enjoying the fact that he was quite the brazen type and let him carry on.

Al was estatic, as he wiggled his fingers down her inner thigh and under her miniskirt. He rubbed a finger over the lace material of her pantie, as the young lady took hold of his arm. He looked up into her smiling face, as she pushed his hand more firmly against her. She then leaned her head on Al's shoulder, and moaned in his ear. A sure sign that he could go further. He slipped the elastic of her pantie to the side then slipped a finger across her clitoris, and listened, as she gasped. She whispered, slide one inside. Al needed no more prompting as he slipped first one then two of his thick fingers into her wet pussy. He stroked back and forth feeling her wetness soak his hand.

The young lady began to fumble with his belt, and zipper then quickly looked around to see if anyone was close enough to see what she was about to do. She reached into his jeans, and pulled his cock out gently rubbing the tiny slit with a finger. Omg, he tried not to squirm, but then watched, as she leaned forward into his lap, and took his pulsating cock in her mouth. It was all he could do not to yell out.

Using the tip of her tongue she circled the pink head then took his cock deeper down her throat. Sucking noisely she slurped up his pre-cum. Mmm, he tasted good. She had not had any cock for a long time, and his was thick. She liked thick cocks and imagined how it would feel inside her... later she thought. Perhaps, she would ask him to spend the night.

Al grabbed a handful of her dark hair, and pulled her head up. While she continued to stroke his cock and when she looked into his smiling face he whispered thank-you. The young lady whispered back call me Becky.

Becky kept her hand in Al's lap stroking, as Al put his arm around her shoulder. Somehow one of the buttons on her blouse popped and there was a view that made Al tremble; her upturned breast was in full view. Totally focused on her breast he did not see that someone else was moving along their aisle. A girl clad in jeans was excusing herself, as she passed along. Becky just had enough time to close Al's zipper before the teenager excused herself. As the girl passed Becky she pinched the girl's bum. Well, the girl turned on Al thinking he had pinched her, and gave him a dirty look.

Becky turned to the big screen and began to watch the movie while Al slipped his hand in her blouse, and fondled both her tits rolling her nipples between his thumb, and forefinger. Unperturbed Becky rather enjoyed his advances.

Before the two of them realized what had happened the movie had come to an end, and people were starting to move towards the exits. That is when nonchantly Becky turned to Al and said plainly, "Would you like to spend the night with me"?

Hand in hand the two left the cinema together. Al opened the door for Becky then looking up at the night sky marveled at the full moon, and said how romantic.

Al sighed, as he took Becky's hand and led her to his Chevy. He opened the door and waited for her to rearrange herself then shut the door. His heart skipped a beat, as he rushed to the other side, and climbed in behind the wheel. Where to? He asked.

Becky now seeing Al composed looked him over... he was actually cute she said to herself, and I really like his handlebar moustache. He actually looked like a real cowboy, and could not wait to have a ride. They chatted all the way back to her rancher on the edge of town. Becky turned to Al and asked, "How come I never saw you in town before"? Well, Becky that is because I live way out in the bush and only come to town on rare occasions such, as today.

Seated on her couch with some soft rock playing in the background Al leaned forward, and kissed Becky on the lips. She parted her lips then tongued him as both became rather hot when Becky stood and extended her hand. Al followed Becky down the hall to her bedroom.

Clothes were flung through the air, as the couple fell onto the fluffy comforter. Great big feather pillows with frilled pillow cases were cast aside, as Becky assumed her favorite position ass up, face down. Al grabbed Becky by her hips, and pressed his engorged cock into her pussy. Becky her mouth wide screamed, as Al went ballistic pounding into her tender flesh.

Al in his haste had forgotten to be gentle. Now, as the recognition came into his wild eyes he took a deep breath, and continued to be more of a lover. He now lay on his back, and positioned Becky above him looking towards his feet. Becky backed up to within an inch of his face and grabbed hold of Al's cock. Just a sec Al said, as he put another pillow behind his head. Oh, that is better he said, as he flicked his tongue over her clitoris, and listened to her moan.

Both were enjoying the others' taste when suddenly Al screamed and shot his load of cum into Becky's mouth. She smacked her lips and said,"Yummy cum". She teased Al, as she flicked her tongue along the tiny slit of his cock getting every last drop of that sticky cum. Al in the meanwhile never missed a beat, as he tongued Becky's pussy then pushed his thumb into her bum. Omg... she managed to stammer, as her whole body shuddered above Al. Her scream echoed across the room, as she sat on Al's face nearly smothering him in the process. He smacked her legs until she realized he needed to get a breath of air.

