A Smile and a Memory

A Morning After Recount

A Smile and a Memory

The rich aroma of dark Columbian wafted down the hallway from the kitchen. I could hear the sound of him moving about in the other room, but I had no desire to move. If I moved, then the spell would be broken, and I would have to return to the real world. Couldn’t I have just a few more moments to bask in the utter satiation of the night before?

Brian and I had met just over a year ago on a business trip and had hit it off very well. He was in marketing, and I was in sales. The convention had been fun, but mostly because I spent a vast portion of my time getting to know this man. However, all good things had to come to an end. I lived in Birmingham, and he was from St. Louis. Getting too involved was not in the stars for us.

However, our connection seemed to only grow. We talked daily and became closer and closer. Though he never pushed for me to visit or make more of our relationship, the desire was always heavy in his voice. Brian wanted to be with me, and I wanted nothing more than to be with him. But we all know that long distance relationships don’t work well.

Then, two months ago, he called me late in the evening. I had been drinking my favorite local wine, making me more brazen than usual. Brian was in a mood as well and decided to finally break the ice between us.

“Catharine, you should go and get in the bath,” he whispered, the heat carrying through the phone lines and straight to the pit of my soul.

“Oh, a bubble bath sounds nice! How did you know I needed to relax?” I asked, grabbing my glass and making my way to the bathroom. I lit candles and filled the tub with hot water, adding in my favorite jasmine bubble bath. Over the line, I could hear his breath coming more heavily, and it had my body tensing with desire. My life was too busy for dating, and I was starting to get really lonely.

“Because we talk every day, and I get to hear about how stressful everything has been for you. You don’t take enough time for yourself. It’s Friday night, which means you have three days before you have to get back to the stress.” Brian’s voice was so thick with passion it made me shake. I wanted him, but he lived hundreds of miles away.

Stepping into the tub, I moaned at the feeling of the warm water on my body. He had been right. I needed to relax and a bath was perfect.

The sound of my pleasure seemed to excite him, and I heard him gasp from over the line. Feeling a bit naughty, I took a picture of myself all wet and covered in bubbles, sending it to him over our chat program. “You really are beautiful Catharine. I wish I could be there to help you relax. Maybe you can be my hands.”

Heat rushed over my cheeks. I wasn’t naïve enough to not understand what he meant. That was when I realized what he could very well be doing on the other end of the line, and a smile crept over my face. “What are you doing over there?”

“I’m picturing you, in that tub, running your hands over your body. I’m hard as a rock wishing I could touch you and please you.” This time his words came as a deep groan of desire.

I clicked the button on my phone for video chat, and he accepted, sharing the video of himself. The intensity in his eyes pierced me deeply, and I found myself arching as I ran my hand down the length of my body. A tension was building low, and I desperately wanted more. Brian didn’t disappoint. He spoke to me, directing me to touch myself. On the screen, I could see how my actions affected him as he stroked his length in time to my own masturbation. I lost the ability to talk as he urged me on, making me work my body until I was screaming out for him.

That night had been the most intimate night of our relationship, and we decided then and there that we needed to find a way to see each other. There was no way we could deny the attraction and craving which grew with every passing day. However, until we could meet we continued our sensual video sessions.

Finally, the time came. I waited, a nervous wreck, at the airport for his flight. When he walked up to me, I suddenly felt like a silly high school girl. We had met before. I was well aware of how he felt for me, but the anxiety made it more difficult for me to hold on to my confidence.

Brian didn’t let me stay anxious. Without a word, he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with all the hunger our phone conversations had led me to believe had grown between us. I fell into that kiss with everything I had. He tasted so good, making me feed at his mouth as if trying to crawl inside of him. Yes, this is what I had longed for since we had first met.

Before we went home, we tortured ourselves with going to dinner. I had an extra glass of wine to help calm my nerves. Why I was freaking out so much after the months of us having virtual sex was beyond me. Brian looked amazing. His hair had been freshly cut, dark brown and soft with just enough for me to play with. He had green eyes, not hazel, but truly green, and his smile said so much more than it should. Looking at him actually made me a bit self-conscious. I had shaved my legs and curled my long dark hair. My makeup was light but nice, perfect for a night I knew was going to end in more strenuous activities.

