After Sex Clean Up Tips

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Keep the romance alive and the mess down!

After Sex Clean Up Tips

After sex, clean up can be easy or a bit of a chore depending on what activities you and your partner have been enjoying. Many people worry about the cleanup and are concerned with the amount of mess that can come from intercourse. Do you need to jump right in the shower? Should you worry about semen? What about the wet spot? If you are concerned about post Netflix and chill clean up, don't fret. There are some simple things you can do to make the clean up go quickly, effortlessly, all while protecting your sexual health.

1. Avoid the Wet Spot, Lay Down a Blanket or Towel

No one likes to lay on the wet spot after sexy times. Also, depending on what kind of relationship you have with your sexual partner, you may also wish to avoid any risk of STI transmission. The risk of passing something from a damp area is not particularly high but there can still be a fraction of a degree of transfer. If you are trying to be conscious of the fluids of others and keeping it separate from yours, this may be something you wish to keep in mind.

Before you get intimate, or as things are starting to heat up, you can make sure to move onto something that can be easily shifted afterward. Something like a towel or a soft blanket works really well. That way it can simply be pushed to the side to be cleaned later. No one has to sleep in the wet spot. If you are engaging in anything that involves creating a bit more of a mess, such as using extra lube or incorporating food, this can keep your clean up time down so you have more time for that post-sex cuddle.

2. To Shower or Not to Shower?

Showering after sex is totally a personal preference. Some people feel it's crucial to get in the shower after intercourse but it's not always necessary. People with vulvas may feel it will help to wash out semen. While it is important for the vulva to stay clean and without extra moisture, the vulva will naturally clean itself. If there is concern about getting rid of semen, you can make sure to pee after sex. This can reduce the chance of getting a urinary tract infection.

There is nothing wrong with showering after sex if you want to and there's one available. It's completely a personal choice. It can also be a nice moment to share with your partner to extend the intimacy. Or it can be a good way to provide some space after a casual dalliance where there may be little interest in post-sex cuddling. If you are choosing to shower afterward, make sure that a scent-free and sensitive soap is used in the genital region. This will prevent any irritation.

3. Using Something to Clean Up With

If you're not going to hit the shower but are still looking for something to clean up with, what should you use? Many people tend to use towels and this is an excellent choice. A cotton towel is best as they will be easy to keep clean and will also dry faster. It's a good idea to designate a specific towel (or set of towels) for your clean up stash. You don't want to be using something that may contain bacteria from being used for other purposes and rubbing that on your genitals.

Some people use a shirt or their socks but this is not always a good idea. Even after these items have been laundered, the fabric fibers may still contain bacteria and sweat from being worn. The fabrics may also be more coarse to the touch and may not be the best to soak up extra wetness. All these things factor into something that probably won't be nice to rub on your nether region to absorb moisture.

Enjoy All the Aspects of Sex, Even the Clean Up

Cleaning up after sex doesn't have to be a big chore. You can keep things light and fun with your partner or at the very least keep them easy. Enjoying a full and satisfying sex life means getting comfortable with all these little things that come along with the act. Enjoyed this article? Check out the other great articles, games, and more on my website

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