Blue Eyes

by Justine Hibbert 9 months ago in lgbtq

Part 1

Blue Eyes

It was her eyes. Something about the way they moved across the floor searching for someone, for something. It was as if they were calling me. I could not help but stare. Then her eyes caught mine. My heart stopped for a brief moment hoping it was me she was looking for; then they shifted and I sank back into the dreadful beer I ordered. Man it was horrible, but it was cheap. I decided to head out, another night without a woman in my bed. I grabbed my coat, tipped the waitress and walked out the door, but not without getting a chance to look into those eyes again. They were ocean blue. But they had found what they were looking for, her boyfriend, or husband. A man that was not me.

I walked a couple blocks to my apartment building. Decided to take the stairs to the third floor so I wouldn't have a headache in the morning. I got to my door and searched for my keys. Just my luck, I lost my fucking keys. Hopefully they're back at the bar. I ran down the stairs hoping I could see her again. I grabbed the bar door open and there she was, dancing in the middle of the floor; alone. Her face was wet; she was crying. Those eyes looked up at me and they were crystal blue. God can someone eyes be so beautiful?

She smiled at me and gestured for me to join her. I saw my keys in the corner, but I decided I'd get them later. Didn't want to miss my opportunity with her.

She pressed her butt against me and swayed her hips in a very slow rhythm. She turned to me and gently kissed my lips. I knew she was hurting and I was her rebound, but I didn't care. Her lips were so soft and moist, I could not get enough. She pulled away and started heading for the door, then she looked back at me and with those shiny, blue eyes, asked me follow her.

We took a cab back to her condo. It was in a very upscale area, a place I could never afford—not with my part-time construction job. We went up to the eighteenth floor. We got to her door and as she pulled out her keys, I remembered mine were still on the table in the back at the bar. Shit. As we entered, all I saw was white. Everything from the ceiling to the floor was white. I was scared to take my coat off in fear that it might destroy her clean floor. I didn't get a chance to fully look around, she pulled me to her bedroom.

I knew this was not a good idea with her being a tad bit drunk. Somethings she might not be able to remember, but I just did not want to be alone tonight. She got naked and laid on the bed. Just like her eyes, her olive skin was beautiful and she had some weight on her that gave her the perfect shape. I took my coat and shoes off and climbed on top of her. I gently kissed her lips; I could still taste the alcohol she had to drown her sorrows.

I moved lower and took her right nipple in my mouth. The soft moan that left her lips gave me the approval to keep going. I moved to the left nipple as I rubbed the right between my fingers. I slid my hands between her legs and I felt the heat and the wetness of her pussy. As I was moving lower, I gently kissed her stomach. The smell that came from her pussy made me hungry for a taste. I kissed the inside of her thighs and slowly moved towards the outer lips. I sucked on the lips before I spread them to reveal her beautiful clit. I blew on it and felt her shiver. I could not take it anymore, I dove in for a feast. I grabbed her thighs firmly and ate her pussy. It was sweet, with a little hint of coconut. I could not get enough. I dipped my tongue in her opening and that sent her over the edge. She came all over my face and I sucked up all her juices.

She was breathing heavily then her breath started to even out, she was falling asleep. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. I grabbed my coat and shoes and headed out the door. I wanted to stay, wake up to those blue eyes, but I knew I could not. I never could. The women I meet will never understand that I cannot have children with them.

I hailed a cab and headed back to the bar once again. Finally got my keys just before they closed and headed back to my apartment. I fell on top of my bed and couldn't help still being turned on by that woman with the blue eyes. I couldn't help but touch myself. I brought myself to an orgasm, but I was not satisfied. Only a woman could satisfy me, and not just any woman. One who was okay with me being a man by the way I dressed, walked, etc. but also accepted me with having a vagina instead of a penis.

Part 2

Julia was invited to that shabby bar outside of town by her boyfriend. She had a feeling he would end things, but she didn't see the reason he brought her all the way down there to do it. As she entered the bar, she searched for him. Something caught her eye; more like someone. She couldn't tell who that person was, but it felt like they were calling out to her. Julia was intrigued by this person. She heard her name and found the source; her boyfriend Anthony. As she made her way over to him, she mustered up the courage to take what was coming to her.

At the corner of her eye, she saw the mystery person walk out the door, her eyes wanted to follow but the words Anthony spoke caught her attention; it was over. His reason: He was still in love with his ex-fiancé and he wanted to try again because he owed it to himself to follow his heart to the one he was still connected to. Julia could not listen anymore, she got up and went over to the bar. She ordered some shots to ease her pain. She heard the bar door closed. Guessing he left, but what caused Julia's tear to fall was he did not even apologise for breaking her heart.

The tears would not stop. She ordered more rounds. The tequila was really bad, it was from a shabby bar after all but it was doing the work. She decided to dance. The music would help take her mind off of what happened. All the memories, the times they spent together, were all lies. She was falling in love and connecting with him while he was using her body until he no longer needed her. Julia felt someone staring at her; as she looked up, it was the mystery person. She smiled and called the person over...


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