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Billy the Goat

by Colecia Wilson 15 days ago in erotic


Billy the goat.

 I first saw Billy on a website. I'm not going to lie it was Facebook. He was so sexy. I think the sexiest thing about him was his work ethic. He wore a hard hat, a highlighter yellow vest, and these brown boots. He was kind of a cheap man but he had really nice things. He was a hard-working man and that's exactly what I needed at the time. So what did I do, I sent him a friend request and that's how it all started. I think I waited a week maybe two weeks when I got the notification I was so happy. I could feel the tingle between my legs. That was the first time I ever got excited by him and it definitely wasn't the last. We texted for a while, sending each other just enough motivation to meet  one another in person. The first time I went and saw Billy was where he worked. It was a power plant. There was so much power there between the electricity in the ground and my legs. I was so nervous that I drove up and down street three or four times before I finally parked. And I waited at least 30 minutes before texting him and telling him I was there. He had been waiting on his lunch break and didnt have that much more time to waste. After all I didn't want to waste a trip either. when I received a text saying that he was on his way to the parking lot I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. I felt butterflies stronger than I had ever felt the butterflies before. This is back when I felt like the butterflies were a sign, a good sign. Before he taught me that the butterflies in my stomach were actually my body alarming me of the evil that was coming into my life. How could you be so sexy and evil at the same time? I have no clue at that point and I don't even think he did. He rolled his window down and I rolled mine and there he was with that beautiful smile. Those pretty lips and those pretty teeth, those pretty eyes and those pretty cheeks. Billy badass I thought Billy the goat there he is in the flesh. It's my turn I thought to myself oh my God I did it it's finally my turn. He waved me over to go to his car and as I was getting out, I told myself  alright Coleen it's our time. As I got into the passenger side of his car, I felt my legs trembling. He leaned over and gave me a hug and kiss my cheek and and then he just looked at me smiling. my cheeks hurt so bad, I had a permanent smile on my face. I looked so childish I know I did oh, but I think he loved it. he pulled out from the parking lot of his job and drove somewhere else down the street and parked where nobody could see us. He opened up his door and he went to his backseat and he started unbuttoning his vest. He looked up at me and asked if I was going to join him in the back and I said yes. The first thing I did before opening the door was untie my shoes and as I was untying my shoes I ask myself are we really doing this. I didn't want to make him wait that long oh, God knows I've been waiting forever for this moment. For this experience none the less. As I got into the backseat of his car I notice his muscles. There were muscles all over his arms and shoulders, his chest and legs. I began to feel myself get nervous. Almost like I was undeserving to do what I was about to do. He grabbed the back of my neck with his strong hands. He kissed my forehead and told me to llay down. As he spread my long legs open he began to kiss on my neck and up to my mouth. Pulling my shirt out of my pants and I'm undoing my pants at the same time. When I felt his fingers touch my pelvic area my body cringed but in a good way. That was the first time I ever felt a devil touch me and it felt good. We were kissing so much that I barely noticed that my pants were off and my underwear were pulled to the side. I didn't notice until I caught myself moaning from him rubbing his fat fingers on my pussy. When I felt him put himself inside of me I gasped for air. He was so thick, and we both moaned as we felt each other for the first time. I think he liked it more than me which is crazy because it felt so damn good. He went deeper and deeper w each stroke. I couldn't help but grip him w my pussy , legs and arms. I couldn't breathe. I stopped breathing. It was like we were one and he was breathing for the both of us. I could of sworn we made love. In fact I believe that's when I fell in love. After 3 rounds of head bashing, soft choking, and non-stop pelvic thrusts that hit deep, he was ready to bring me back to my car. My legs trembled as I stepped out and walked back to the driver side. I caught him smiling at me, chuckling as I struggled sitting down in my seat. He waived over to me, to roll my window down wishing me a good afternoon. As I watched him pull off, I began talking to myself aloud. Congratulating myself for finding some good dick. I even screamed out loud. I began to feel a power come over me, sort of like when the power ranger would "morph" . I was dickmatized, I wanted to fuck again. Little did I know, he'd be very stingy with his dick, being that he had a family he lived with. Sad thing is I knew before we had sex. I realized I had a thing for forbidden fruit, it made me want him more. The thought of being that dirty secret seemed to be enough for me. It was a long dark road I had never strolled down. I had no idea what I was doing to myself. Weeks went by of broken promises to meet up again. I caught myself multiple times stalking his Facebook. I even stalked his girlfriend's page. It was pathetic as hell but I was deprived. I was angry with him for making me wait so long especially since he didn't want me fucking anyone else. That part made me feel like I was important to him. Not realizing it was to protect his woman since he was stepping out on her. When the time came for us to meet up again I had drove to his house about fourth minutes away from mine. Obviously his girl was gone and we kinda had the place to ourselves. His daughter was sleeping in the back room so I kinda felt a little out of place. He quickly noticed my mood change and dropped his pants whipping his dick out, teasing me in hopes of a mood change. Boy did it work. I dropped to my knees and happily rubbed his dick on my face, praising him silently with every trick I could think of orally. He liked when my ass was tooted up in the air so he could spank me and play w my pussy. That part drives me crazy and naturally I began to suck more. When he was ready, he turned me around and spit on my vagina. Kisses and nibbling on my ass. I always wondered why he never would eat my pussy and the only answer I could conjure was his girlfriend Kelly. Which made me despise her even more. Waiting to see if he'd taste me, he made contact w the opening of my vagina w the head of his dick. One hand wrapped around my neck and the other gripping my waist, he pulled me back onto his dick, forcefully. Making me moan unexpectedly. It was an amazing feeling. Feeling his hard, fat, long dick forced into my hole over and over again. When he'd fuck me hard like that I'd moan w a little chuckle. Laughing in my head at the fact that he could fuck me as hard as he wanted and I still wouldn't run. In fact all it did was make me arch my back even more propping my ass higher for him. Looking back at him while he fucked my pussy, begging him to spank me w his thick hands. We drove each other crazy sexually. He would last so long I'd squirt on his dick several time in one session from excitement and joy of being filled w his dick. I loved it. I craved it. I was loyal to that shit. Once he was finished he sent me away. Saying Kelly would be getting off work so it's be better to leave now while everything was still hidden from any witnesses. That was the worse feeling he'd make me feel. I'd feel unwanted all over again. Angry again, with the sense of being unsatisfied. It was the price I paid for having him a fuck buddy. It was never on my time and I'd have to wait. Depriving myself from sexual encounters until he felt like blessing me w time. I'd pick fights w him through texts just to see if he cared about me. He'd get upset but he was always understanding assuring me he wasn't trying to use me and that he couldn't be there like how hStart writing...

Colecia Wilson
Colecia Wilson
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