Backstabbing Sluts

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Janessa samples her friend's man...

Backstabbing Sluts

Got to say these scenes are of a really high quality and it's a shame they don't have their own website anymore. They're available at Clips4Sale but I managed to watch this one at Whore Stepmom's website. It's one of the best episodes to be fair with the sultry Janessa really playing a "bitch" really well. With her pretty face, pale skin and plump breasts this girl is definitely a nice sight. This is the first time I've seen her in a scene which seems to stem from "Back Stabbing Sluts" using lesser know actors and actresses. Janessa has a very unique look to herself and definitely plays a good part in this scene. Her co-star is the appropriately named Bucky who also does a good job as the promiscuous boyfriend. He seems to be a good improvisation actor and has no problems in the performing part either. Bucky seems to be another good choice by the director in this classic scene.

Three's a crowd.

Janessa's friend gets a call from work to do an extra shift.

Unfortunately Bucky's girlfriend is not credited in this scene but she does a good job at playing the innocent girlfriend. The scene commences with Janessa and her friend discussing Bucky before his arrival. Janessa is telling her how much she hates the guy and that he's a cheat; she can't stand the fact that her friend thinks he's a nice guy. Her friend is pretty defensive saying he's a nice guy and that she wish the two of them would just get along. There's an awkward part where the two of them run out of lines to say but it's not enough to ruin the scene.

Grudge Sex

Janessa makes her feelings towards Bucky clear.

Bucky arrives to the disgust of Janessa and it appears the three of them may be going out for some sort of meal. The plans are wrecked when Janessa's friend gets a phone call from her job asking her to work an extra shift. She's reluctant though as it would be the 14th day in a row that she will have worked. It appears her boss is desperate and it means that their plans are scuppered for the night. Her boyfriend has actually travelled a long way to come see her and the thought of staying with Janessa makes him uncomfortable.

Girls with confused feelings...

Janessa's aggression clearly makes her horny.

Bucky's girlfriend asks them just to get along for once. It's unclear as she leaves whether Bucky is staying or going round the corner to see a friend. She kisses Bucky and hugs Janessa before exiting. Bucky says to Janessa "He just can't get why they can't get along?"

Janessa retorts that it's, "because he would fuck any girl if he had the chance."

Bucky makes it clear that he's actually heard the same about Janessa when it comes to men. Bucky states he's happy to just stay in the other room watching the TV if Janessa doesn't want his company.

Sleeping with the Enemy

Janessa intends to prove Bucky will sleep with anyone given the chance.

The scene really begins when Janessa decides to prove that Bucky will sleep with anyone. Bucky to his credit does actually try to refuse stating that Janessa is trying to set him up. Janessa deviously says that she'll tell her friend that they slept together anyway so he might as well go through with it. What ensues is naughty scene with great sex for the camera. The two are clearly attracted to each other as Janessa gives Bucky a good smooch between his legs. As Janessa gets naked her body looks awesome. They would be plenty of men who wouldn't mind their chops round those plump tits. As Janessa begins to suck Bucky's cock she agrees not to tell her friend about the tryst. The dirty talk throughout is great, Janessa seems no stranger to it. The tone of the scene is summarized by the two of them hitting the floor and immediately going into a "69" position.

Performing for the Camera

Janessa strips for Bucky.

Janessa moans at the camera in the various positions of the scene; the best is when she is bent over and she really goes for it. It give this idea that she really is being a slut which works great. The scene has a bit of a twist to it at the end and is worth watching all the way through. I'm going to give this scene a 4 of 5; still great footage just a minor hiccup at the start. All the "backstabbing sluts" scenes seem to be pretty good if can get to see them anywhere.

4 out of 5

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