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Acquaintances to Friends

Two friends from high school

By E. E. LewisPublished 5 months ago 7 min read
Acquaintances to Friends
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

As usual, just a tale…

Kelly and I had always been friendly. We went to school together for middle and high school and I wouldn’t call us friends, but we spoke when we saw each other and knew a lot of the same people. She was always really pretty. Long curly hair, light brown skin, and a pretty smile. She was fairly short and thick, which didn’t bother me any because she had big boobs and a big butt. She was always dating someone, and so was I, but we’d flirt every now and then. Nothing serious, just compliments every now and then and the occasional likes on Instagram. After we graduated high school, we began to talk more. We had a lot of the same interests and talking came easy. Even though neither of us were single, I would catch myself getting excited when she would text me and looking forward to the times where we both weren’t with our significant others so we could call each other. It was always nice, but I never thought about making a move. That is, until she texted me about coming over to eat.

“Hey Ben, do you wanna come over and eat here tonight? I realized I bought too much meat and don’t want it to go bad so I need to cook it all. Super random I know lol but I know you have a big appetite so I figured I’d ask.”

  1. “Uuhhh I have dinner plans already but maybe next time,” I responded. Only I would not be able to take a hint and almost blow my opportunity to go hang out with her.

“Oh well that’s okay then. How about you just come earlier when I’m cooking and you can take some with you to work tomorrow?”

“Oh okay yeah that sounds great, send me your address and I’ll be over there around 6.”

She sends me her address and I head over to her apartment. It’s a good sized place and she shares it with a roommate who isn’t home. When she opens the door, I can’t help but drop my eyes. She’s wearing too small orange shorts that caress the thick lips of her pussy perfectly. Her tank top is white and almost see through, and her boobs are big and sitting perfect even though she doesn’t have a bra on. I notice that both of her nipples are pierced. She has her hair in a bun and she puts on that big smile and reaches out for a hug around my shoulders. I hug her back around her waist and she pulls me into her. I’m almost positive she can feel my dick starting to grow in my shorts.

“I’m so happy you came! I hope you like spaghetti.”

She walks back to the kitchen and I shut the door. Her cheeks are falling out of the bottom of her shorts and I am mesmerized by the sight. It’s like I’m watching in slow motion, each cheek jiggling with every step she takes. I continue to the kitchen and sit down at the table. We talk about college and how she was happy to stay home for the first two years so that she could work and make money before transferring to a bigger school. I shared stories about some wild parties I had been to and how classes were going. She asked me about my girlfriend and I asked about her boyfriend. “Does she know you’re over here, Ben?” “Nah I didn’t tell her. Does Dillon know I’m over here?” “Nope, he sure doesn’t,” she responds as she stirs the pot of pasta and looks over her shoulder at me. She raises her eyebrows at me. I look around, a little confused but also kind of shyly. “Well I can keep a secret if you can,” she says kind of quietly as she bends over to get something out the bottom of the fridge. Her ass was hanging out of her shorts and I could see every outline of her pussy as she was bent over. My dick was fully hard now.

I got up from the chair and walked over to her, still bent over. I grabbed her by her hips and gently pressed her into me so that she could feel it on her butt. She stands up and closes the fridge. “It’s about time,” she whispers as she leans her head back against my chest and interlocks her fingers behind my neck. She turns towards me and we start to kiss. Her tongue is doing circles in my mouth and she moans softly. I slide my hand into her shorts and trace the lips of her pussy with two fingers. I start to rub her clit gently before I insert them into her. She’s dripping wet and my fingers are made warm by her juices. With my other hand, I go up her shirt to feel her tits. Her nipples were hard and almost poking through her shirt. I felt the piercing she had and continued massaging her nipples. She gets down on the floor and pushes me against the counter. “Turn the stove off,” she demands. Before I could even fully get the knob turned, she had already pulled my shorts down and started to suck my dick. The precum was already leaking out and she looked up at me with both hands around the shaft and we looked into each others eyes as she licked it off and flicked her tongue around the tip of it. She was beautiful. She began to stroke it with both hands while she sucked it vigorously. “You taste so fucking good baby,” she says as I’m leaning my head back. Pure ecstasy. She pulls her tank top down and her big tits fall out. She spits on my dick and then rubs it on her tits. She’s incredible. She grabs me by the waist and forces my dick down her throat. We do this over and over, each thrust feeling better than the previous one. Her mouth is filling with spit and it is all over me. I cannot get enough.

She stands up before I’m about to cum and grabs my hand. She walks me to her bedroom and lays on the bed. I take off my shirt and she takes off her shorts which I could see were already damp. She spreads her legs. “Your turn,” she tells me. Her pussy is glistening and she spreads it for me. Cream is already running from her clit down to her asshole. I lick it up and swallow it. I love how she tastes. She rubs her clit while my tongue is deep inside of her doing a circular motion. I stop briefly and finger her, rubbing her g spot while she’s still touching herself. She lets out a moan loud enough for the neighbors to hear, and she makes a mess on my fingers. This turns me on like no other, so I go back and continue to suck her pussy. Her cream is all over my face and she has soaked the bed. “Fuck me right now Ben!”

I get on top of her and slide my dick in easily. She gasps when it’s all the way in. I put her legs over my shoulders and fuck her hard and fast. Her boobs are spilling to the side. She notices this and grabs them, pushing them together. She starts to suck her nipples and her juices are splashing all over both of us. I lean down and we share another passionate kiss before she pushes me off of her. I’m laying on my back and she climbs on top of me. She sits upright and starts to ride me slowly. She leans back and rubs her clit while she is going up and down. My dick is mostly white after all the cream that she got on it. Then she picks up the pace. Her ass is smacking against my thighs as she rides me hard and fast now. “Oh fuck Kelly I’m about to cum,” I let out. She gets off immediately and puts my dick between her tits. She moves her tits up and down around it and it feels amazing. I shoot a huge load in between them and some of it hits her on the chin. She laughs a little and then starts from the bottom of my dick and licks all the way to the top. When she reaches the top, she deep throats me again until she gets out the last drop of cum I had. She licks the rest of it off her boobs and then kisses me as she lays down beside me.

“So how about that spaghetti?” She jokes and she pats me on the chest.


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  • Forest Green5 months ago

    reminds me of a couple of girls i knew in high school. such different times

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