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Best Sex Positions

Education is fundamental. Let us teach you the best sex position.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 11 min read

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to sexual positions. Beyond what you see in the movies, there is actually a step-by-step process for sexual positions and rich sexual experiences. While you know what missionary position and doggy style are, do you know which to use based on the mood you and your lover are seeking? Do you know which positions are best accentuated by her wearing heels, and which are better for a partner who wants to feel in control? Whether you're looking for a fast and furious orgasm or a long and sensuous night of holding one another, the position you choose is almost as important as how well you execute it. This sex position guide is designed to help you make an informed decision. If you are the kind of person who actually reads the instructions, you know that is the best way to get the job done. Sex is no different than a 1200 piece lego model. Follow the visual guide, and get the job done.

Standard Missionary

The so-called missionary position earned its name because, supposedly, it is the only position that Presbyterian missionaries to Africa would allow the newly converted natives to use for sexual intercourse. Much maligned in recent years, it is the standard form of copulation the world over—for good reason. It allows for easy entry of the penis into the vagina; it affords the couple intimate face-to-face contact as they fuck; and it provides the woman with gentle clitoral stimulation during the act. It is the least physically tiring position for couples who like their lovemaking long and slow, and it also allows for variations (see missionary variations 1 and 2). Everyone is familiar with the missionary position; It's listed here to reassure you that you are neither a square nor a prude if it is the position you most prefer.

Missionary Variation #1

In the standard missionary, the woman is flat on her back, her knees bent slightly, with the man lying on top of her between her legs. In Variation #1, the woman stretches her legs out flat and hooks her ankles around the man's, changing the angle of entry to allow the top of the penis to rub more directly against the clitoris. In this way, the woman is more easily able to climax without manual stimulation.

Missionary Variation #2

In this variation, the woman swings her legs back as far as they will go, with her knees bent toward her head. The man lies down on top of her, the crook of his arm holding down her thighs; The woman's calves rest on the man's shoulders. This allows for the deepest possible penetration and gives the man the opportunity for long, hard thrusts—in other words, fucking in its truest sense. Note: This position is impossible if the man is much taller than the woman, or if the woman's legs are not limber.


The man lies flat on his back. The woman kneels, facing him, and lowers herself onto his erection. During intercourse, the man can either remain still or thrust upward; The burden of movement is on the woman. Using her legs, she can move up and down, sliding the penis through her vagina or, using her hips, she can revolve her vagina around the penis; or, she can do both simultaneously, literally "screwing" her pussy onto the man's cock for a truly sensational orgasm. The big advantage of the woman superior is that she can control the rate and depth of entry, and move her body in such a way as to cause maximum clitoral stimulation—thus best pleasing herself. It also allows the man to massage her breasts as they fuck.

Reverse Cowgirl

This is basically the same as cowgirl, only the woman kneels down facing away from the man. She can either lean backward, letting the man reach around to finger her nipples and knead her breasts, or she can lean forward, grasping onto the man's legs as she fucks him. The angle of entry is different from cowgirl. For some couples this may be good, for others it may not be.


This position enjoyed an enormous rise in popularity during the sexual revolution. The woman gets down on her hands and knees, usually with her ass raised in the air and her shoulders lowered. The man kneels behind her and inserts his cock into her while holding her about the waist. By moving his ass backward and forward, he thrusts into her. Penetration is very deep. Since this position is copied from the animal kingdom, there is something very primal and terrifically exciting about it. Although it's more impersonal than the missionary position, it gives the man a feeling of power and domination over the woman, often making his orgasm much more intense.

Side by Side

This is an excellent position that combines the best of several worlds. The woman lies on her side, facing away from the man, who lies on his side and enters her vagina from behind. As the man slowly strokes in and out, he can fondle the woman's breasts. Even better, he is able to reach down and stroke her clitoris as he fucks her. The woman is able to climax quickly in this manner. As they fuck, the man can use his mouth to kiss and bite the woman's neck, or, if she turns her head to face him, they can French kiss as they reach simultaneous orgasm.

Modified Combination

The woman lies on her side with her lower leg straight out and the upper leg bent, her knee to her chest. The man kneels behind her, straddling her lower leg so that his cock enters her sideways. This angle generates fantastic friction in both partners. By reaching down and lifting the woman by her lower hip, the man can fuck her hard and fast, with deep penetration. One added extra is that he can lean back and watch the expression on the woman's face as his cock drives her to ecstasy.

Man Sitting #1

The man sits down, either on the side of the bed or, preferably, on a couch or large easy chair so that he can lean back. The woman kneels over his cock, straddling his hips with her knees, and slowly lowers herself onto him. This is similar to the cowgirl position, except that the woman's breasts are more accessible to the man's mouth and he can kiss, bite, and suck her nipples during intercourse. He is also easily able to reach around and grab her ass as she humps up and down on his lap. Note: If you're into "auto" eroticism (i.e., fucking in cars), this position can't be beat.

Man Sitting #2

Instead of kneeling and straddling the man's cock, the woman sits on his lap with her legs wrapped around his waist. Penetration is very deep; If the man's cock is too long, the woman may experience pain. This position allows for little in-and-out movement; It calls more for grinding pelvic motion. The couple holds each other tightly as they kiss, and the feeling of the man's chest crushing the woman's breasts flat is very sensual. This position does not usually result in a very powerful climax for the man. It is best as preliminary intercourse, after which the man can easily push the woman onto her back and slip into one of the missionary positions to "finish the job."