They cuddled... well actually spooned one against the other. Al cupped Becky's breast, and played with her nipple then began alternately kissing and biting her shoulders, and neck still in a playful mood. The night was still young with more lovemaking to come for Becky had a huge repetoire of positions she intended on sharing with her new lover.

Al thanked his lucky stars that earlier on a whim he had ventured into town to see a movie, and had met Becky. It had been more than eight years since his last realtionship with a woman. But there needed to be more than just great sex. He wondered if they had more in common, and would find out in the coming days, and weeks.

After that first weekend Al called Becky up on the land-line and they talked for hours on end learning more about the other. Al sent Becky a romantic email every morning something she really appreciated, as it showed he really cared for her.

During their lengthly talks on the phone Becky soon learned that Al lived far out in the mountains by a lake. Then after seeing all the pictures he shared of the surrounding territory she fell in love with the area, and asked when she could come for a visit. In her mind she wanted to see the life he led, and if she could cope with the solitude. Apparently he remained in the bush all winter with his two dogs and a cat.

The day finally arrived. Becky was excited knowing that within a few hours she would be with her beau.

Half the drive was on paved roads, but now she turned off the highway at a place called Lee's Corner, and headed south along a gravel road. The first part was challenging with hairpin turns. Turning left the road wound upward along the contours of a mountain where she eventually turned onto the nine hundred 'F' Road a designated forest service road.

She reminded herself she was not in any kind of a hurry, and just to enjoy the drive.

Along the way she encountered a grizzly just sitting by the roadside looking at her, as she passed. Then a few kilometers further she spotted a buck in a meadow. Now, there were cattle along the sides of the road and she had to slow down because the calves would run in front of her truck. Everywhere she looked she was amazed. The next landmark on her map mentioned the Taseko River with its milky, blue, glacier fed waters.

Quite suddenly she came around a bend in the road and saw Davidson's Bridge crossing the Taseko River, and headed up the Nemiah Road towards Big Lake which was on her right. Just past the turnoff to Big Lake she saw a sow, black-bear and her two cubs scamper into the woods.

Alright, she said I must be getting close, as she pulled over to look at her notes. Yes, up over a cattle guard then be careful in the 'S' curve and watch for it... the sign to Chaunigan Lake. She slowed down and turned onto a one lane dirt track which Al had mentioned was twelve kilometers to the next turnoff.

When you pass over a small cement bridge take the next right over a cattle guard. You cannot miss Ian's log cabin, and his four horses on your left. Stop there and put your truck in low gear to come up the steep switchbacks. Her tires spun on the first turn, and she wondered what had she gotten herself into when suddenly the wheels grabbed a purchase on the dirt road. He was not kidding when he said once you get ontop the road will be rough so watch out and take it slow. Becky's truck bounced through a multitude of potholes then bumped over some rather extensive rocky sections.

Becky began to see the yellow, kilometer signs nailed to trees along the road. The first one she saw was on the left the eleven kilometer marker then as she went through a dip she saw the twelve kilometer marker, and just past that was the turn off to Chaunigan Lake Lodge. She continued to follow the instructions Al had given her and drove through the green gate. Then not too much further she spotted the funny sign Al had mentioned that read, 'Yes, you finally made it enjoy your stay.' But as she rounded the corner there was nothing, but more road and what appeared to be some kind of a rough airfield.

She slammed on the brakes, as she turned the last corner and there like magic was the cabins, and lodge. She looked through the windshield and saw Al waving like a madman. Another hundred meters to go she thought as his two dogs Maggie and Jenny came to meet her truck.

Getting out Al hugged her, and kissed her fully on the mouth then said I can't believe you are finally here!

Author's Note: Living for ten years in a pristine wilderness location at population one I had ample time to use my imagination and write these amazing stories. These were usually written during the long, snowy, winter months. For seven years straight I lived off-grid snow-bound for seven months of the year.

Did you enjoy this story? I did!

I would like to thank my growing fan base for sharing my stories worldwide.

It is my hope that one day someone will read one or more of my stories and offer me a contract. Pehaps Playboy, or Harelquin Romances!!!

Contact: [email protected]


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Wolf Spirit

Wilderness adventures and wildlife encounters have given rise to more than thirty-four real-life stories during 2014-15. Over the past ten years living in solitude I have been known to the locals, as 'a character' that you should meet.

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