“Catharine, you have to calm down. I’m not going to bite, well, unless you want me to,” Brian whispered in my ear, his hand slyly running up my leg as he did, causing me to blush more.

“I have no idea why I am acting like this,” I giggled nervously.

“Because there is no going back now. I am here, and I am about to take you home and fuck you until you can’t walk.” Brian usually only cursed or said strong words to add effect to what he was saying, and it had worked. The accent he put on the word “fuck” had me trembling for him. Dinner could not get finished fast enough.

We rushed to my apartment, taking a cab and fooling around the whole time. We kissed and touched and played like teenagers. Surely the cab driver got more of a show than he had planned. By the time we reached my apartment, nothing was going to keep us away from each other.

The door burst open and clothes fell the floor, leaving a trail to my bedroom. I didn’t care. The mess could be cleaned up later. For now, all I cared about was finally feeling what Brian and promised with his sensual words. Memories of our conversations raced through my mind, reminding me of why we were there.

The feel of his hands on my flesh was like fire, but I couldn’t get enough of it, enough of him. “Catharine, you taste like heaven and feel like sin. I don’t think I will ever get enough of you.”

I stopped and looked up into his eyes, freezing at the heat I saw in their depths. It made me shiver and my body tightened between my legs. “This is crazy.”

“It is, but it is good.” Brian pushed me down onto the bed, spreading my legs and throwing them over his shoulders. He buried his face between my legs, taking long deep licks from my most sensitive of places. My back arched and a moan sounded from deep within my throat. I reached down, gripping his hair as his slow passions turned faster and more dedicated. My hips rolled, begging for more, and he chuckled, pleased by how desperate I had become.

The ability to think had left me, all I cared about were the feelings coursing through every vein of my body. I needed release. The pressure was growing too tight. If I didn’t let go soon, I was sure insanity would consume me. Brian never let up, licking and sucking, giving me every ounce of pleasure he could.

Those licks took me from skirting that edge to over it in a matter of moments. I screamed his name, clutching my breasts as my body writhed from the intensity of the orgasm. I was so lost in it that I didn’t notice him crawling up my body until he hovered over me, a wet, wicked grin stretched over his face. Damn if it wasn’t the sexiest sight I had ever seen.

Brian hooked an arm around my knee, pulling me to the angle he wished me to be in. “I have never seen a woman sexier than when you just came for me.” His voice was a growl, making me shake. “And that is only the first.”

My eyes once again met his, a moment before he leaned in to kiss me. The taste of him mixed with me had me rocking against him, begging for more. He didn’t leave me waiting. The tip of him aligned with my opening, and with one hard thrust, he was deep inside of me. His name burst from my lips and I wrapped my arms around him pulling him in closer to me.

This was not love making. For one thing, love making required love. No, this was pure lust and aggression. He wrapped an arm around me, holding me to him as he thrust with power and speed, bringing my body to that edge once more. I could feel his every move, coaxing me on and begging me to give him another release.

“That’s it. Come on Catharine, let me feel you let go again. Scream my name so the world knows who makes you come,” he whispered in my ear, and I could do nothing more than obey. My nails scored down his back and I clamped down tight a moment before I was blinded by pleasure. Brian cried out above me, arching as he slammed hard one last time, giving me the glory of his own orgasm as I shook with my own.

We took a moment to breathe, still entwined and shivering. Part of me wanted to cry, not wanting it to be over. Then Brian leaned down and kissed me once more. “I hope you didn’t have plans. I have months of desire saved up for you, and I don’t plan on leaving this bed.”

A smile crossed my lips as I looked up at him. The night continued. The two of us taking on every position we could think of. My body ached, but I refused to stop, not until we both passed out from sheer exhaustion.

Now I woke to the glorious smell of coffee, my body letting me feel every memory of the night before. It may sound crazy, but I was starting to think it was time for a change of scenery. Maybe St. Louis would be a good place for me to move to.

Brain came back sporting the same smirk I was sure rested on my own lips. He walked toward me naked with two cups of coffee in his hands. “I remember how you like it. I hope it is right.”

“I don’t think you could do anything wrong,” I said it and I meant it. He kissed me, and the memory of the night before had aftershocks of pleasure exploding through my body. Good thing I had the weekend to myself. I had a feeling this was just the beginning.

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