The Stork

This position makes it very difficult to maintain your balance, and it helps if the woman wears high heels. The man spreads his legs apart, knees slightly bent, as if he were playing golf. The woman stands in front of him on one leg—hence, "the stork"—with the other leg wrapped around his waist. The man fucks her by straightening and bending his legs rhythmically. Definitely not for the inexperienced or faint of heart! Note: You are probably already familiar with a variation of this position if you fuck in the shower. For balance, the woman leans against the tiles on the wall and props one foot on the side of the tub as the water cascades over the couple.

Woman Elevated

The woman lies flat on her back on top of a table or other waist-high elevation (a desk, for example, is perfect for sex in the office). She spreads her legs, allowing easy access to her pussy. As the man stands between her open legs, she can pull them back, bent at the knees; lift them straight up to form a V; or, wrap them around the man's waist, with her heels digging into the small of his back. The man can either stand up straight, grasping the woman by her waist and pulling her toward him as he thrusts into her; or, he can lean over her, resting his weight on his hands, and use his leg muscles to fuck her furiously.


As youths, we all whispered that this stood for "6 minutes of pleasure, 9 months of waiting," but now we all know that 69 is a visual depiction of mutual oral sex. The 69 is often referred to by its French translation, soixante neuf, for indeed it was the French who perfected the art of sexually satisfying your partner with your mouth and tongue (hence, the "French kiss"). In the 69, the woman lies on her back. The man kneels over her, with his head positioned over her pussy and his cock hanging down over her mouth. As the woman sucks on his cock, grasping its root with her hand, the man licks her clitoris while cupping her buttocks. For added satisfaction, as his tongue plays over her clit, his fingers can slide into her vagina and tickle her anus. Of course, in the 69 the woman can be on top. This makes cock sucking easier and avoids the gag reflex; However, the man must place his head on a pillow or his neck will become strained.


The Anglo-Saxon translation of this Latin term is "cock sucking." Although the man can be lying down, standing, or even hanging by his thumbs, it's best if he is sitting for a variety of reasons, one of which is that he can watch. The woman kneels between his legs; with one hand, she grasps the root of his cock and jerks him off, either slowly or fast, but with an even motion. With the other, she can fondle his scrotum or tickle his anus. (If you don't mind a bit of kink, for added pleasure the woman can insert a lubricated finger into the man's asshole. This makes for an excruciating orgasm!). She should use her wet mouth like a vacuum cleaner to suck the man's cock, every now and then pausing to lick and nibble on the glans, or underside of the penis head, the most sensitive spot. If she is able to deep throat him, so much the better. Of course, fellatio is only fully satisfactory if the woman swallows the man's semen; otherwise, it's like eating a cone without the ice cream.


Another Latin term; translation, "eating pussy." This is the most unselfish sexual act the man can perform. The woman lies flat on her back, perhaps with a pillow under her ass. With her head back, she closes her eyes and fantasizes as the man kneels between her legs, spreads her labia with his fingers, and applies the tip of his tongue to her clitoris. By alternating the speed with which he licks her love button, first slow, then fast, the man can dictate the woman's orgasm. For example, as soon as he senses she is about to cum, he can slow down his tongue action, postponing her climax, prolonging the build-up. Just when she is about to climb the walls from this teasing, he can apply quick flicks, up and down or in circles around her clitoris until she explodes in a violent orgasm, crushing his head between her thighs!


Also known as oral copulation, this differs from fellatio in that the woman plays a passive role while the man does most of the work. She lies down on her back, placing a pillow under her head to elevate it about 45 degrees. The man kneels over her, straddling her shoulders, his ass resting on her breasts, and inserts his penis between her lips. While the woman, her head motionless on the pillow, sucks on him, he thrusts his hips forward and pulls them back, sliding his cock back and forth between her wet lips—literally fucking her mouth! Oral copulation implies domination. Hence, the man can often derive added pleasure by grasping the woman's hair and forcing her head against his body as he drives his cock down her throat. He can also reach back with one hand and finger her clitoris as he fucks her mouth.

Woman on Stomach Anal

Long regarded as taboo, anal sex is finally coming into its own as an enjoyable alternative to vaginal intercourse. The two catchwords of anal sex are "lubrication"—both the penis and the woman's anus should be well-greased with vaseline or, preferably, water-soluble lubricant—after anal sex, the man should immediately and thoroughly wash his penis to avoid infection in both partners. In this position, the woman lies flat on her stomach, her ass raised by a pillow. The man lies on top of her and ever so slowly and carefully inches his lubricated cock into her ass. Once the head of the penis "pops" past the sphincter, the major obstacle has been overcome. However, the man should continue to be extremely gentle, working himself slowly into her without driving the full length of his penis up her anus—especially if it is her first time. He will be delighted by the tightness that surrounds him. She will feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but should gradually come to enjoy the rare intimacy of the act.

Woman on Back Anal

This provides the intimacy of face-to-face contact, but, because of the more direct angle of entry, the cock will penetrate more deeply. Thus, this position is only for couples well acquainted with anal intercourse. As in missionary variation #2, the woman draws her legs back as far as they will go. She must also arch her back so that her anus is more accessible. The man positions himself over her and inserts his cock into her ass in the same careful, gentle manner described in woman on stomach anal. Balanced on his hands and feet, he fucks her slowly until he cums, while she reaches down to masturbate herself to her own orgasm.

Woman on Knees Anal

Much like the doggy style position of vaginal intercourse, the woman gets down on her hands and knees as the man kneels behind her. Unlike the doggy style, which requires that her ass be raised in the air, she should bend her legs so that her anus is level with his cock. Again he enters her gently and fucks slowly while grasping her hips. Note: Because of its sensitive nature, when one partner suggests to the other experimenting with anal sex, he or she should avoid such tasteless expressions as "cornholing," "buttsucking," and "driving up the dirt road." Handled properly, anal intercourse is highly erotic and intimate; treated in a vulgar manner, it becomes degrading.

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