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An Improper Connection

by Gourav Bhattacharya 11 days ago in relationships

How good does it feel?

Feel it.

Feel it.

Feel it.

You know it’s me. The way I touch you. You crave it, but you can’t show it. You try to hide it, but you never stop me. Your eyes, they make sure to tell me what your mouth struggles to. The desires you’ve been fantasizing about. I know them, baby. I see through the charade you put up for the world because I know what lies within is a freak.

You want to touch me. Don’t hesitate. Your man needs to learn about the temptations you suppress. He doesn’t know what turns you on. It’s okay. He doesn’t have my touch. He doesn’t know that you like the pain that comes with love. He’s tries to be good to you, but you long for a monster… a monster that only loves you. You had me. I turned into the monster. You took it all in. The pain, the pleasure, the comfort, the care, the passion, and the love. You couldn’t get enough. Yet, like always, our time wasn’t right. You cried your heart out and tried replacing the void I left. You never found a fit because baby you never found that connection with anyone else. Your man, he never met the you that makes a man pray. You never showed him that like God even the devil can be a woman.

Breath. Come closer. You want to breathe me in and feel that warmth again. Don’t worry. You love this. I can see it. So does your man. Don’t fake it now. Let loose. There’s no better sight than a woman fulfilling her fantasies. You turned me into the sinner that your man isn’t. Why don’t you punish me?

I know that look. I see the tigress. Hungry, you’re ready to claim your prey. You can’t wait. Your mind and your body just crave the touch that once set you free, but baby I hope you didn’t forget. I’m a control freak.

Feel it.

You know the look on my face, and you start to prepare. Who could control a tigress? Only a monster. You know that’s me and that turns you on more. You haven’t felt this way in a long time. Closer. You crawl closer with our gaze locked on each other. You feel no shame. You love every bit of it. You’re coming home. It’s you and me. Yes. Your fragrance. Ah f***, that fragrance. You’re testing me now. Reminding me of our history and tempting every inch of me.

You’re impatient. Pushing me to turn into that monster again. You know only you can, so you tease it. The monster that only you know about because only you could ever love it.

You want me to grab you like I used to, don’t you? Like your man never does. Who knew the tigress loved to be tamed? Slow. Let it grow. Let the desires flow. You look so beautiful when you’re free. Your man could never see it. Even when he tries, he never makes you feel it. But now, you feel it all over because you finally have the monster who can set you free.

You’ve been starved. I can sense it. The way you’re locking onto me it’s driving me crazy. Seems like you never want to let go. I don’t mind it because honestly, neither do I.

The connection. I know you feel it. We both do. I had forgotten how it feels to connect with someone this deeply. Like our gaze our lips lock, legs wrap, arms pull us in making us commit every damn sin. You love so good that I fear its lust. Baby, we’re causing a scandal with every touch. Like moths, we’re burning in this flame of desire. You bite my lips and make me taste blood, yet your man’s the one who’s getting hurt.

Feel it.

We’re just getting started. I haven’t even shown you how much the monster’s grown in your absence. Feel the touch. Feel the pain. Feel the control I have on you. Does it feel good to be tamed again? Does it feel good to be true again? Does it feel good when I wreck every bit of you? Because your eyes, they ask me for more.

You’re feeling it so you give it all to me. Surrender. With every passing moment, you surrender yourself more and more. Holding me tighter you reveal your true self. Your eyes roll back as I pull on your hair. It’s a pity your man never knew how to hurt you with care. Do you like it? Or do you f***ing love it?

Your man, he’s half of that now. He finally knows the price of letting a woman down. That look on your face, it’s killing him as it keeps turning me on. I have patiently waited, allowing the monster to grow, hoping that when the day comes, I’ll leave you flushed and sore. We both know this time it’s primal, so baby, tonight, I can go for as long as you want.

Don’t worry.

This time I’m not leaving with the night.

I now realize, I can be a monster for my tigress all my life as I care no more if the time is right.

Feel it.


Gourav Bhattacharya

We are emotional beings and our emotions mold us into what we finally become. From time to time I tap into this emotional side to pen down stories and anecdotes that are close to my heart.

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