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An Office Fling

What does it take to get on top?

By Friday VibesPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

We all like a good story about office relationships, right? So here’s one that’s up to you to decide if it’s fact or fiction. Have fun reading and oh, don’t forget the wine!

Working in an office setting has its perks. The more you move up, the more time you get to enjoy being off on the weekends. It’s what you have to do to move up that is the first line of figuring it out. See, where I come from with working, nothing is fair. You have to fight for your job daily. It’s between just trying to prove who you are and just trying to figure out what member of management you have to sleep with in order to get ahead. Yes, it’s just that bad. So after months of trying to prove my worth, working overtime, going above and beyond, and meeting goals that have never been accomplished before, I was still just at square one. Others before me with less numbers and no recognition were moving up in the rankings. Getting raises, time off, you name it. But nothing was coming my way.

I spoke with another co-worker that at the time I thought was a friend of mine.

I asked her, "What do you think the ones that are moving up are doing to get there?"

She responded, “I’m going to say they have raw knees if you know what I mean” I was in shock. Well not shock but more like, well, if the shoe fits, wear it. I wondered who they were sleeping with? Who thought to put that plan in action and when did it start? At that moment, my brain was going 100 miles a minute. I had to know how to get into this chain of sex and move up. I was tired of the same tasks daily with nothing extra coming my way. I was tired of being the grunt. After putting in about two years with no change, I was going to make a way for my change to come.

Days went on and I started to take the time to notice things around me. Who was close to who? Who did things through the day that you wouldn’t normally do unless that person is someone you are sleeping with? Susan from bookkeeping was married but she did things for Donald in outsourcing that would make people think that clearly they have something going on. Tina in sales was a little too close to Roger in Operations. It was then the light bulb went off and I figured out they were sleeping with each other and working on moving up with every moment of sexual release. I had to find me someone to sleep with and I had to do it fast!

It’s not like I’m married or even in a relationship so what am I hurting by checking out this option? I’m only hurting myself by not trying it out. Or so I thought. Weeks go by and there is a new guy that walks into the office. Tall, dark, and chocolate. Just the way I like them. His name was Reggie. He came from money. Parents owned a pharmaceutical company in upstate New York. He was everything that a horny woman or man would ever want. Chiseled physique. Amazing bone structure. The idea of so many things went through my mind at that moment. I had visions of being held up in the janitor's closet while he took over my body. I had moments of thinking about working late and being asked to be on this special project. Just the two of us. He was coming in as a chief of some department that I was going to do anything in my power to get into.

They started walking him around the building, introducing him to all of us. They came to my station.

I stood up and said, “Hi, I’m Tiana. It’s my pleasure to meet you.”

On the inside, my body was having a party, thinking about all the things I wanted to do at that very second to him. I didn’t have to know his name, what he did for a living, or even if he was married. I didn’t care. I wanted my shot at the big time and I knew he was it.

That night, I had to work late since I was running late and needed a day off the same week. I decided to stay in the office just a little while longer and get some files taken care of. Little did I know, I wasn’t alone. Reggie was there, still settling into his new corner office space. He was just in there, not on the phone, not going through emails or anything. He looked like he was just taking it all in. I appreciate a man that can appreciate the accomplishments in life. Thinking to myself, "This is my time to shine!" I knocked on his door and said "hi" in a soft voice. I didn’t want to startle him.

Reggie turned around and said, "Oh hey there, I thought I was all alone for the night."

I wanted to do everything that was on my mind to get on top of the game but I held my composure for that night.

Days go by and it turns into weeks still trying to work on my plan to get that promotion that I knew I deserved. We had an office Christmas party that Saturday night. I decided to show off a little skin given that it was still almost 70 degrees outside still. I put on my red dress. Strapless with a small split up my right thigh. Black shoes that have ankle wraps and some of my favorite jewelry. The company rented out a huge spot since it was supposed to showcase a few of the shareholders and VP of whatever department. I just knew that I was dressed to impressed! As I walked in, there he stood. The man that I was going to ride all night in the closet to get what I needed. One look and he knew just what to do. It was like he was a mind reader.

We ran off into the bathrooms. They were single serve with locks on the door. It was go time! I won’t get into the details of what all went down. Just know and understand that at the start of the new year, I got my bonus, a raise, and a new position. I was working alongside of Reggie. It was so worth it. Shame that we have to get to that level of getting down and dirty for a position.


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I'm a somewhat single mother of 2 boys. 3, if you count my husband. Born and raised in Texas. I love anything with food, diy, love & relationships... I've been there and done that on so many topics :)

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