Branson's Dream Mate

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Branson's Dream Mate

Branson stepped out of the bathroom, rubbing the towel over his head to dry his shoulder length locks. As he started to run the towel down his body, he looked up to see the elf from earlier laying on his bed naked, staring at him with a smirk on his face, his red hair spread out against the pillows and framing his beautiful pixie-like face. Branson grinned at the elf, threw his towel across the room, and stormed over to the bed. He grabbed the elf and flipped him over onto his stomach.

Climbing on top of the elf, he settled himself on the back of the elf's thighs, and brought his hand down hard on the elf's ass cheek. The elf yelped, then groaned as Branson rubbed his hand over the abused flesh. Before the elf could get comfortable, Branson brought his hand down hard against the other ass cheek. The elf lifted his ass into the air as best as he could with Branson's weight holding him down, begging for more. Branson took that as a sign to continue, and brought both hands down hard on the elf's ass cheeks twice, eliciting a loud cry of pleasure from the elf's lips.

Branson rubbed his hands back and forth over the elf's ass, squeezing the cheeks together, then pulling them apart to reveal the treasure hidden between them. He leaned down and placed a kiss between the elf's shoulder blades as he reached into the nightstand next to the bed to grab the lube stored there. Squirting a little out onto his fingers, he rubbed the lube against the elf's hole, gently pushing in a finger to stretch him out. Branson was impatient, but he didn't want to hurt the little man. He quickly pushed in two, then three, fingers, scissoring them apart to stretch the man out. The little elf groaned in pleasure, rocking his hips back and forth against Branson’s fingers.

Pulling his fingers free of the elf's ass, Branson added more lube to his hand, and rubbed it on his engorged cock. Tossing the lube aside, he leaned forward on one hand, and guided his cock to the elf's waiting hole. Gently pushing in, Branson didn't stop until he was seated all the way inside the elf's channel. He gave the man a moment to adjust to his large size. When the elf started wiggling his hips, Branson knew he was ready. He set a hard and fast pace, pounding into the elf's tight ass. Branson reached up to shackle the elf's wrists in one of his hands, effectively holding him in place as he rode the man hard.

The elf wasn't content to be a passive participant. He managed to pull his legs up underneath him, and used them as leverage to push back against Branson's thrusts. He turned his head to look back at Branson, and winked.

Branson liked the elf's playful side. It was refreshing as he and his brothers were always so serious. It was nice to just let go sometimes. He was really glad that the man wasn't turned off by Branson's kink. In fact, the elf seemed to really enjoy being spanked. Branson could definitely get used to this.

Branson knew he was close when his rhythm faltered. His hips sped up, trying hard to reach the finish line. When the elf came, his hole squeezing Branson's cock in a death grip, and he knew that it was over. With a groan, Branson came deep inside the man's ass, rocking his hips until the very last drop was released.

The elf collapsed onto the bed, and Branson fell on top of him. Both exhausted and panting for air. Branson scooted over a little so that he was no longer crushing the man. He smoothed the fiery hair to the side, and kissed his way along the elf's shoulder.

"I could get used to this," the elf giggled.

Branson grinned. "Yeah, me too." He turned the man onto his back, and kissed him gently on the lips. "This has been the best night of my life, baby."

"Halamar," the elf murmured, running a finger across Branson's lips.

"Excuse me," Branson said, confusion written all over his face.

"My name is Halamar," the man explained. "But my friends call me Hank."

"Um, I think I will stick with 'Baby'," Branson said with a chuckle. "'Halamar is kind of a mouth full." He gave Halamar a smoldering look. "And we are more than just friends."

Halamar grinned. "Okay."

Branson kissed Halamar once again, turned the man back onto his side, and wrapped his arms around Halamar's waist. Closing his eyes, he quickly gave in to exhaustion.

Xylia Edin
Xylia Edin
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