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A Sexy Sultry Sorority Girl

by Timothy Kincaid 5 days ago in fiction

A Hot Night With Myesha

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It's a beautiful Indian summer night. I take her hand; she grabs her shoes. She's walking barefoot. I take off my loafers. We walked hand-in-hand, holding our shoes.

The stars are lighting up the sky. I point out the big and little dipper to my love, then without warning I look at her and say,

"Tag, you're it."

I take off; she takes off seconds later. As I'm running, I dropped one of my size 13 loafers. She scooped it up without breaking stride.

I get to the sidewalk first. She makes it seconds later. I turn and grab her. She screams. We're both breathing hard. She points and says, "the end unit."

We get to the apartment door. Myesha is having trouble with the lock.

"Sweetie, you can't find the hole. You need me to put it in."

"I almost got it beautiful."

"I'm gonna get you for that."

I tickle her sides; she screams with laughter. The door opens and we fall onto the living room floor. Her roommate is there watching a movie and is none too happy with the disturbance.

Myesha and I get off the living room floor and try to compose ourselves. She introduces us.

"Davina, this is Tim Kincaid."

"Nice to meet you, darlin."

"I've heard of him."

"Hey, I'm sorry for the interruption. What are you…"

Before I can complete my sentence, my sweetheart takes my hand, pulling me down the hall to her room.

"I've shared you enough for one night. I'm an only child I don't share well."

She stops in the hallway and offers her mouth and we exchange a deep tongue kiss. Myesha takes my hand and leads us to her ensuite.

It's an explosion of pink. Pillows, curtains, and comforter. One huge white afghan covers the hardwood floors. The ornate cathedral ceiling adds depth to the space. I admire her collection of leather-bound novels.

"100 greatest books ever written." My Charleston Cutie remarks.

"How many have you read?"

"All of them, beautiful."

"Stop with the beautiful thing."

"No, I don't say it facetiously. You possess a beautiful Aire of sweetness and confidence that I find irresistible."

"Hey Boo, I think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you."

"Thank you, fine sir. Now, wait here."

She lowers the lighting and exits to the master bathroom. After several minutes, I hear running water.

"Come join me. The water is wonderful."

I undress down to my boxers in record time, not wanting to appear anxious. I stroll into the bathroom.

There is a double vanity, a separate shower, and a tub. I can't see through the shower stall, but I notice her silhouette. I slide open the shower door. Her back is to me. Wow, I did not know.

Her dress revealed little. However, my inner wolf had an idea. A perfect plump derriere. She peers over her shoulder.

"This is a no boxer zone," she says.

I immediately shed them.

"Wow, are you glad to see me?" She adds.

The Sweetheart turns and gives an unadulterated view of her full C cup, to my surprise, tight tummy, and a thinly trimmed strip decorating her womanhood. She slicks back her hair and gives the come here finger. I oblige.

As we kiss, I devour her mouth. I want to taste every inch of those thick succulent lips, sucking her tongue, the warm water cascading over our bodies I'm taking in water and Myesha.

Water is flying everywhere. She buries her face into my neck, biting and sucking like a rabid vampire. I scream.

I return the favor, sucking and licking, biting and sucking. My love's grunts and moans, in tune with the rushing water. It was the dirtiest shower ever.

We get comfortable on her California King bed. I delicately kiss her mouth and she freely offers her tongue. I softly lick inside her ear.

"You make me so hungry." I whisper.

I suck her neck and bite her, going to her right breast and engulf as much as her double d's as will fit in my hungry mouth. I lick and tenderly bite her nipple.

She gasps.

My Bambi's deep breaths assure me she wants me to keep feeding. Myesha is pumping her hips up and down, her breaths increase with each kiss on her body. She's on the verge of hyperventilating.

I offer my finger to suck, calming her breaths. I continue feasting on the tender creature like a starved newborn. Taking my finger back from her mouth, I require both hands to secure that fabulous fanny.

I descend to the cutie's visually trembling tummy. With each taste of her skin, I become more emboldened. Moving my tongue down her goodie trail, teasing around the panty line with my slobbering mouth.

She is pumping her hips so hard it's difficult finding her womanhood. It's like trying to jump on a moving merry-go-round. However, my mouth is a super magnet to that tight, tender honey hole.

Her gut-wrenching screams assure me of the Bambi's transformation.

We lay in her now quiet bedroom. I can hear only the blades from the ceiling fan cutting the air. What a beautiful night.


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