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Be better. Strive for greatness.

by Auralia 15 days ago in sexual wellness

Wrap that eggplant!

Be better. Strive for greatness.

I discovered something this weekend.

The education system has completely failed humanity in terms of sexual health care.

Don't believe me?

Here is an actual statement from a human, not a statement that I made up in my brain.

Me: You can receive and give STD/STIs from a bareback blowjob just so you are aware.

Him: Honestly, I wasn't aware. I thought everything you swallowed in your stomach it will be safe and disappear.


Sadly I have heard this from more people, men and women in the last year than I have before.

Then, you see posts in the headlines like this:

STIs on the Rise in Alberta -

Health Officials Dealing with an Outbreak of STIs -

10 Infants Infected with Syphilis -

And this is just in Canada!

Then you read that in the past 10 years the Churches have proclaimed that sex with a virgin will cure HIV. -

Still not shocked?

How is it that the whole world is focused on social media, money, gossip, babies being born to the rich and famous, who won the latest reality tv show, and the idiot leaders of the "greatest" country in the world's tweets, while we all ignore the darkness, the evil, the destruction of the world under the thumb of the joint power of church and state?

We are focused on the quick fix, the quick high. A quick orgasm before off to work to make another 2 cents to their $200.

And now, here you are full of STDs, spreading this disease so you can what?

Oh yes, that is right.

Give these powers that be more money for the little white pills that will not cure you, but help prevent this disease to spread further.

You need to be educated.

You need to take control of your life.

You need to stop being selfish and realize that your life is not a pointless mass of disappointments and pain before you die.

You need to reach out, take your control back.

Open your eyes and realize just how many people are being harmed just by not wearing a condom. Not using a dental dam. Not putting a glove on your hand before you shove it up inside a vagina or ass. You don't like condoms? Why not try female condoms? They are even better at protecting from STDs, not to mention you can still "feel" things.

We have lost so many amazing people due to STDs.

Lives have been ruined because you gave an STD to your partner and you didn't even realize it.

Stop turning a blind eye because it feels slightly better without a condom vs with.

If that blowjob doesn't feel good, one on the giving end is obviously not sucking hard enough. They need to treat that cock like there is a diamond at the base.

We as a society need to do better.

Be better.

We need to teach not only the younger generation but the older generation as well. I cannot count how many times I have talked to people my age or older who have no idea how STDs transfer from one person to another. They don't even realize that you can get STDs from pre-cum. Not to mention kissing.

Several northern towns and cities in Alberta have had the record for the highest amount of STDs several years over. Why is this you ask? Simple.

Where there is money and 24/7 work, there will always be working girls.

Where there are working girls, there are men who are always wanting unsafe services because it "feels better". Sadly, because there are so many women who need money for their bills, kids, or drug of choice, they will do it. Neither party caring about the consequences.

This is why I love Australia. Being a working girl is legal. They have stable well-paying jobs and health care. Every single girl and client follows the rules and uses condoms, gloves, dental dams, and female condoms. They have safe n' sexy play.

Men are always going to want to pay for it. Women will always provide this service, especially those who are single mothers, college girls, uneducated women, drug addicts. Make it legal, make it safe.

Yes, this went from an all people need to understand about STDs to working girls that will always be around. But digging our heads in the sand will make us invent devices that connect our brains for sex but no longer use our bodies. Demolition Man reference anyone?

And yes, men should wear condoms when doing butt stuff with other men. No, they do not use them as much as they should. They are driven by their little brain and forget about all things until their need is satiated. Once they are back to normal, not horned up animals, they realize what they did. Same thing when male subs ask Dommes to do horribly deplorable things. Once they come, bam! Deny what they did/wanted to be done to them.

Like my rant?

Want me to go into deeper details/personal opinion about anything stated above?

Let me know, I just love word vomit.



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