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Candid Pleasures!

by Kai Storm 2 years ago in fiction

Never had a measure!

It's been a while since I last saw or heard from him. In fact, I would've bet anybody that he wasn't even thinking about me, and why would he? He made it clear that I wasn't important to him and he only responded to my calls/text messages when I reached out first, so why would anything about me cross his mind? As far as I was concerned, I meant nothing to him, was easily replaceable, and therefore there was no reason to keep in contact with me; not only did I understand it, I was comfortable with it. It became a life lesson to be okay when I wanted something or someone that didn't want me. That theory was put to the test when I least expected it and to be honest... it failed me big time... but in a good way. Let me explain further.

My friends and I got together recently for a girls night celebration that started at my house with Margaritas then moved to the local bar for more drinks and dancing our asses off. The bar was full, the music was great and everyone was in a party spirit. I was quite tipsy and feeling the music as I swayed my hips back and forth, so when I saw him staring at me from across the room, I wasn't bothered or moved in any way. I ignored him like he wasn't there and nothing in me questioned why he was there or who he was with... THEN IT HAPPENED! I was so into the music and the mood that I didn't realize he was standing right behind me, taking in all of my sexual pheromones and sensing my need for touch therapy. With one spin, all of a sudden I was not only facing him, I was now involved in a deep, sensual kiss. His lips always felt soft n' gentle no matter where on my body he laid them, his tongue always enticed me to want more so I couldn't deny my true pleasures. I had to give in. We quickly found a dark enough area in the VIP section and within minutes we immersed ourselves in our own decadent pleasures. Kissing lead to sucking, sucking lead to lifted skirts and undone zippers and before we knew it, we were bumping, grinding n' gushing to the beat of every song. His dick slid in smoothly, juices dripping on the dance floor and moans blended in with the music. A few onlookers enjoyed the show as no one had a problem with our lustful and public expression; instead it sort of felt like it was encouraged because we were giving our version of live porn. Pound for pound, our pleasure levels increased after every orgasm as we turned the dance floor into our bedroom, and just when you thought it was over, we proved it was just the beginning! We stepped outside the bar, got in the back seat of his car and continued our sexual escapade as if it was also our private bedroom.

Hot, bothered, sexually aroused; no matter how you labeled it we were doing it. Moaning, cumming all over his seats and making the car bounce with us were the only thing on my mind at the moment. My pussy was throbbing and he was steadily pounding it, making me forget any anger I had against him. While time seemed to stand still for us, the rest of the world continued as people left the bar and crowded the parking lot. Everyone saw what we were doing on the dance floor so no one was surprised to see us again in the parking lot. If anything, I'd like to think we encouraged everyone to get it on themselves. Multiple orgasms were shared between us yet we still weren't through with each other. We found a motel close by, got ourselves a room for the rest of the night and continued our sex escapades 'til the sun rose. It was at that point that I remembered that I originally came to the bar with my girlfriends, therefore I owed them an explanation and an apology. My cell phone was filled with text messages and voicemails from them as they were truly worried about me. My legs and back hurt, my pussy was sore and my clothes were wrinkled, but I had a smile on from ear to ear. That night became the most epic night of my life, nothing that I've done since has topped it and as long as I live it will never be forgotten.

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Kai Storm

Awesome author of 7 novels, mom of 3 daughters, brand ambassador of Sugarfoot Shoetique, Co-Host of Motherhood Sex Marijuana the new podcast coming to YouTube on Mother's Day 2020!!

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Kai Storm
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