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Best Male Sex Toys

Get off using the best male sex toys the industry has to offer men.

By George GottPublished 8 years ago 6 min read

Move over dogs, you are not man’s best friend anymore! Men are statistically more obsessed with sex than women and the market for male sex toys has exploded. Sex toys are not just for women and not only to use while you’re alone. Sex toys will become your best friend with or without you partner. There are endless types of toys and sexual enhancers to pick from, ranging from the innocent cock rings and nipple clamps to the more adventurous Fuck machines and fisting dildos. There should be no shame in trying one out or all. But if you're still convinced sex toys aren’t your thing, consider that, aside from the obvious erotic pleasure, male masturbation can actually be beneficial to your body and is a scientifically proven healthy activity. Clinical research has shown that masturbation and orgasms have huge benefits. Some benefits include boosting your immune system, relieving tension and stress by lowering blood pressure, providing a safe release of sexual tension without consequences or performance anxiety, and helping fight against depression by releasing the mood-enriching hormones serotonin and dopamine. OK so it feels amazing and is good for your health, and obviously you need to jack off more. So while you’re getting to polishing the knob more often, do yourself a favor and try out one of these toys to make that time even more pleasurable!

The future of sex is here! Can you believe it you made it to the future?! Who said time travel doesn’t exist yet? With the VR Virtuality Reality Fleshlight you will be able to live out your fantasies with your own eyes in the comfort of your bedroom, work, or even walking down the street. Forget those old fantasies in your head. This device will make you feel like you’re actually with your partner.

Considered one of the best sex enhancers for men, cock rings provide a host of benefits. The main reason that men use cock rings is to help delay ejaculation and keep them harder longer. Rings can be made of a variety of different materials, most commonly leather, rubber, or silicone, though nylon, and metal. Some men may wear a cock ring because they have erectile dysfunction, but whether you do or not, using the ring is helpful for having a better sexual experience.

One of the more taboo toys on our list is the prostate massager. Now you’re probably like WTF but many men secretly love them. Assplay isn’t just for gay men anymore. To be honest, I don’t think it was ever just for gay men. Who doesn’t like a little assplay? And who wouldn’t want to cum without even touching themselves?

Since we’re on the topic of your ass, its only fitting to tell you about fisting. Yea I said it, fisting. It's a thing and a lot of men like it and, again, not just the gays. It’s my duty as an informer to give you as much info as possible, creepy or not, but let me just put this out there, I am NOT into fisting. I know what you’re thinking, “you love it up the butt, so why not?” (*finger waving NO*) Personally I am not into getting a hand up my butt but I know that this fetish has a huge following. There is bound to be someone reading this out there that does. So if you’re a little nervous about telling your girlfriend or boyfriend that you want their hand up your ass, buy this fist (I mean first) and do it yourself beforehand. Try this fist dildo out if you secretly think this is your thing. I’ve been told you won’t be disappointed, just use a hell of a lot of lube!

So you want to get your freak on but there are some complications? Maybe you’re single, or not single but don't get to see your partner often. You’re in love and don’t want to cheat but you want to get a little freaky. Or you’re living in your parent's basement and play a ridiculous amount of Dungeons and Dragons and don’t get out much. Don’t fret, we have a solution! You can now do it like you’re actually “doing” it. This realistic vagina and ass silicone sex doll literally feels like the real thing. You get your pick of dat ass or the vajayjay. Have it your way! It's literally up to you! Note: If you swing the other way you can get just the butt. We’ve got you covered.

So we keep seeing a trend here, ass, ass, ass. Who doesn’t love ass? Well another fun toy to try out is anal beads. The beads today aren’t like the one’s your parents used. Yes, they used them. Sorry to scar you for life, but it's true. Most likely they did at some point. Anyway, anal beads today come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some vibrate, others are metal and are specifically used for temperature play (basically a buy one get one fetish).

So I’ll try to stop freaking you out and get way from the butt. Let's get to that D. One interesting fetish to try out is penis sounding. The first time I heard of this I was like “Do I listen for dick? I didn’t know they made noises?” After I spent some time literally trying to hear a herd of dicks coming my way, I was told it's a fetish where you stick metal rods into your peehole. Cricket chirps could be heard after that. Ok, so it's also not my thing, but it's a pretty popular fetish. It is also known more scientifically as urethra sounding. The process is simple: sounds, the rods, can be moved in and out while playing. It's kind of like massaging the inside of the penis. Misunderstood, but enjoyable. This isn’t for amateurs or the faint of heart so do your research before trying this out. If you like pleasure and pain this just might be your thing!

Who doesn’t like a good blow job? Sometimes it's hard to find that one partner that really gets you to climax the way you like. Well, skip them and buy the Autoblow. You get a blowjob without all the hassle of going out for drinks, paying for dinner and a movie all while hinging on the hopes they come back to your place. Don’t live on hope and get what you want. This mechanical blowjob’er lets you change speeds and has different suction levels. So slip it in and stroke!

So guys have nipples too. They are sensitive and can feel amazing when stimulated. Many men love to have them tweaked, squeezed, pinched, licked, sucked, and bitten just as much as women do. The best toy to add to any sexual experience is no doubt nipple clamps. The clamps keep pressure on the nipple to keep that feeling going while freeing up your hands for other wicked pursuits.Maybe you can bang out the fist dildo while you’re at it!

So this is basically the Ferrari of sex toys. This fuck machine lets you fuck and get fucked. You literally don’t need anyone ever again, but it can be fun with someone else, too! You know you want to take this out for a spin! This machine comes with a variety of attachments from a Fleshlight to a dildo. You can set the machine at different speeds and intensity. So whether you’re in the mood to slip it in or get it slipped into you this is no doubt the best toy. This machine will having you cumming for hours on end.

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